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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award - thank you!

Thank you to Vicki from Reading At The Beach who gave me this award!

Thank you so much!

Post 7 things you love.
Give award to 7 other bloggers who are creative.

Seven Things I Love:
1. My family
2. Spending time with my family
3. Photography
4. Gardening
5. Movies
6. Driving
7. Blogging

Passing this on to:

Harriet @ I Am Harriet
Lin @ Duck And Wheel With String
John @ Gay Dads In Munchkin Land
Jo @ Life's Perfect Pictures
Cardiogirl @ Cardiogirl
Rita @ Look It's Megryansmom
Patricia @ Subjective Soup

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Megryansmom said...

Thank you so much for the Blog Bling! Have a great Wednesday.

Lin said...

Damn you, LOLA!!! Now I've got TWO awards to post. ARrrrgghhhhh!!

But, thank you anyway. It is the thought that counts. :)

I am Harriet said...

You just passed it on to me so that I'd comment you.....

I am Harriet said...


I am Harriet said...

Thanks again...

cardiogirl said...

Oh Lola, you're too much. Thank you!

I'm lame, I can only think of one thing right now and I'm gonna put that here.

Coffee with cream. Yes ma'am, I'd marry it if I could. I love it. LOVE it.

cardiogirl said...

p.s. Love the current song on the jukebox!

Lola said...

@ Megryansmom - You're welcome.

@ Lin - Muhwahahahahahaha!

@ Harriet - You think?

@ Harriet - Really?

@ Harriet - Naw!

@ Cardiogirl - Ohhh, that's a good one, now I HAVE to go make coffee.

@ Cardiogirl - That's for noticing, I wasn't sure people were even getting it, that I linked a song/video to the photo.

Lin said...

Is Harriet trying to reclaim her Best Commenter status or something???

Over The Top Aprons said...

Congratulations on the award. Stopping by with the June Challenge.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Dear Lola,
Hey! I'm with Lin. I thought we all agreed at Panera Bread to AVOID awarding each other. You know what this means! Be prepared for the NEXT big award I get coming to you! It will surely be one with 85 different questions to answer and you'll have to send it to at least 117 different bloggers!

What do you say, Lin? Should that teach her?

Patricia Rockwell said...

Ooops! Sorry! Thank you!

Lola said...

@ Lin - Chick fight?

@ Over the Top Aprons - Thank you!

@ Patricia - I thought I was voted Secretary and I don't recall that in the meeting notes. :D Be nice, I just got an award en espanol and I'm thinking you could qualify...

@ Patricia - You're welcome.

Angela said...

Hey congrats! :)

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