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Friday, January 28, 2011

Review - CSN Online Stores

Earlier this week I placed an order from CSN for a backpack. I ordered the Burton Metalhead Backpack in Havana.

For some reason, this time when ordering I had a little difficulty with the gift certificate code. I phoned customer service and they were able to process my order on the spot. Excellent customer service!

Shortly after placing my order I was notified that my shipping was upgraded at no extra charge. I literally got my backpack in 3 days! Awesome customer service! The item arrived in perfect condition.

I ordered a backpack because...surprise! I don't carry a purse. Since I hope to be returning to work soon, that means I need something to carry items people usually carry in a purse, like a hair brush, eye drops, tissues, pen, notepad, Ipod...and perhaps my lunch and a soft drink. This backpack rocks! It can carry my 15" laptop (if I don't want to use my laptop briefcase), it has a felt lined pocket for my Ipod AND a little port for me to slide my earbuds through so I can keep my Ipod safely contained in my backpack so no one can see it, AND it even has a separate cooler compartment! It also has a vertical skate carry strap, should I want to strap on my wood and do some sick 50-50's on my lunch.

Now that I've got the backpack, all I need is a job.

Lola's Diner Disclaimer: I was given a gift certificate to use toward the purchase of any product. I used the gift certificate to put towards the purchase of the Burton Metalhead Backpack. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ponderings on Online Dating

Ok, I think it's no secret...I'm back to online dating. (Let's face it, after the post I pulled about the "non-date", I'm more than a bit apprehensive about asking someone out face to face, or someone I know.) So I've been pouring over the ads on several sites. As I look at the photos and profiles, some thoughts come to mind:

Think about it...who actually responds to these profiles? And do they even get any responses?

1. The photo of your bare back with your arms in restraints.

2. The photo of your front business 3/4 out of your blouse.

3. The profiles with a laundry list of very specific requirements. You know the ones I mean, it's like they want an exact copy of their ex.

4. The profiles that say "No Drama" in the subject line...Seriously??? No drama? I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have some type of drama, if they don' better check for a pulse.

5. The profiles that say "No Drama" in the body of the profile and you go on and on about "no drama".

6. The photo of your face obscured or of you in the distance and really no one can make out your face.

7. The spelling errors in your profile. All of the online dating sites have spell check. It underlines the misspelled word in red, right click on it and pick the correct spelling! There is no need for spelling mistakes at all!

8. The photo of you in a suggestive pose.

9. The photo of you in a negligee, or some equally revealing attire.

10. The photo of you in a wife-beater.

Ok, one online dating story...only because I think the chick finally got a clue and I know you're dying for a story:

I was exchanging emails with this woman...let's call her Pixie. The emails started out friendly enough, exchanging basic information. Then one went on a rant about smoking. Her ex smoked and said she would be a considerate smoker and not smoke in front of her (go outside, etc.), and she reneged on her promise. After that email we talked on the phone and she called me on putting "occasional smoker" for the smoking question. She asked how "occasional". And that's where I confessed. I'm under an extreme amount of stress, and I'm dieting and now is not the time to mess with my stress or mess up my diet. I will quit, just not now and not because a "potential date" tells me to. Next day...another email rant from Pixie about smoking. That was it, I had to say something. So I wrote back "About the smoking thing, everyone is different, that's really all I can say about it. And it always seems like our ex's short-comings are amplified after the relationship." Then another email from Pixie about smoking. Then I replied that I was a considerate and honorable person and if I said I was going to smoke outside (which I did say) then that's what I would do. It was as if she was part trying to control me and part calling me a liar. It was ridiculous! And she called me after that! Twice! I did not pursue her, SHE CALLED ME! TWICE. And she's emailed a couple of times since. She did say she was going to call on Saturday, but never did. And I haven't gotten an email or call from her since. I'm guessing she got the hint!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Review - Eden Fantasys - Valentine's Day Ideas

Many of you may have read my previous reviews of EdenFantasys.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeValentines Day is coming up sooner than you think. Now is the time to start shopping. EdenFantasys has a special running right now. With any order you will receive a FREE gift. Just enter the Code "GIFT" at checkout.

EdenFantasys ships promptly and all packages are discreet. I find that my packages arrive on time, sometimes arriving earlier than expected.

Don't have a significant other, how about something for yourself? How about selecting a new adult game, dvd, lingerie? EdenFantasys has a large selection of adult games, adult toys, sex toys, dildos, vibrators, dvds, and lingerie (even plus size lingerie.) You're sure to find something unique and fun! You can select Toys For Women, Toys For Men, Toys For Couples, or Toys For Gender Play if you're not sure what you're looking for. Just check out the links on the side bar on the left for suggestions.

