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Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Today Anastasia came over to pick up the kids for a sleepover at her place.  We usually chit chat at pick up and drop off.  She was telling me how she went to the haircut place that my gf and I went to last week.  It's a chain, reasonably priced, but the reason she went there was because she thought we got really cool haircuts.  (That's because I have this theory that if the hair stylist is rockin' a cool do, he/she is going to give me a rockin' cool do.  And so far, my theory has proved correct.)  So when they asked her if she'd been there before, or how she found out about them, Anastasia said that 2 of her friends got really cool haircuts there last week.  A question now, how many people do you think have been to this hair cut establishment in the last week?  Has to be a large number.  Anyway, she mentions it was 2 women that came in together and the stylist says "did one of them have a spikey cut and the other like a skater boy cut?"  We were talking in front of my gf and she got offended by the skater boy comment, and I don't think spelling it "boi" would make it any less offensive.  Anastasia starts cracking up laughing!  So I say, "what...were we the only 2 dykes that got haircuts in the last week?"  It was funny.  I guess you had to be there.

My daughter was discharged from the hospital last night.  We tried to get samples of her medications because the pharmacy we normally use was already closed.  The doctor was a douche and told us that they don't give samples to people who have insurance.  REALLY?  I have REALLY crappy insurance.  Anyway, got to the village and headed to Walmart because I thought it would be the cheapest pharmacy open.  They did not have my daughter's new med in stock and called Wag's near my house where she was left on hold for 20 f'n minutes.  She gave up on that, called the Wags further down the street (cuz there are always lots of Wags on the same f'n street, not all that far from each other).  That Wags didn't have it either, so she called Osco.  Osco claimed to have 1/2 the dose, and my daughter could just take 2 pills instead of one.  Ok, that's doable.  Drive over to Osco (2nd pharmacy on our quest).  The pharmacist didn't mean they actually HAD it in stock, she would have to order it.  REALLY?  So this pharmacist sends me to the Wags that was too busy to answer the phone (3rd pharmacy on our quest).  Turned out they didn't have it, but a Wags 1 town over had "some".  Off to the 2nd Wags (4th pharmacy on our quest).  We were told they had 30 of the pills and they would get an order on Monday for the balance.  They only gave us 10 pills.  I'm guessing that's just in case that town has a sudden spontaneous outbreak of psychosis or epilepsy.  What the freak?  I felt like I spent the entire day driving in the rain.  We didn't eat dinner until 10pm and it had to be fast food because otherwise dinner would have been much later.

What the freak is it about family and friends who are supposed to support you when you have an ill family member?  They are all full of concern the first day or so when they find out.  Then they freakin' disappear.  I had friends who texted me daily for about 4 days...then zip.  An Aunt who actually called long distance the night I emailed her to let her know.  I heard from her a week later...then zip.  So what is my support system?  My gf and a great book I bought on my Kindle Hidden Victims...Hidden Healers: An 8 Stage Healing Process For Friends And Family of the Mentally Ill by by Julie Tallard Johnson. I would highly recommend it for anyone with a friend or family member with a mental illness or addiction issues.

Another funny from Anastasia...Her bff picked her to talk about an issue with her tween son.  It seems he has anxiety and depression.  Now Anastasia is just a few credits shy of a degree in psychology and she often puts her "therapist" cap on when friends need a kind ear.  All she could think of while her bff was talking was REALLYREALLY?  You picked me to talk to about your son when you know one of my step-kids is in a million times worse shape?  She didn't know wtf to say to her.  Later she went out for a smoke with a co-worker who knows what's been going on in my world.  The co-worker didn't know what to say either.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camping...A day away...priceless

We had planned a Memorial Day getaway for the fam Camping in Galena.  With both kids in the hospital we were torn about going away at all.  We finally decided on two days, which turned into 1 day.

We arrived Friday afternoon.  Do you know how friggin hard it is to put together an 8 person tent with only 2 people?  So much easier with 4!  Oh...and did I mention we were putting it together in the rain?  Yup.

Of course we got it together and the rain stopped for awhile.  Then we started to put together the Ez-Up canopy I got for camping this year.
I read reviews that said 1 person could assemble it.  Maybe if you're this guy, you could do it by yourself:
It really does take 2 people. 

It was beautiful, we had an entire area to ourselves overlooking the Galena River.

Bad t-storms overnight with 15+mph winds.  We thought for sure the tent would either collapse or get picked up and taken away.  The morning was beautiful after the rain.

Shortly after we woke up we were an entire village. It was 8-10 cars filled with adults, tweens, teens, a toddler and a dog who apparently thought we were pretty cool cuz he kept coming over to our chairs under our canopy and parked himself and would not move.  The owner had to drag him, then pick him up because he just would not leave.  Each car had 2 tents or a tent and a screen tent or canopy.  So, yeah, it was a village.  It wasn't hard to decide what to do, we would have to get up at 6am Sunday to break down our campsite in order to visit the kids on Sunday.  So 2 days turned into 1.  But it was still relaxing and beautiful the time we spent there.

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