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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How To Really Go Bat Shit Crazy or Taking 4 Kids Camping for a WEEK...

Ok, remember my post from last month? How To Go Bat Shit Crazy Or Taking 4 Kids Camping... Well we did it again a couple of weeks ago. Only we went out of state and went for an entire week. What? Are we freakin' crazy?
Ok, this time we did remember the tent poles. (However we ended up losing the bag that holds the tent that contains the instructions. Apparently it blew away in the wind. Hopefully now that we've set it up twice we don't need the instructions.)

We did bring plenty of things to do...handheld video games, 2 portable DVD players and loads of movies, horse shoes, badminton (which never did get set up or played), and croquet (which was a big hit.)
We went to Indiana Beach in Monticello, IN. We cooked all of our meals, except for donut runs for breakfast 2 days because we forgot to bring single serve coffee packets (like tea bags, only they are coffee bags). (Yes! I know! How can you forget coffee?) Well, coffee was purchased, but somehow didn't make it into the stuff that got loaded into the camper and van. I think the big hit of the week was the Pita Pizzas I made on the grill. (You use pita bread instead of dough and then pile on sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you want.)

Most mornings I had my coffee with the birds. Usually the kids would take off for somewhere (restrooms, showers or the camp store, or just walking to get kindling sticks for the fire) and I'd be left alone to contemplate my navel while I had coffee. Every morning after the kids took off, the birds came in to pick at any cereal they left behind. (Wish I had a photo, but they moved in so quickly there was no time.) Relaxation at it's finest!

My son got a bit of heat stroke after the day at the amusement park. All of us will definitely remember this camping trip as the one where he horked after downing a sports drink. I soaked a bandana with cool water and sent him into the air-conditioned trailer for the rest of the day. (See, having an air-conditioned trailer has it's perks.) By evening he was fine. Oh, and just a tip, if you use that spray-on sunscreen...don't spray it on in the wind. His back had a nice wavy design of white skin and sunburn from where the sunscreen hit and didn't hit.

Mosquitoes were aplenty and using any of the spray-on repellents proved futile...for me anyway. I finally gave up on that stuff after 3 days. I was getting eaten alive anyway, so why deal with the nasty smell and stickiness? Every single bite I had swelled up and blistered and filled with fluid, even when I completely avoided scratching. They haven't all healed yet and I look like I have some disease.

Fun was had by all! Even though my kids have sworn off camping, we know they had a blast. (They've been telling everyone else they had a blast.)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

We didn't get Lebron. Oh well. The Bulls would have needed to do more team building anyway. Having 1 star wouldn't have gotten us a championship any way.

They caught that fugitive teen in the Bahamas. What a wiley one! It didn't seem like he was ever going to get caught.

Drew's Law backfired on prosecutors. That sux. Will Peterson ever go to trial?

Will the cap work for the oil spill? Doubt it.

My cats are quite talented. I left the A/C on when I left the house the other day. When I came home there was no familiar drone of the A/C. I freaked! I thought the power had gone out. When I got in the house, the light I left on was still on. Puzzled, I checked the window A/C. It was off. Either Maddux or Irish had pushed the button on the power strip that the A/C was plugged into and turned it off. I turned it back on and wah lah! The A/C was back on. Goofy cats!

Hey looky there over at my Followers! I've almost reached 300! Who will be my 300th follower? Now's your chance, if you haven't already, become a Follower!

In other blog news, I'm almost half way to a pay out on Google Adsense. It's taking forever! I've been doing Google Adsense since shortly after starting this blog. WTH? I would have thought I would have reached the $100 threshold long ago.

My birthday is coming up. July 24th. I have no idea what is planned, but I know the kids will be with their dad. I'm sure no matter what it is, we will have fun.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sprucing Up...

Being a homeowner there are always things to do around the home. Some need immediate attention, others, well, it would be nice to give attention. I think the longer you live in a home, the more you think about making some improvements, or maybe just a few decorating changes.

I recently purchased drapes for my daughters room. Now that's a challenge! She's a teen, so you know her color palette is umm, how shall we say? A bit wild. Her colors are bright pink, purple, and lime green. I managed to find the perfect curtains to go with that scheme. Bright pink and purple. Each window has a panel of each. She's ecstatic!

So now I'm about to do something for the rest of our home. I can't believe I haven't done something about this sooner, especially since it's my domain...the kitchen. Since I moved in the lighting has been 2 fixtures which are just a simple light bulb. Yup! That's it! (Ok, so it looks a bit fancier because I'm using the new compact fluorescent bulbs.) See for yourself:

Every other fixture in the house is either a ceiling fan, or a nice decorative gold-tone fixture. The fixtures in the kitchen seem to have been forgotten when the previous owners remodeled.

So, my question is this, do you have any suggestions for the fixtures in my kitchen? I'd like to have your input.

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