Not sure if adult toys are for you? How about selecting a book on massage and some massage oil? Who wouldn't love a massage?

On the home page you can find links for Luxury Gifts For Valentines, Valentine Gifts in Pink and Red, Gifts of Heart, Save on Premium Brands, and Deep Discounts 50% off. Many products have reviews, so you can check out how others like a particular product and decide if it's right for you.

So go check out EdenFantasys now and get your Valentine's Day shopping done early...and get a FREE Gift with any order. Just enter the Code "GIFT" at checkout.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Lola's Diner Disclaimer: I may receive a gift certificate in return for this review as part of their Ambassador Program. I was not compensated in any other way for this review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. Links within this post will direct readers to EdenFantasys' site, which contains adult material.

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Beware of Craigslist Job Posting Scams

In a tough economy like this one, it's outrageous to hear that things like this are happening, but they are. This Craigslist ad was responded to by a job applicant:

Receptionist (Naperville)
Date: 2011-01-18, 5:57PM CST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Our current office in the Naperville area is currently seeking an experienced Receptionist that is willing to start by Monday the 24th. Responsibilities of the job includes answering all phone calls/pending voicemails, greeting and assisting all clients, schedule company meetings, and organize/file all documents. Previous experience as a receptionist is a plus, but is not required. A professional and positive attitude is a MUST have to grow with this company. Candidate must be responsible, punctual, and honest. Please reply with a cover letter when submitting your resume. Resume must be in Word Format.

Location: Naperville
Compensation: $17 to $21/Hour (To be discussed)
OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 2167518640
This email was received several days after responding to the job posting. I have not edited it in any way, other than to disable the links. I'm sure the name and company are phony. I Googled the company name and came up with nothing.
Subject: Re: Receptionist PostingID: 2167518640

Thank you for sending your resume to me. So the job responsibilities are clear, you will be answering the phone, scheduling meetings, and running company errands such as buying office supplies and making bank deposits in a company car. When running errands you will be provided with a company credit card to make supply purchases, etc.

We have had some bad experiences with prior employees taking advantage of having access to a company credit card in the past, so before we can schedule an interview, we need you to get a credit check. We prefer you use to obtain this information as they currently have a free trial. We have also found their reports most accurate. When you submit your information they will send you your credit score.

When you email me your credit score, we can schedule for an interview. Please do not email me your credit report, as this may have private information in it. If you have a low credit score, that will not prevent you from having an interview with us, but it does show us that you are trustworthy and responsible. Please send me your schedule with availability for an interview along with your credit score. I am looking forward to your response.


David Hower
HR Manager
Villacom Limited
This response was sent:
Mr. Hower,

I would never click on a link in an email, regardless if it was a job posting that I thought was legitimate. I certainly wouldn't click on a link in such an email to run a credit report under such dubious circumstances. To say "We have had some bad experiences with prior employees taking advantage of having access to a company credit card in the past, so before we can schedule an interview, we need you to get a credit check." is ridiculous.

A reputable company would have a candidate come to their office, complete an application and ask the candidate to sign documents authorizing a a credit report. A reputable company would then run a credit report through TransUnion, Equifax or Experian. The cost is minimal. Or they would automate the process online for the candidate to complete an application and authorize a credit report. To also say "If you have a low credit score, that will not prevent you from having an interview with us, but it does show us that you are trustworthy and responsible." is absurd. Not all people with low credit scores are embezzlers. In fact, I'm sure there are quite a few with high credit scores who lead high lifestyles that lead them to embezzling or gambling or what have you to maintain their lifestyle and credit score.

So Mr. Hower, if that is indeed your real name, you should be ashamed of yourself for running a scam job posting and preying on honest, hard working people, many of whom have lost their jobs through no fault of their own who are looking for work in such a terrible economy.

There was no reply received to the email sent. Big surprise!

The sad part is that there are some people who have been out of work for so long, who are so desperate to find a job that they will fall for this scam.
If you are applying for jobs online, even if you are using some of the more well known job websites, be careful!

You should never have to run your own credit report in order to get a job interview.

I used to work in the mortgage industry, I know exactly how much large companies are charged for credit reports by the big 3 credit reporting agencies. Even if this were a small business who rarely ran credit checks, I can't believe it would cost more than $25 or $30 per credit report. Think about it, when was the last time you rented an apartment and were charged the fee for the credit report. How much was it?'s part of the cost of doing business.

For anyone to ask you to prove that you aren't a thief by asking you to click on a link to run your own credit report, ask yourself this...who is the real thief?

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