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Friday, April 30, 2021

Sunday Stealing-Navy Wife

Navy Wife

Hi! Your host is Bev Sykes of the blog "Funny the World". . Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. Cheers to all of us thieves!
1. What was your proudest moment?
Coming out.
2. What is your favorite childhood memory?
I would say anything I did with my Mom. I watched her cook, do laundry, iron. She taught me how to embroider.
3. Describe your dream vacation.
I would leave my house, get in my car, drive to somewhere that is not my house, and stay somewhere that is not my house. There would be a swimming pool, game room, fitness room, and I would eat food that is not fast food, and not made by myself or a member of my family. I’m not picky. ANYWHERE that is not my house! Even before the pandemic, vacation was never something I did much because I never had the money. My vacations as an adult have consisted of 1 trip to Disney World and Epcot with my sister, going to WI State Fair (which was an annual thing for us, then stopped for about 10 years, then went in 2019, then stopped because of the pandemic), also camping, mostly staycations. That’s it. I’m tired of seeing several Facebook friends show off their 6 times a year vacations. That’s 6 vacations per year, per person. They must all have a huge bank of vacation days and definitely more money than I have.
4. Do you see yourself as an optimist, pessimist, or realist?  Why?
Mostly pessimist. Things just don’t seem to go my way, so I tend to be pessimistic and don’t expect much.
5. What is something you wanted to do as a child, but never got to do?
Family vacations. We once took a day trip to Chicago to visit a relative of my Dad’s. Then there was the trip with my Grandma, Aunt, cousin, and my sister to Disney World/Busch Gardens/Key West. That’s it. Never went on a family vacation as a child.
6. What board game do you hate the most?
Clue. I just thought it was boring. 
7. Describe the worst haircut you ever got.
How much time do we have? I went with my kids and my now ex husband to a haircut chain in Chicago. The woman who cut my hair did not speak/understand much English and it seemed like she had no training to cut hair. I asked for a cut, collar length in the back and feathered on the sides. Basically just shorten the cut I had. Next thing I know she goes at my hair with an electric clipper, lopping off chunks of hair, here and there. The cut I wanted did not involve electric clippers until the very end to clean up the back of my neck. I told her to stop, she didn’t understand, so I got off the chair and stood. She got flustered, speaking whatever language she spoke, grabbed scissors and a comb and started hacking off hair in sections with no regard to cutting evenly. I couldn’t say anything because 1. She couldn’t understand English, and 2. I was so upset my brain would not allow words to come out of my mouth. When she removed the cape, signaling that she was done, I paid, went to the car, and started to cry when I saw my hair the rear view mirror. My sent my now ex husband back in to find out who was the owner or manager. If it was her, we were going home, end of story. It wasn’t her. I went back in and I showed the manager the hack job on my hair. She “fixed” it, but it was still off because you can’t fix the too short sections. Ever since I have to psych myself up for weeks to get a haircut. Then I would be incredibly nervous when a stylist started cutting. No joke. It’s not so bad now because I’ve been getting my hair cut very short. Really short on the sides and back. I’ve taught myself to cut my own hair and my daughter’s hair with my Flowbee during the pandemic. I’ve cut my son’s hair since he was a toddler. Started with the mushroom cut, then buzz cut, then fade, and now layered and longer and using clippers only to clean up his neck. I have my own scissors, 2 sets of electric clippers, and a Flowbee. If I were to get a bad cut I could fix it myself. I got my haircut this week. I went to Great Clips (my go to where I’m comfortable) because my hair was much too long for me to try to cut it with the Flowbee. (I had a 4 inch ponytail!)

