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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Very Long Saturday at the hospital...

This went with us everywhere we went on Saturday. Where did we go? Not my daughter's previously scheduled doctor appointment. I had to cancel at the last minute to take Anastasia to her former doctor in Naperville. Let me tell you, you walk around with someone carrying a medium size mixing bowl (red no less) and people will open doors for you and they will JUMP, they will run to help you!

Anastasia has been sick for the last week, was given antibiotics on Monday, had an allergic reaction and had to stop the new medication that was supposed to help her acid reflux because the doctor wasn't sure if she may also be allergic to that. So she suffered for days, spending time in the bathroom and hugging the red bowl at the same time. (There's not much worse that that.) She spent Thursday and Friday using that red bowl every 2-3 hours. Even plain water and ice chips made her ill.

So off to the doctor, with our daughter in tow. Anastasia was immediately escorted to an exam room upon arriving with the red bowl in hand. Anastasia was seen briefly by her doc's associate, only to find out that he couldn't give her an anti-nausea shot because she could have an intestinal blockage. He sent her to the ER.

On to the hospital in Naperville, red bowl still in hand, the ladies at the ER desk literally ran to get her a wheel chair and whisked her off to an exam room. (Note to self: carrying a red bowl really does open doors and gets you the red carpet treatment.)

Every nurse and doc who came in saw her clutching that red bowl. They knew they needed to act quickly. They drew blood and started an IV drip. About 2 hours after arriving they gave Anastasia a nasty drink about the size of a large sports bottle. It was for contrast for a CT scan. She said it smelled like chlorinated pool water and tasted worse. An hour later the scan.

Our daughter and I went down to the cafeteria while Anastasia awaited her scan. When we returned there were 2 policeman outside Anastasia's room. When I walked in I asked Anastasia what were the charges? She laughed. She said the patient across the hall had a hissy fit because the nurses took her purse. We were then treated to screams of "you can't take my purse! That's Grand Larceny!"

It was nerve wracking waiting and I kept trying to lighten things up because I could see our daughter exhibiting signs that she was stressing. Anastasia started hamming it up with the red bowl, first on her head, Colonel Klink (I zeeeee nozhing!) Devo! (Whip It!) then on the girls (look bulletproof single holstered bra!) then like a top hat and I started singing "New York New York" (very off key) and told the story about how before last Halloween there was a guy at Meijer with his 2 boys trying to teach them the song and the moves in the Halloween aisle with top hats and canes. (Yes, I swear it's true!) Then every time Anastasia felt nauseous, she put her finger to her lips, so I kept mocking her. It made for some good laughs and broke the tension.

Then the obstruction (thank God! that means probably no surgery), but a lot of inflammation in her small bowel. They finally gave her an anti-nausea shot and we had to wait for a room.

While we waited I had to periodically run for the nurse because she shared a bathroom with the patient next door and that patient rudely kept leaving it locked. (WTF? It's an ER, what kind of germs are lurking in that bathroom and you have to share with another patient? What are they thinking?) We were also treated to the patient next door's bathroom sounds and her constant cries for assistance (I need hellllp! I'm bleeding outttt! Help meeeeeee!).

It took over 2 hours to get a room, and it was funny because when transport came and saw the red bowl, she could not get Anastasia up to her room fast enough. We got up there and suddenly I had flashbacks from 5 years ago when Anastasia had an emergency bowel re-section. I swear she was in the same room. We stayed until they gave Anastasia the good drugs. A shot in her IV and she was all 'wow, psychedelic man' and slurring her words. Finally, pain relief. We watched her have a few sips of her liquid diet and we were off at 8pm. A little over an hour ride to our fair city and we stopped for dinner.

Sunday, hopefully, the Gastroenterologist will visit Anastasia and prescribe IV-antibiotics (ones that she isn't allergic to). She is on Outpatient Observation and will stay 24-48 hours and if need be, she will be admitted. We are hoping it won't come to that and she will get the medication she needs to get this under control and be on her way. I told her to be prepared for Steroids and made Ahhnold jokes. (In the past we've both been on Steroids for colon issues. It's pretty common for severe inflammation.) I told her she'd get Dr. Lola's bill next week.

