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Friday, December 18, 2009


I am still battling my sinus infection and I'm crabby as all get out. I have been running like crazy since last week. Last week 2 trips to Naperville to pick up our daughter. This week 2 trips to Naperville, 1 for her IEP meeting on Monday and then bonus...Thursday she missed the bus. Since I knew she had a project she was supposed to work on and it's deadline was Friday (last day before winter break), I knew I had to drive her. (Ok, I will admit it, I really wasn't in the mood for having her stay home either. I've got 2 weeks of that to look forward to.) Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

Our son in his infinite wisdom has decided to ditch his dad this weekend because he is oh so under pressure because final exams are next week. Who wants to bet that he spends the entire weekend playing video games, or playing with the kittys and doesn't even crack a book? I will admit that he does have an ulterior motive. The ex is moving in with his 'fiance' this weekend and was going to be relying on our son to be one of the movers. He's not hiring anyone, only having some of his fiance's friends help.

Trash pick up is today. We put our old dishwasher at the curb yesterday and it was gone in under two hours. I hope we can say the same for our stove when we put it out there. We are picking up our replacement stove Saturday.

Anastasia was all busy on her birthday installing the folding door. After she left for her caregiver gig I gave each kitty a chance to have a run of the first and second floor. Maddux is crazy. He was running under the tree, batting the candy canes on the lower branches (who put those there?), then running behind the sofa and then into the kitchen, sliding across the parquet floor and flipping over. Sorry, I didn't the Flip handy then, but I'm sure this will be a regular sport for him. Irish was more subdued. She investigated, but kept going back up to the master bedroom where she has been staying. She'd come down and check things out, then back up again. She wasn't as excited about the new found freedom as Maddux was. I did manage to get Maddux on the Flip playing. For such a shy guy, he's got a lot of energy. Lol! (You may want to turn your sound down. The bell is rather obvnoxious.) Wasn't it nice that our son just dumped his stuff. Yes, he's too busy studying to put his things away or do any chores.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas came early at the diner

In the form of 2 cuddly new family members. Yes! Two!

I'd been working on Anastasia for the last 2 weeks. Today after running some errands and a doctor appointment I called her and asked if she wanted to go to Giordano's for lunch. She said yes and I picked her up. Afterward we went to Kmart and she asked if we had time to go to TLC. I jumped on it. (Who knew that Giordano's was Anastasia's kryptonite?)

One 9 month old kitten immediately picked Anastasia. (We originally were only getting 1 kitty.) She did meet one of my kitty's siblings, but he was a wild child and her kitty just kept beckoning her.

So....without further is Anastasia's kitty, Irish:
And now...7 week old Maddux:

Sorry Maddux's photo is a little blurry. He doesn't like the paparazzi as much as Irish.
Here is his photo from the shelter:

Right now Maddux is laying on my chest as I try to type this. He's purring up a storm and he is investigating all this clicking going on. Lol! He got lose when we got home from buying supplies. (Who knew supplies for 2 kitties would cost so much?) Even though we put food out he kept scrambling for under the sofa or loveseat. It was great sport watching both kids try to corner him. I was lmao!

For some reason our son who has been begging relentlessly to have s adopt a dog, has latched on to Maddux and now says that he doesn't mind if we don't get a dog.

Tomorrow I'm off to Lowe's to buy a folding door to keep the kitties out of the basement. (We have no door at the back of the kitchen or at the top of the stairs, so since space is at a premium, a folding door is the best option.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

What is up with AT&T? My daughter's phone keeps getting the service cut-off. We have a family plan, it's paid in full and only her phone has been affected. I've had to call them twice in less than a week and spend nearly an hour each time while they futz around and get it back working. Is this their way of hinting that I should be upgrading her phone? Any recommendations for a flip phone with a camera or slider phone with a camera?

Dishwasher installation was finally completed over the weekend. It's so nice to not have all the arguing over who's turn it is. Now they just started fighting over what side of the couch is theirs. Jeez! Moms can't win!

Looks like we will be getting the free gas range. I heard from the lady today. Now we just have to get one of Anastasia's relatives with a truck and coordinate when they can pick it up with when the lady is home.

Our son spent Hanukkah weekend with us because his dad bailed on him and didn't even bother to call. Then in a phone call on Sunday he blamed it on every one of us because none of us called him. So each of us took turns hanging up on him. I more than made up for it though. I roasted a huge chicken, made potato latkes and mock kishke and I bought the last packages of chocolate Hanukkah coins. Even though I'm not Jewish, I rocked it in the kitchen! I was going to be making Matzo Ball Soup today, but instead I am off to the doctor because my cold has turned into a sinus infection.

Had our daughter's IEP meeting yesterday. It went very well. Our daughter insisted that Anastasia go with me. She did, even though it just about killed her to get up at that crack of dawn when she's used to getting up in the afternoon because she is caregiver for her brother well past midnight 4 nights a week. Afterward we did some Christmas shopping. It was almost like a date.

Anastasia's birthday is on Thursday. She was dropping birthday gift and Christmas gift hints all over the place yesterday.

Looking forward to New Year's Eve for the drunken Janet Davies local coverage. Anastasia is too. (We're both sick that way. Lol!) Yes it's a few weeks away, but sometimes you need something to look forward to...even if it is a bit of a stretch. Lol!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Children's Christmas List

Our kids know that this year will be a bit different from the rest because this year is very different in terms of our finances. We're not making it obvious, like my Mom did (hello 4 foot aluminum Christmas tree), but we have hinted and we have set limits.
We've been asking since Thanksgiving for lists from them and we've asked them to prioritize their list to let us know what their most wanted items are. I finally got our son's list this past Sunday. Our daughter has waved her list at me several times, but didn't actually give us a copy until Tuesday night.

Do you ask your kids for 'wish lists'?

If you do, what was the biggest ticket item they asked for?

If you do, what was the most unusual thing they asked for? How old were they?

My kids have always made lists, even before they could write, they used to cut the pictures out of the ads and paste them on paper.

I don't recall any really high ticket items, although video game systems have been on their list since they became aware of Nintendo 64.

Most unusual, I don't really recall any unusual, other than this year, the kid who grumbled and groaned at trying out for the golf team and who refused to 'listen' to the coaches tips during lessons and league has asked for a very expensive driver for Christmas. So in keeping with one of our daughter's favorite things, we've decided to play Let's Make A Deal. If he participates in golf lessons and leagues next summer, makes every effort to be 'teachable' and follows the coaches direction and makes an honest effort to try out for the team and if he makes it, he follows through and participates for the season we will get him the driver next year. We're not making it contingent on making the team, but he has to do his best. How will we know? His attitude, feedback from the coaches and how he golfs with Anastasia. How can we make a promise to buy a bit of a big ticket item? I'm the queen of deals. Last year I got some awesome deals on the very expensive driver and irons that I got Anastasia over the last year.

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