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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day Countdown - 3 Days To Go

What happened to the Comment Luv? Not a single person posted their Most Pathetic Valentines Day. Am I to think I'm the only pathetic loser? Wait, maybe you shouldn't answer that!

One of my more interesting Valentines Days was a blind date I had before I met Anastasia.

I met Michelle on PlanetOut. I have to say, some of my most memorable (and not in a good way) dates were from women from PlanetOut. Maybe I should post my dating oddities. And WOW, were some of them odd! That would be except for the lovely Anastasia, cause she's da bomb! I'm so glad that I didn't give up on that site, if I had, we would have never met.

Michelle wasn't keen on the idea of going on a date on Valentines Day, but somehow I managed to charm her into it. After I made the date I debated over and over, what if anything special I should do because of the holiday. I ended up going with the standard. A rose bouquet.

We were to meet at an Italian restaurant in Andersonville. I would know her by what she was wearing. I went to the restaurant at the appointed time and met up with her. Her, AND...her straight friend! Yup, she brought a straight friend on the date! Who does that??? (Just wait, that isn't even the worst part of the date!) I've heard of wingmen but I thought wingmen were only used to pick up women, not when you already had a date.

I gave her the roses. BIG mistake! She started crying. Apparently her ex, whom she was till carrying a major torch for, always gave her roses. And that wasn't the only time she burst into tears. This woman was seriously not over her ex and quite possibly may have had serious psychological issues. Clearly she had no business being on a date. It turned out everything I said reminded her of her ex. Well, what few words I could get in.

The restaurant service seemed painfully slow, though I'm sure it wasn't. It was after all a big restaurant night and I'm sure they were trying to turn the tables quickly. It felt like all eyes were on our table. It was like Michelle would not stop crying. I wracked my brain trying to think of things to talk about that maybe wouldn't continue the waterfall. Even a topic as innocuous as the weather, brought back memories of the ex. All I wanted to do was leave. I considered several times ditching, but I'm really not that kind of person. I stuck it out, but it had to be one of the more painful dates of my life. (Not the most painful, but close.)

After dinner, Michelle and her straight friend wanted me to show them where Stargaze, the women's gay bar, was down the street. Against my better judgment, I accompanied them. (Seriously, how could this end well?) The place was the most packed I'd ever seen it and it was incredibly loud. At that point I really had enough of my date in bizarro-land and I had to leave. I made excuses about a headache and ended up walking the 6 miles home in the February cold.

So now it's your turn. Use the comment section to post your Most Bizarre Valentines Day from the past. If you want, post it on your blog, link back to my post, and post the link in my comments section.
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Joaquin Beats Out Farrah

Joaquin Phoenix beats out Farrah Fawcett for most bizarre Letterman guest spot.
I usually watch Letterman religiously, but Anastasia insisted on watching that Dog The Bounty Hunter Show. (Just so you all know, I would never choose that program on my own. That guy looks like a walking freak show. Don't bail jumpers see him a mile coming?)

All I have to say is OMG! Judge for yourself:
(The over 10 minute video I had posted from youtube was removed, so thanks to Huffington Post, I have posted this link to a shorter version of the interview.)
Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman, Courtesy of the Huffington Post

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day Countdown - 4 Days To Go

Valentines Day is in 4 days. I thought I would do a little countdown and share some of my past Valentines Days. I'm hoping you will share your stories as well.

My first Valentines Day story comes from the 4th Grade. It was the 60's. It was common for many of our craft projects to start off with a cigar box. I think today, shoe boxes are more the norm because cigar boxes are so difficult to come by. We were decorating our boxes to hold the valentines that our classmates would be giving us. We had construction paper, paper doilies, glitter, colored markers and felt to work with. I worked diligently on my box. I thought my final product was quite artfully done.

Even as I worked on the box, in the back of my mind I wavered between being excited at the prospect of having a box filled with valentines from my classmates and having my box empty. You see I was not one of the popular kids in my class. I was the big kid, the overweight kid. For years I was teased constantly. The reason I wavered between a filled box and an empty box was because I thought it was common decency to give valentines to all of your classmates. That's what my Mother taught me and that's what I have always taught my children. Even though I didn't want to give valentines to the boys that teased me and called me names, I did.