I'm exhausted, so I'm blogging to try to wind down. (That and some Seagrams Whiskey on the rocks, because there isn't a damn mixer in the house. Oh well, I guess I'll relax faster, right?)

Oh, and I'm blogging because I can't call my sister to talk because her husband is having some anxiety issues and has been to the ER twice this week and she can't be bothered to take a flippin minute out of her day to talk to me. And yes, I took several phone calls from her about her issues this past week (even in the midst of Anastasia's issues) and let her cry on my shoulder and gave advice. Anastasia almost died 5 years ago! Only by the grace of God has she been walking around without an ostomy bag for the last 5 years. I had an extremely stressful day, it would have been nice to have been able to call her to have her help calm me down. But then again, my sister has never really been there for me in the past, so "mah nishtana!" (yiddish for: 'why should things be any different?') And guess who kept wanting to talk to me about Anastasia? My ex-husband. Umm, no. I'm not crying on his shoulder, we are not friends (like he thinks we are), and I am not discussing any of this with him. Grrrrrrrrr!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

People Watching...

Our son's golf try-outs Wednesday began at 3pm. (Our daughter's was 8am until about 10:40am.) At 7pm when I still hadn't heard from our son so I drove down to the golf course and waited until they finished at 8pm. Not a whole lot to do waiting in a golf course parking lot, so I parked parallel to the driving range and camped out for the duration and did some people watching.

In general, I have to say people watching at the golf course is pretty boring. Kind of like watching paint dry. That is unless you take the time to examine each golfer's form. Well, not even that, just watch them park their car, obtain their bucket of balls and so on.

A few things I observed:
1. Some golfers feel it is well worth the time and effort to back into a parking space so that their golf clubs (in the trunk) are as close as possible to the driving range. I mean, I know they are heavy, but come on, you need to jockey your car for 12 minutes to get them closer? Wouldn't it be easier to just carry them the extra 8 feet?
2. Ok, the clubs are out of the car, now what? Set them on the walkway, set them at a stand at the range, or carry them with you to the ball machine. (Tehehehehe, I said ball.)
3. Ok, everyone I observed chose to set their clubs on the walkway, but not after glancing back several times to check on them.
4. This is the driving range, you're wearing sandals, damn! Now you have to walk all the way back to the car for your golf shoes which are in your trunk. (Oh yes, this is why you backed in, because you've just saved yourself another 8 feet.)
5. Now I don't need to tell you how hilarious some amateur's stances are. This provided endless amusement.
6. Oh snap! Divet. No one saw that right? If you don't go grab it and put it in place and step on it, it didn't happen right?
I think the most amusing part was watching a guy in a big Suburban, back into his parking space (of course, because those are big and he's probably saving 11 feet of carrying his golf clubs). He gets out of the car and his wife/girlfriend gets out. Now I'm thinking, oh how sweet, it's a date at the driving range. Isn't it nice how they both share the same sport? Ever the gentlemen, he sets his clubs on the walkway and goes to get a bucket of balls. (Tehehehe, I said balls again.) Then I see the wife/girlfriend get into the tailgate area of the Suburban and sit and watch her husband/boyfriend hit the entire bucket of balls by himself. So I have a few questions:
1. Is this wife/girlfriend his coach? (Didn't seem like it, she stayed in the back of the Suburban. Were she his coach she would have stood near him and possibly corrected his form, etc.)
2. Is this wife/girlfriend so supportive of his sport that she goes to the driving range to cheer him on? (I didn't really notice any cheering.)
3. Is this wife/girlfriend so clingy that she can't bear to let him go to the driving range by himself?
4. Is this wife/girlfriend so jealous that she must accompany him everywhere?
It was a bit bizarre.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

If I Could Blog Back Time Thursdays - College Days

Come join me for a very special edition of If I Could Blog Back Time Thursdays! We'll be taking time out to share some memories. We'll Blog Back Time with possible ways to right past wrongs or about how times have changed. We'll share childhood memories, school/work memories, family and friend memories.
Today's topic is: College Days
I studied Accounting in college. I know…you’re shocked aren’t you? I mean, my logical, analytical brain and all, who would have thunk it? First Semester I had English 1st period, Economics 2nd period and Business Law 3rd period, then lunch, then Accounting, etc.

