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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Day 185, 186 of Sheltering In

Monday, Tuesday. Before PT Monday, we stopped at a local body shop to get another estimate for the keying, and a separate estimate for 2 scratches and the rear wheel opening where I sideswiped a post at the gas station when I got gas the first time.

1. Estimate by the shop my insurance recommended (also the shop that did an estimate on the Pilot for a new tailgate and bumper when they had already been replaced and I just wanted an estimate for the lock assembly.) Their estimate for ONLY the keying damage:  $130.00 Yes, one hundred thirty dollars.

2. Estimate from the shop recommended by our mechanic. Their estimate for ALL paint damage:  $1,074.35. (I need to go back and have them split it for the insurance company.)

3. Estimate from a shop recommended by our older couple friends. Their estimate for ONLY keying damage:  $2,587.47
Their estimate for the other damage:  $1,535.40
So total to repair costs from 3rd shop for all scratches, side swiping repair, including keying:  $4,122.87

I am completely gobsmacked. Estimate #1 is obviously a lowball estimate that would increase dramatically once work commenced. Estimate #3...are they gold plating part of my Buick? 

In other news, the AT&T corporate store I always go to sux donkey. I was there 3 times last week. I ordered an iPhone 7 for my wife, then my son will get her 6 and I can probably sell his 5 for $5. I talked to the guys at the store and told them I ordered it and they said bring it in when you get it and we’ll take care of transferring 6 to 7 and 5 to 6. We didn’t have a chance to go until Tuesday, today. Different guy told me the equipment that did the transfers was removed from the stores quite awhile ago and we need to go to an Apple store, or we could plug it in to our computer and download Google Photos and transfer everything ourselves. And where would I find detailed instructions for that? Who does that themselves? Seriously? I called the Apple store closest and got transferred to support. I was told that both Apple stores even remotely near us are so booked with appointments they aren’t taking any appointments now. I was told that Best Buy does what we need done and support booked an appointment at Best Buy a week from today. Why do I get the feeling that Best Buy doesn’t do this? Whatever happened to them sending a tech to your job or home and setting up your phone? I guess that only applies when you buy the most current, most expensive model. I think I will try calling that Best Buy location tomorrow.

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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Day 184 of Sheltering In

Sunday Bears Game! I got to watch part of my QVC show, then switched to the game which we record and play about 40 minutes late so we can zip through commercials and the half-time talking heads. I made a mostly no carb charcuterie board. Well sort of. I used a plastic cutting board, but that’s what I had. I have a wood charcuterie board, but it’s packed with the holiday stuff.

I did have carbs on it, because I can’t go totally without carbs, I get blood sugar crashes. We had Colby Jack cheese slices, Ham and Roast Beef with Colby Jack wrapped inside; Pepper Jack cheese slices, Genoa Salami and Roast Beef with Pepper Jack wrapped inside; Cream Cheese and Corned Beef, Ham, or Roast Beef Pinwheels; Cream Cheese and Chives Stuffed Baby Peppers.

Da Bears won! Woot! Woot!

Not sure how I should feel about it, but my sister suggested to my daughter that we do Christmas gift opening before my daughter has surgery. I think she just means the stuff from her, which I usually put the shipping box, still sealed, in the closet until Christmas Eve, or morning. I do it so the gifts look more plentiful. The days of lots of clothes and game systems and games ended the year I had back surgery. I digress. Why would my sister say that to my daughter? Regardless of her reasoning, my sister should have talked to me about it. 🀷🏻‍♀️ Don’t mind me, I’m just her Mom.

I’m feeling really overwhelmed. It’s my doing, my fault. I still haven’t done anything about the furnace or washer and dryer. Furnace is the priority, but I find myself stuck, as if in cement, I can’t/won’t contact a place for an estimate. I have several reasons why...I fear being ripped off because I no longer have a guy for this kind of job, I’m not comfortable having a stranger in my home due to the coronavirus, and I don’t want to know how much it’s going to cost. Truly, I just feel like EVERYTHING is on my 2 bad shoulders. πŸ˜• I don’t see that changing, but if I ask for calls to be made for something in August, and it hasn’t been done yet, wtfork? It’s ONE thing! I’m going to stop there, cuz there’s no point.

I’m also feeling overwhelmed about my daughter’s surgery. She wants to recover at my house, which we would love! Seriously, we would prefer for her to recover at my house. My daughter is adamant about not recovering in a nursing home, which is where the organization sends clients for recovery from surgery. The other option, a rehab facility is just code for a nursing home that claims to do rehab, like PT, but really doesn’t do much. How do I know? My father in law spent time in one after his cancer surgery a couple years ago. I think it was liver cancer. He’s doing fine, but he’s 74ish so a rehab facility/nursing home for recovery isn’t as jarring as it is for a 27 year old.

So I extended an olive branch to my ex-friend who lost her younger brother to fentanyl overdose). I asked her about going to garage sales, probably Friday. (That’s her thing, garage sales.) I asked her to give me the details and I would let her know when I could meet her, village-wide garage sale where she lives. Even though I can’t walk much, I will follow through. I suspect I won’t hear from her at all. She works under the ‘got a better offer, or changed my mind, but I won’t bother to let you know’ rule. It doesn’t matter because I did make an effort. I stopped taking that personally years ago.

I read too much about current events. I think I read Dr Fauci said the coronavirus will still be around til the end of 2022. πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜·

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