Valentines Day came and we all displayed our boxes. The teacher took all the cards and placed them in the boxes. Excitement was in the air. When it came time to open our boxes, I opened mine slowly, not even completely. I saw inside a single card and a heart sucker. I closed the box and put it away until I got home. Everyone else was full of excitement and laughter. Many were showing off how many cards and candies they got. I kind of just sat there with a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach from the anger building inside me. I didn't let it show. I kind of sat there disinterested and prayed for the bell to ring to mark the end of the school day.

I got home and read the handmade card. It was from my teacher, Ms. Svacina. The card said that "beauty is on the inside and you don't need 30 valentines to know that you are special. You are very special."

In the years after that Valentines Day I had spent many alone. Somehow the memory of that 4th grade Valentines day made being alone seem not so bad. Looking back I realize that Ms. Svacina was trying to buffer the blow of that empty box. Part of me felt very special, because none of the other children got a handmade card from the teacher. The bigger part of me though, felt like a pathetic loser.

So now it's your turn. Use the comment section to post your Pathetic Valentines Day from the past.
Please, don't make me feel like I'm the only one with a pathetic Valentines Day in their past!

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I Have Finally Arrived!

I have no idea what put me over the top. I've been checking out this site for ages now trying to find out how much my blog is worth. It has always said that my blog was worth Zero! Until today! Woo Hoo! (Ahem, too bad I'm not actually seeing any money from it, I could use some green.)

My blog is worth $37,259.64.
How much is your blog worth?

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Blog Love Award

Louise @ English Opinion - Welcome to My Crazy World has awarded me the Blog Love Award. Thank you so much Louise! I’m now passing on the Blog Love to other fantastic bloggers!

Here are the rules:

* When you receive the Blog Love award, you should place the logo on your blog proudly!
* Link to the blogger that awarded you the love
* Nominate your friends and bloggers you read regularly, as many as you like
* Finally, let them know you’ve nominated them to receive the award

I am officially passing on a little Blog Love to the following exceptional bloggers:
1. BlueViolet @ A Nut In A Nutsell
2. Tammy @ Crazy Mom With 4 Boys
3. Sue @ Stay At Home Mom
4. Melissa @ Why Be Normal

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Lemonade Award


Amy at Being Bipolar has awarded me the Lemonade Award. The Lemonade Award is given to bloggers who show great attitude and/or gratitude. Thank you so much!

The rules say I am supposed to nominate 10 blogs. I'm going to nominate 4 outstanding blogs.
1. Blessie @ Happy Life
2. Willa @ FickleMinded - A Life That Is Less Ordinary
3. Kara @ The Frugal Angel - Guided Psychic
4. Staci @ Just Bloggled: When Life Gets A Little Baffling

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Speaking of Laughter

I nearly wet my pants 20 minutes ago telling Anastasia what our son did. We were both laughing so hard we couldn't understand each other on the phone. She kept asking my Why? Why? Why did he do it? I don't freakin know!

He's definitely his father's son, that's all I can say. Nearest thing I could guess is that he was trying to take attention away from the fact that he lost the cell phone that his father provides him. He lost it while he was in Chicago this weekend. My other guess, is that he didn't like them long.

What the freak am I talking about?

He shaved half of each eyebrow with his electric shaver! Yup, he looks like a freaking Groucho Marx caricature, except he shaved the stache this weekend so he's just got Groucho eyebrows.
This is the best photo I could get. He is missing close to an inch on each eyebrow (the section closest to his ears). I think you can tell pretty much from this photo. He kept deliberately raising his eyebrows while I was trying to get the shot. I'm so glad these eyebrows will be in his Graduation Photo which will be taken tomorrow. And they will be in his school yearbook. He mentioned something about that his best friend's eyebrows were shorter, so maybe this eyebrow shaving thing is going around the school?

Anastasia asks me what the hell was I doing that I didn't know what he was doing. He was in the freakin bathroom, I thought he was using the toilet. He shaved his face yesterday (finally) so I know he wasn't in there shaving. He won't have to shave his beard for at least a week, if not 2 weeks.

Then Anastasia keeps asking me what I'm going to do about it. What the freak do you want me to do about it? Do you want me to get an eyebrow pencil and draw in the missing eyebrows?

If I can get him to sit still long enough in the morning before school I'll snap a shot with the digital camera and post it, but I can't make any promises. (What can I say, I'm all about my bloggers!)

Jeez I'm hoping the school nurse doesn't call me. I think she has me on speed dial by now.