It was hell getting to school for first period, even though school was less than 3 miles from my house. I was nearly always late, if I made it in at all. The instructor was always nice enough to announce my arrival, even though quite often I wasn’t the last student to arrive. I was often made an example of...why, I have no idea. (Perhaps big girls are easy targets?) I worked full time while attending school full time. Sue me for trying to pay for my own education (with no student loans) and occasionally go out for a beer…or five after work. I worked until 10pm and if someone called in sick, I took the overtime. Toward the end of the semester he threatened to discharge me from class due to poor attendance. I got excellent grades, he was just peeved that I couldn’t be there on time and attend every class. The nerve of him!

Business Law was a snooze. Literally. To me, it was all common sense. I don’t even know why I bothered buying the book, I never cracked it open to read it. Class time was my time to catch a nap. Every 3rd period you could find me seated at the table, arms crossed on top of my Business Law book, head down, sleeping. There was one student, an older lady (probably the same age I am now, how ironic?) who would ask multiple questions every class period. Lectures were pretty straight-forward, a case would be reviewed and the class would discuss possible outcomes. This student just would not let the facts of the case stand. I called her the ‘What If Queen'. Each lecture would be peppered with her ‘what if’ questions and she just would not stop with them. It was annoying as hell. What if this happened instead of that? It didn’t. Let the instructor continue, k? What if the law was different? It’s not! The law is the law! Every once in awhile I would get caught snoring. Not too loudly, just enough that it was noticeable. The instructor would loudly say, Ms. Lola, what do you think about xyz? I’d casually use my sleeve to wipe any drool from my mouth (as if I accidentally brushed my mouth across the sleeve) before lifting my head and I would answer him, correctly...every time. After the final exam he congratulated me in front of the class for obviously learning through osmosis and attaining a grade of “A”.

My point of this story isn't to try to sound superior, it was how I always seemed to be picked on, even though I was more than doing a good job and was not being disruptive (hello 'What If Queen'!). (My snoring was barely audible...back then. Honest!)

What is it with people like that? Why is it necessary that they always must know 'what if'? Is it because they crave attention, or they just really don't know? (Read, 'they are possibly just stupid?) And the answers to the questions were just soooo obvious.

Did you have anyone back in your college days who really got on your nerves? (Perhaps it was me with my sleeping through Business Law and still getting an 'A'?) Maybe it was your college roommate for getting all those dates. Or a friend who spent an incredible amount of time, seemingly studying, but not getting the grades, and avoiding social activities. Or maybe they didn't study much at all and got excellent grades, while you had to work at it so hard? Or maybe, like me, you had to pay for college on your own and it was a struggle to do it all?

Please post your "College Days" post on your blog. Then come back to Lola's Diner and leave the actual post link here. Please grab the html code for If I Could Blog Back Time Thursdays! Badge HERE.

Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!



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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

My main thought this Tuesday is...exhaustion. I am soooo tired of constantly running around. Monday was Freshman Orientation for our son. After that was a doctor's appointment for him for his sports physical. Then Anastasia horned in on the action and called my crazy doc and got an appointment right after our son. (Hmm, I wonder if I get anything for 2 referrals? I had a dentist who gave me a gift for every referral. Nah, I'm sure I'll get nothing.) Anastasia has been suffering from some nasty, awful, heartburn...several days of nausea and one day of...well...let's just say stomach-flu-like symptoms. I feel bad for her, really I do. But umm, she's kind of like a man when it comes to being sick...if you know what a mean. She is not a patient, patient and does not listen when I offer helpful suggestions. Suggestions like, jello is much better after, err, ahh, a stomach-flu-like episode, than say...chocolate pudding. Also, toast is good...but not macaroni and cheese. Oh no, I'm wrong! She's right! Guess who had another stomach-flu-like episode after those stellar gastronomic choices? Yup! Did I say 'told you so'? Hell no! So what does Anastasia have? Very likely a severe attack of diverticulitis.