8. What’s the worst job you ever had?
There were so many. All of them were in Illinois after I moved here. First the beauty school whose owner told me, on my first day, that I needed to be more friendly to other employees because they complained that I didn’t talk. So, the very next day I started chatting up everyone. Not long chats, short, just to show I was being friendly. At the end of the day the owner called me into his office and YELLED at me telling me I was spending too much time talking. At first I apologized, then excused myself, went to my desk, got my offices keys out, went back to his office, handed him the keys and quit. At the time I was still driving back to WI, staying at my Dad’s, and worked all weekend at my former employer. When I quit I worked 4 day weekends so I could job hunt the rest of the week. I had money coming in and I refused to work for a nutjob. Next job the receptionist screamed at me on a daily basis because she thought I was stealing parts of her job that were accounting related. I was doing what the president told me to do. When I complained to him I was told that was the way she was and I would have to get used to it. I couldn’t quit at the time because I was pregnant with my daughter. I was so stressed that I had to go on medical leave/short term disability in January, when my due date was April. I was on strict bed rest. I returned to work 6 weeks after my daughter was born. I was laid off about a month later because a new manager was making cuts in all departments. I couldn’t have been happier! Cut to my last job where I was told repeatedly in the interview that everyone there were like family. That should have been a warning, but I had no choice but to take the job. Turned out they just meant “straight” family. They were big haters and did all kinds of things to get me to quit. They accused me of doing bad work on a huge client. After I was confronted I went over my supposed errors and made copies and notes proving it was the client who sent bad information. They did not let up. The false accusations continued and then 2 employees who were pals with my supervisor began YELLING at me on a daily basis. One of them yelling at me, in my face, that I was DISGUSTING. When I reported it to my supervisor I was called into a conference room with the supervisor and the 2 employees where all 3 yelled at me, basically saying ‘too bad, we’re not going to change’. They yelled so loudly that my ally on the 2nd floor heard them, and the partners on the other side of the reception area. My ally told the partners either they transfer me to her department, or be prepared to be sued by me for a hostile work environment, discrimination, and on and on and that I definitely had a case and could also go to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and that agency would investigate and they would find many violations of federal employment law. Suddenly I was transferred. Then I had the car accident that necessitated back surgery. I went on short term disability, then long term disability due to chronic pain. Even while I was on leave they tried to mess with me, trying to get my benefits stopped. I ended up contacting the EEOC twice. It was 3 years before that employer stopped contacting me.
9. What is one thing you want to be remembered for?
How I took care of and advocated for my 2 children, now adults, who have the same mental illness.
10. On a scale of 1-10, what is the highest level of pain you’ve ever experienced?
11. What fashion trend do you wish would go away?
Dresses and skirts that are super mini. I just find them gross.
12. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
The weirdest was starring Tom Hanks as my sadistic gym teacher. We were in the gym and were supposed to climb one of 2 ropes attached to the ceiling. Tom Hanks wore a gray sweatshirt, sweatpants, a whistle hanging around his neck, holding a shotgun to his side. It was my turn. I was a fat kid through most of high school. No way could I climb a rope. I refused. He picked up the rifle, raised it and cocked it. He told me to start climbing or he’d shoot me. I tried, my hands and legs raw and bleeding from trying to climb, but never really going up. He kept yelling at me to climb and blowing his whistle. He took aim…then I woke up. From later analysis of that dream and what was going on in my life at the time I figured it meant “dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.” I still think that was an accurate analysis. 
13. What are 2 weaknesses you have?
I can’t tell you that. Then you would know my kryptonite!
14. How would you spend your 100th birthday?
Hopefully not 6 feet under.
15. What food/drinks would you pack in a picnic basket
Sandwiches, vegetables to snack on, fruit, bottled water, or sparkling water. I would bring wine, but I’m the only drinker at my house. Kind of a boring picnic, but I’d stick to foods that didn’t need to be kept ice cold. Who wants food poisoning from potato salad? 
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Day 404 of Sheltering In-Waiting

Friday. Had a date with my wife. Picked up take out lunch from a restaurant we’d never been to, sat in the car to eat, then went grocery shopping. 

My daughter is still out of sorts from being in limbo after being told she wouldn’t be moving into the new apartment complex this weekend. She’s just about packed everything, except she has 2 hampers full of dirty laundry. Her housemates have been monopolizing the washing machines and dryers, so she hasn’t been able to do any laundry since she returned to the group home last Saturday. I would really hate to have her have to bring all that dirty laundry to her new digs. If she doesn’t get it done this weekend I’m going to have to check my calendar and see what day I can pick up the dirty laundry and go to the laundromat.

Sunday will be a repeat of last Sunday. Going to my father-in-law’s for laundry and lunch and having her youngest sister and her fiancĂ©e (my ex friend) also there so they can again ignore me and make fun of my wife for sitting in the kitchen with me because I can’t sit at a picnic table with my bad knee. I’m sure they also made fun of me too. They didn’t talk to me the entire afternoon anyway so đź–•They’ve always been like this, it’s nothing new. My wife says this sister has always been like this, so I shouldn’t take offense. No, I can, and I will, but I won’t escalate things by saying something. My father-in-law is the one who wanted to invite them.