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Random Thoughts/Rants

The Healing Power of Laughter – Last night Anastasia and I watched Happy Gilmore on ABC Family Channel. After the movie Joel Osteen Ministries was on. Normally we don’t watch ministry/evangelical type programming, but the topic caught our attention. If you’re interested in watching the episode online it is "#413 – The Healing Power of Laughter".

The first thing that struck me about this "message" was how topical it is. How when times are tough we need to do things to lift our spirits, how our bodies can create their own "medicine". How laughter creates endorphins and can improve our mood and sometimes even improve certain medical conditions like depression or fibromyalgia. How something as simple as finding ways to laugh everyday can make a difference in our lives. How important it is do watch a funny television show or movie or read a funny book. Even having a laugh at ourselves. I have to say, Anastasia and I laugh every day. We both have similar senses of humor and can find the funny in anything.

Another thing that struck me was how much difficulty ministers, evangelists and religious leaders must be having in today’s times finding sermon topics that speak to their congregations. Sermon topics that acknowledge the times we are in and inspire hope must be very difficult to write.

Am I the only one that finds it odd that ABC Family airs 700 Club programming and Joel Osteen Ministries programming? I’m guessing this is not something new, perhaps I just never noticed.

Inattentive Mothers – Today I spent an hour and a half in a waiting room. There were numerous young mothers with young children. One young mother had an almost newborn in a baby carrier and a very active 2-3 year old son. He was all over the very large waiting area, running, climbing on chairs, etc. His mother did nothing to reprimand him or get him to return to her. She let him run wild.

At one point he grabbed his privates and said he needed to use the bathroom. The mother grabbed his hand and took him to the Ladies Room and LEFT THE BABY where she was sitting! The mother and son were gone for at least 5 minutes leaving the baby unattended. (Unless you count us strangers and some of them looked pretty sketchy.) Then the mother returned alone, leaving her 2-3 year old son in the Ladies Room alone! He came out nearly 5 minutes after that and proceeded to parade around the waiting area again, running, climbing, etc. Another mother with a son the same age who was seated clear across the room let her son run and slide on the floor on my end of the room. After this continued for more than 40 minutes the security guard finally called out "hey, you need to get your son" and the woman retrieved him, but he was back at it in a few minutes.

WTF is wrong with these mothers? How do you leave a baby unattended in a very large waiting room? How do you let your toddler be in the Ladies Room alone? How do you let your child run around like a wild animal disturbing the staff of the facility and the other patrons? These mothers were in their 20’s, not in their teens and you would think they would know better. When my kids were little ones I made sure they behaved themselves in public. Don’t these women read the news about child abductions? Call me crazy, but I won’t leave either of my children alone in a crowded public places and my kids are teens!

Jeez, I sound like an old lady. Next thing you know I'll be saying "Get off my lawn!" Who/what am I becoming?

Octuplet Woman – Haven’t we all heard enough about her? Now the news is saying she has had lip injections and possibly other things done to make her look face like Angelina Jolie. What I want to know is how exactly does she plan on attracting a Brad Pitt look alike? Or is she planning to attract the real Brad by having a larger brood than the real Angie?

Octuplet Woman’s Mother – Doesn’t she have anything nice to say about her daughter? I mean, caring for 6 grandchildren while her daughter visits her new babies has to be a lot of work. She does sound a bit bitter, don’t you think? If her mother isn't going to help her and her father is going to Iraq, who is going to help her?

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My OTHER Daughter

Yesterday we had AT&T at the house because our land line phone wasn't working. No dial tone and if we try to call our land line we got a busy signal. This happened before, but they were able to fix it without bothering us.

Anastasia had to leave to do her caregiver gig and ran into the tech on the way out. The tech came to the front door and asked me to disconnect every phone and the desktop computer. I did so. Then he came to the back door and said that "my 'other daughter', the redhead, said to talk to you." He said he found a short in a line to the garage. He disconnected it and had me plug everything back in and try the desktop computer.

"Other daughter"? WTF? I've had people refer to Anastasia as my 'sister', but "other daughter"? Normally I correct everyone, 'no, she's my partner', but I was completely stunned. I was speachless! Anastasia is 5 years my junior. (Yes, I got me a young redhead!) How could anyone make the mistake of calling Anastasia my "other daughter"? Wow, I know I have a few gray hairs. Ok, more than a few, but not that much! And I know I may walk a bit hunched over because of my back issues, but I'm not the only 47 year old with back problems. Come on people help me out here! WTF?

Wow, if I wasn't depressed before, I sure am now. "Other daughter"?

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