After the doctor appointments I was of to Targhay with our son to get her rx's (because I'm all nice that way) and we checked out the clearance racks while we waited. Our son picked out an amazing outfit for his school picture. Ever the dapper dan, he picked out a vest he'd been eying (now on clearance) a white shirt (on clearance) and a skinny tie (full price...ouch!) and...a hat (clearance). If you've got teenagers, I'd call the 'look', 'The Jona's Brother's on Tour'. If you're say, over 50, I'd call it the 'Ed Norton' (not the actor...the character from The Honeymooners, as played by Art Carney). He is so easy to take shopping! I also got him 2 pairs of khaki's for less than 1/4 of what 1 pair cost regular price. Needless to say we got home and jealousy reared it's ugly head. I had to run our daughter out to Kmart to get a shirt. Why do all the plus size women's clothing look like maternity tops or peasant tops? (You know, all gathered around the girls and making them look even more enormous than they are?) We spent over 2 hours arguing, 'well try it anyway'. 'Nooooo'. 'Just try it.' 'Noooo'. Arghhhhhhhh! If back to school shopping is going to be like this I'm waiving the white flag now! No way am I taking her. I'll take him! Anastasia can do the girly shop with her! I'm warning you right now. If I have to take her, I'm taking her to the Men's department and getting her all graphic tee-shirts. (Oh yes! I typed it! Now I know Anastasia will definitely take her, because she won't go for that.)

Today is the last day of golf junior league (hoping the weather cooperates) and high school registration and then our daughter's regular Tuesday night appointment. It's going to be a loooong day.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

ca$h for clunkers

I haven't weighed in on Cash Allowance Car Rebate System aka Cash For Clunkers. I've been kind of lurking, reading articles.

The biggest thing that strikes me about this whole program is what a waste. What a waste of some perfectly good, running cars. And in some cases some even perfectly good looking, good running cars.

And if this isn't the biggest joke, my 2006 Honda Pilot 4WD qualifies. Why in the hell would I trade in and have shredded a perfectly good looking and running, like new, 2006 vehicle? That's insane! I love my Pilot! Even though I was seriously suffering through the gas prices last summer, I never considered parting with it. It does what I need, gets me where I need to go comfortably and stylishly.'s paid for. I could never even consider taking on a car loan at this point in time. I am sure I'm not alone.

I find it absolutely amazing that so many people have taken advantage of this program, considering the economy and the recent difficulties in obtaining credit. How can anyone consider taking on a car loan when they aren't sure they're not going to be part of their employer's next lay-off? Couldn't the government find a better way to stimulate the economy? And why is it that the automobile industry is benefiting yet again? What other things does the government have up it's sleeve to benefit the automobile industry?

All of the Cash For Clunkers vehicles are supposed to be disabled and shredded. Recycled. Cars are made up of 65% steel, but what happens to the other 35% of materials that make up a car?
  • Rubber from the tires and other parts
  • Hard plastics such as bumpers and dashboards
  • Leather, vinyl, fabric upholstery
  • Plastics used for safety, including super expensive airbags and seat belts
  • Carpeting fabric, typically nylon
Those items all go in the landfills. How is that earth friendly to be recycling only 65% of an item and dumping the rest in landfills? No parts are removed prior to shredding. (Those tires could be recycled and made into new tires.) This means that if you can't afford a new car payment (or new car lease payment) and must keep your 1989 Chevy Blazer a few more years and you need to replace a headlight, fender, bumper, or a door, you're going to have a helluva a time finding a used one.

How do they disable a vehicle?
The oil is drained. The chemical, sodium silicate solution (liquid glass) is added in it's place in order to seize the engine.

Oh, and what about all that smoke coming out of the vehicle before it finally seizes?

Many of my readers know I am a cynic. I can't help myself. But do you all seriously believe that every single Cash For Clunkers vehicle is going to be processed in the manner that Cash Allowance Car Rebate System aka Cash For Clunkers program prescribes? Are we really to believe that no one is stripping parts from these vehicles? (What about those air bag systems that thieves were once stealing?) Are we really to believe that each and every vehicle is going to meet the same demise and not picked over for valuable parts or not shipped off to Mexico or a foreign country for cash?

Oh, and I'm so tired of all the commercials. Who on this planet hasn't heard of the program? And what dealer on this planet isn't participating?

I'm just saying...there are always people that find a way around the rules. Why should this be any different?

Have any of you taken up the government on it's offer?

What do you think of the government's idea of recycling cars?

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