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Thursday, April 29, 2010

B-bye Entrecard

I will be leaving Entrecard May 5th. Please become a follower and bookmark my site so you don't miss out on anything at Lola's Diner.

Why am I leaving? Too many of my blog pals have been getting hit with Trojans and Viruses while visiting sites through Entrecard to drop. I don't think I even have that many blog pals, and when I'm hearing it this often amongst a small group, that means the danger is too much to ignore. Entrecard is ignoring the problem, so it's time to leave.

Yes, I will miss the traffic, but it hasn't been that much lately anyway. Time to cut the apron strings and be free.

The other 2 blogs I own will also be leaving Entrecard, so please visit them, follow them and bookmark them so you don't miss out.

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1. Robins have red breasts. Why are their eggs blue? I have no idea.

2. The doorbell buzzes at the same moment the phone rings. Who was on the phone? That would be freaky because I don't have a doorbell. (Well, it's actually still in the bag from Menard's. 'Someone' is supposed to install it for me.) I have no idea who would be on the phone.

3. It seems that there are several very popular memes each day of the week. Which meme did you first become a regular of? Probably Sunday Stealing.

4. It is about time that Berleen and Kimber meet in person. Should we start a collection to fly one of them to the other, or just hope Thom’s bus and get from Hawaii to Kimber in Arizona and take her to Berleen in Minnesota? I think you all need to start up a collection so I can go take a real vacation on the beach with umbrella drinks. I haven't had a real vacation since 1985.

5. Tell us about your pets. Do you have one that you wish would run away? I have 2 cats and I don't want either one to run away.

6. What was the last thing colored red that you wore? T-shirt.

7. I have a train that runs by where I live several times a day. I actually find it peaceful. What’s the longest journey that you have taken by train? Probably to and from work when I used to work in downtown Chicago.

8. If Kimber threw a five dollar bill off a building that was five stories high, and Berleen threw a twenty off a build that was six stories high, who do you think would find the money? I have no idea. Probably someone who happens to walk by.

9. If reincarnation really happens, whose life would you like to know that you have already led? Can't think of anyone.

10. What are your three favorite possessions? My computer, my palm pilot and my cell phone.

11. A lot of people still believe that Elvis is alive. Have you ever worn blue suede shoes? No, not blue.

12. Do you have siblings? If yes, are you anything alike? Yes, I have 1 sister and NO! Thank goodness.

13. Has anyone ever asked you to strip naked and cluck like a chicken? Not at the same time.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

So state Reps. John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford suggested to Governor Quinn that he call in the National Guard to stop gun violence in Chicago. Daley: City Needs Gun Laws, Not The Guard - Chicago Tribune. When has the National Guard ever stepped in to stop gun violence? How do gun laws curb gun violence when the criminals don't buy their guns legally? Seriously.? How about increasing the police force and making them a greater presence and cracking down on gangs? Bringing in the National Guard would be a temporary fix, if that. I'm so glad I moved out of Chicago. The neighborhood I used to live in was starting to get sketchy. One of my daughter's classmates was beaten to death by gangs shortly before we left. Where I live now isn't without crime, but it's much safer than there.

A trophy for the Crosstown Classic? Quest For The 'Cup': Cubs, Sox To Vie For Trophy - Chicago Tribune. This just seems silly to me.

This is just weird...

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