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Monday, June 1, 2009

Peterson Case - Special Treatment?

By now you've heard, Third Judge Assigned to Peterson Case. Are they going to run out of judges in Will County? Why is he so special that they get to keep changing judges? I thought that Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes was on? Now she's off.

So Peterson has his own private cell "out of the jail’s general population due to the notoriety of his case and because he is a former police officer." I say put him in with the regular people. Why not? Could be interesting.

Judge "Kinney had granted Brodsky permission to meet with Peterson in unlimited face-to-face “contact visits,” and State's Attorney James Glasgow is crying fowl because Peterson's attorney, Brodsky was seen playing cards with him. Those have to be some pretty expensive card games, don't you think? How much does a defense attorney get per hour for a case of this magnitude? And he's playing cards?

Is Brodsky on the clock when he's playing cards? Just wondering.

What card games do you think they play? Crazy Eights? Old Maid? Bullshit? Let It Ride? Or perhaps Cat and Mouse?

Leave your comments peeps.

What card game do you think Brodsky and Peterson play?

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Megryansmom said...

Strip Poker? I am so sick of this Peterson media circus! And yet I keep watching it like a train wreck, just can't stop. I hope justice is swiftly served.

Stephanie B said...

It's standard practice to give (a) child molesters and (b) cops isolation because the prison populace has a tendency to kill them out of hand.

At least with regard to the former, the comedian George Wallace noted, "We pay more to keep these people alive in jail. I don't know why. It's the closest thing to a public service our prisoners ever do."

I am Harriet said...


Put him in a cell with some big ugly tattooed guys that he put behind bars.
It'll be like Dahmer.

I am Harriet said... am I in the lead now?

I am Harriet said...


Lola said...

@ Megryansmom - I so want to get called for jury duty for this, don't you?

@ Stephanie B - I know all about standard practice, I want some public service done.

@ I am Harriet - Yeah, who's his jail husband? Lol! For him to go like Dahmer wouldn't even be good enough.

@ I am Harriet - Ahh no.

@ I am Harriet - hehehehe.

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