On the stalker trail…crickets. If that particular ex friend doesn’t want to repair the friendship that’s fine. I’d rather have crickets than be screamed at and belittled for the incidents that transpired before the friendship ended. Back to square one. I should check with the library to see if/when they will resume senior coffee chat. If I just got to socialize…I’d consider that successful. I figure I qualify as a senior, since I have my AARP card, and I’m turning 60 in July. 

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Day 403 of Sheltering In-Waiting

Thursday. I finally did something I’ve been putting off for almost 2 years. What might that be Lola? Well let me tell you. I bought the Buick 2 years ago May 8th. Almost immediately people had been telling me the tires were dry rotted. Not surprising because the Buick came from New York. With the low miles it wasn’t hard to figure out it was probably not driven every day, or very far. I’d been putting it off far too long and I just got lucky never having a flat or a blowout. I’d prefer that my luck had been winning a 6 figure lottery, but I’ll take the luck getting by this long without a tire emergency. I once had a blowout on I88 in the left lane with my Cutlass Ciera. This was before I moved to the burbs. I safely got to the right shoulder and 3 of us changed the tire in a torrential rain storm. Anyway…lucky. So yes, I bought 4 shiny new tires. I went with Michelin. It used to be my go to brand before I got the Pilot. Nice, smooth ride. Luxury, not rough SUV ride. I wouldn’t have saved money on the other tires anyway. I’m pleased with my purchase. 

After 3 hours at Discount Tire we went to Sam’s Club and then snuck a short visit to my daughter’s group home. It was 3 hours because they had no appointments, so I was a walk-in. I had time to leave, run to the new Starbucks, then head back and have a nice leisurely read on my phone while I enjoyed my latte, which in itself is a rare treat. I was flying solo, which is even more rare.

My daughter is anxious over her move being delayed. I get it, but it’s gonna take as long as it takes and no way to speed it up. We continue to be completely up in the air about furnishings. We don’t know if she can take her bedroom set from the group home. We’re think it was paid for out of my daughter’s funds, but don’t know. So we wait. I have air mattresses from camping, so if we have to get bedroom furniture she can sleep on one of those until the Monday or Tuesday  following her move. We’ve been led to believe move-in is on the weekend. I think the mattress store we use is closed on Mondays, but that’s easily checked.

While we were at Sam’s Club we checked prices on towels and kitchenware. Most of the store is all switched up anyway, so we were going all over the place looking for the items we went for.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Day 400-402 of Sheltering In-Waiting

My wife and son got their 2nd doses of the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. So 2 weeks from yesterday I can stop this stupid countdown.

Monday-Wednesday. Monday was PT. I got the same guy I don’t like for the 3rd time in a row. I canceled the other 2 appointments this week. I need to take the Buick for new tires, hopefully this week, then to the dealer Monday for a multi-point inspection because my Certified Pre-Owned warranty expires on the 8th. Might as well get it checked over for free. I still have the Extended Warranty, but there’s a $100 deductible on that. And I need to schedule an oil change with our mechanic. I would have it done at the dealer, but it’s almost $30 more at the dealer for the synthetic oil. I don’t mind going to our mechanic. He’s honest and treats us well. He probably misses us too!

No move this weekend for my daughter. They village, or county, or whatever has not inspected the complex yet, so no occupancy until they do, and it passes inspection. My daughter is upset. She got herself all excited, and now she’s all down in the dumps. She was so excited and talking so fast the last week I had to constantly ask her to slow down and repeat what she was saying because I couldn’t understand her. I’ve been wanting to pop over to the group home to pick up her clean clothes (minus 7 days worth), but other housemates have been monopolizing the washing machines. This sounds lame and definitely paranoid, but we are doing this because she had so much disappear during the bed bug episode (no bed bugs in her room, but the staff packed her stuff up and a lot of it went missing). I just want to do what I can to lessen the opportunity for stuff to go missing. If she hasn’t gotten the laundry done by Thursday night, I will pick it up Friday and go to a laundromat. I need to go anyway because I have some blankets and comforters to wash and my father-in-law’s wife had the smallest dryer on the planet. No way would they dry. 

