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Thursday, August 30, 2018

The beginnings

Radiation treatments are finished. My anxiety level is decreasing. Very thankful.

We are constantly running to Walmart to pick up our prescriptions. There is a Goodwill in the same strip. I usually take my son as co-pilot. We usually pick up a few pieces of Corning Ware, and sometimes luck into finding bar ware that matches my glasses from Crate & Barrel. It’s amazing how many of these pieces my kids have broken over the years. Why not save quite a bit and replace them at Goodwill? While we’re there I spy an small blonde coffee table, probably MCM. It was under $10 and in very good shape. I was just drawn to it and went back a few times before I checked out, without it. I got home and I was still thinking about it. It was like the episode of Twilight Zone “About the Fever”, where the gambler is being chased by a slot machine that keeps calling to him by name, Franklin, over and over. Ok, not exactly, I just wanted to show off my knowledge of Twilight Zone minutiae. So I’m regretting not getting it. Thinking I could upcyle it and flip it. (Yes...I watch way too many of those shows and belong to way too many Facebook groups.) 

My daughter calls after dinner as she usually does. She is wound up, fast talking, complaining about something, as usual. She’s been wanting to get a mini fridge for her room with a lock because housemates are stealing food she buys with her job money. One is  eating my daughter’s peanut butter out of her jar with their fingers. Blech! She works too late to make dinner on the nights she is assigned. They’ve eaten hours before she gets home. So her team lead is making getting the fridge conditional on her doing her assigned meal nights and chores (on days she is assigned when she is on a home visit.) She is making getting the fridge conditional on things that are not doable. Girl went all the way to the top! She called the Director (that’s my move!) She explained the situation and the Director came up with a different solution. My daughter was offered the opportunity to move out into the community into a 1 bedroom apartment in a building owned by the same service agency that runs the group home she lives in. It’s a 20 unit, single floor, fairly new building. (My spouse and I went for a drive by between medical appointments.) The apartment is unfurnished, but comes with a stove and fridge. She will likely get to take her bedroom set from the group home since it was purchased using my daughter’s SS or state funds, but other than that she’s got to get everything else she needs. 

Today we had to drop off prescriptions after an appointment, so my co-pilot and I stopped by Goodwill...and the coffee table was still there! I tore that tag off right away! We also got her a kitschy salt and pepper set that we also saw yesterday. So I’ve been making a list, seeing what things around my house I can contribute. So far, my 1st Keurig (still works, I wanted the 2.0 with the Karafe), a hand mixer (who needs one when you have a Kitchen Aid Mixer?), and some other odds and ends. 

My daughter called me today, said she had already called the Director to ask about doing lunch next week. Lol! To be fair, it was discussed yesterday that they go out to lunch some time, I’m sure it wasn’t expected to be that soon.

I have to say, I am so proud of my daughter. I remember the days when she was younger that I asked her to go with her brother and find a sales clerk and ask them what she needed to know. Teach her to ask for herself. It started out badly with her in tears, but after a few times she got the confidence to ask. When she first moved into the group home she would call me with problems that came up and want me to handle them for her. In the beginning I did because living in a group home was a new experience and at times she was quite fragile. Then I began telling her what I did, how to handle the conversations. And now she is handling these things for herself! Next week is her 1 year anniversary at her job. She’s really rockin it! If someone told me 5 years ago that my daughter would be living at a group home, got a job, celebrating her 1 year anniversary, and moving into the community into an apartment I probably would have broken down in tears or punched them in the face for saying things that clearly were not even dreamed of 5 years ago. Life’s been hard, but it’s been good too.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Third, fourth and cat musings

Fell asleep during the third treatment, was awake for the entire fourth treatment. Was just approaching freak out mode when the door opened and the tech walked in as the machine slid me out. I forgot the lavender oil. Next treatment is Wednesday, can’t forget it again. 

Cat musing #1-Maddux is driving us up a tree with his daily whining after our lunch time. We’ve gotten him into the habit of eating a small can of grain-free wet food. So it is our own fault, but it’s soooo obnoxious. He will stand in front of you “meeeeeow, meeeeeow” over and over. First he tries me, then my spouse, then my son who will not play. “You’re asking the wrong dude, dude.” Lol!

Cat musing #2-Irish is being clingy weird. She’s normally very aloof, if she wants to be scratched she’ll come by, but when she’s had she goes. My spouse has had to sleep on the Lazy Boy recliner sofa because she can’t do stairs. (She’s having an awfully painful recovery with this 2nd leg. She should be in outpatient PT, but she’s still on home visits and the therapist is only having her do stretching exercises. So she is quite far behind where she should be and she’s in a lot of pain. I do have some super cranky times. Times when the back pain is bad and so is the headache. It’s usually when it’s meal prep time and I’m getting no help.) So she’s downstairs and I’m upstairs alone. But not really. Most every night Irish sleeps with me now. All night. She usually sleeps at the foot of the bed, but lately she had been coming up by my abdomen and pushing up against me and falls asleep. Before she goes to bed she comes around for scratching, real close and stays for a long while. If I stop scratching, she smacks me with one paw, then the other. She does that a few rounds, if I don’t scratch, then she head butts me. She’s also done the submissive lie on her back and wants me to scratch her belly (whose cat is this? It’s not Irish). If I don’t comply or stop she uses both paws to grab my hand and pull it to her belly. It’s just been a lot of out of character behavior. I know they say pets can sense when you’re not feeling well, but this behavior is overboard. Even my cuddly Maddux doesn’t hang out this long. 

Cat musing #3 Bubba-She’s a freakin weirdo. She comes in, jumps on the bed, walks right up to my face and says a very high pitched “mehhhh”. And repeats it several times. She doesn’t want her head scratched, I’ve tried that. It’s like she’s saying “Look at...ME! The Queen is here, bow down to the queen.” Sometimes she’ll walk down to my feet and head butt them wanting to use them as a scratching post, but most of the time it’s just “mehhhh”.

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