My brother-in-law had been in Miami for about a month driving school buses. Now he is in Indianapolis doing it. Apparently the owner of the school bus company he works for has businesses in several states. Due to lack of drivers he flew about 10 employees to Miami, set them up in a Holiday Inn Express, and paid for a few rental cars. He’s doing the same in Indianapolis. Since he is gone the lawn isn’t getting mowed, so I will be trying again to teach my son to mow the lawn. Both riding mowers are dead. The newest one I blew the transmission on it before my car accident. The other, my wife was using to mow and it died and we don’t know why. My next door neighbor repairs mowers, but I can’t get him to work on them. He avoids me. The times I have talked to him I’ve told him I have the cash for repairs, but either he’s too busy, or he doesn’t like me. It’s one of the two, or both. I dunno. The guy who fixed my snowblower has dropped out of Facebook, so I can’t contact him. Oh well, the boy has got to learn to mow the lawn. I’ve got 2 walk behind gas mowers, 1 is self propelled. I’ve kept them as backups and to do the ditch because the riding mower can’t mow the ditch completely. My wife and I can’t do the walk behind mowers because of my back and knee, and both her new knees and back.

Tomorrow is a Sam’s Club trip. Maybe check their tire prices while we are there. I’ve already got the price from my usual, Discount Tire.

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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Day 397-399 of Sheltering In-Waiting

Friday-Sunday. Friday was grocery shopping. Saturday was hanging at my house with my family and having a nice dinner together. I drove my daughter back to her group home after dinner. Sunday was bbq at my father-in-law’s with “surprise”, my wife’s youngest sister and her fiancĂ©e (my ex friend).

So Sunday the surprise was on my father-in-law. He did not know they were coming. They had been feuding for months having to do with her borrowing of his truck and her trashing it. By trashing it, I literally mean using the cab area (which has 1 bench seat and no rear seat) as if it were a trash dumpster. Bags,  countless bags of fast food garbage. Basically only room for the driver. Hence the feud. It’s not all that comfortable being here. Yes, I’m typing  this while I am here because they are hanging out at the picnic table outside. I can’t sit there because of my knee. I can’t swing my leg over to sit, nor can I stand on that leg to swing the good one over to sit. I ate at the kitchen table. My wife joined me, and that was it. They haven’t even asked about my knee, which it’s really obvious because I have my knee brace on and I’m wearing cargo shorts. The brace is very visible. Other than those niceties, my wife’s sister is constantly putting her down (my wife is older) and making fun of her. And it’s not in a “fun” way. I may need bail money cuz my wife won’t put up with it much longer and I’m really tired of it. Of course my wife has to do all the cleanup and my sister-in-law and ex friend just sit, not even offering to help. Both have invaded the living room and are bickering at each other, as per usual. Now I get to hear and see all of it in my face. Can I say how much fun I’m not having? Grrrr.

So, compared notes with my wife in the car ride home. Apparently her sister and fiancĂ©e were bent out shape because my wife joined me for lunch in the kitchen. As my wife said to them ‘I’m not going to let my wife eat lunch by herself because she can’t sit at the picnic table’. I’m not sorry!!! I’m not going to risk further injury to my knee, or other parts because I would be stupid enough to attempt to sit at a picnic table when I have a large knee brace on my knee. Also, I have no sense of balance! Their opinion means nothing to me.  I will not entertain a conversation about where they think I should be sitting. Those $&@ches can kiss my ash! Not only were they giving my wife crap about eating lunch with me, they were giving my son a hard time about his beard and pulling on it! Had I known about either situation, I definitely would have at the very least had words with them. Who the hell do they think they are pulling on my son’s beard? And who the hell do they think they are berating my wife for not wanting me to eat lunch alone in the house, and further, for questioning my decision to be smart and safe with my knee injury? I’m going to be 60 in July. I don’t give a flying f what they think. I need to do what I feel is smart to do to be safe.  

My father-in-law wants to do dinner next Sunday again with them. I won’t be there. My daughter is supposed to be moving next weekend. Even if she wasn’t moving, there is not a chance I will be going! Oh, and my sister-in-law said she won’t be going if her brother is there. You know what? If he’s back in town I will ask him out to lunch.

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