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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sunday Stealing: The High School Meme

The High School Meme

Questions, as always were sourced by Bev at Sunday Stealing.

Your high school graduation class of: 1979

1. Did you marry your high school sweetheart? 

Hell no. I never even dated in High School. I didn’t even have a clue at the time I was a lesbian. I knew something was up, put I couldn’t put my finger on it. Never dated in high school. Only was asked out once, by the gayest guy in high school. He carried a man bag! There was a rumor that the guy down the block was going to ask me as a prank, have me get the dress, shoes, etc and then he wasn’t going to show up to take me. Had he done that his parents would have killed him. They loved my family. I found out a few years ago he murdered his girlfriend and is doing 40 years in a prison in WI.

2. Type of car?

I drove a gold 1971 Pontiac Granville. It was HUGE! Real leather, loaded. My parents bought it for me for $400. I got 6 months out of it. It got about 1 mile per gallon. I was constantly getting gas. No hole in the tank, it just really sucked gas.

3. What kind of job?

I worked at a gas station kiosk. It was part of a Midas Muffler shop. Worked there while attending (and paying for) college.

4. Where did you live?

A southeast suburb of Milwaukee, WI.

5. Were you popular in school?

Absolutely not. I was invisible.

6. Were you in choir/band?

I was not in choir or band. I was in Spanish Club 1 quarter, and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America’s) for most of high school.

7. Ever get suspended?

No. What for? I didn’t look the type to get in trouble so I got away with on lunch walking to my car in the school lot, grabbing my Newport Lights and smoking and walking to the library across the street. A guy pal would accompany me. He didn’t look like the rule breaker type either.

8. If you could would you go back? 

Hell, to the no!

9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?

I didn’t go to Prom. I wasn’t asked. I was asked to the Homecoming dance freshman year by the gayest guy in high school. Ironic, because I’m a lesbian. Neither of us knew at the time. I got confirmation he was gay when a friend saved and showed me a newspaper clipping of him clearing his car off on the east side of Milwaukee. The caption read ‘Kevin and his partner dig out their car on the east side after record storm.’

10. Did you skip School ?

No. I didn’t have a partner in crime. What’s the point if you don’t have a pal to skip with?

11. Go to all the football games?

Not all of them. I went to 2 or 3 homecoming games, bonfire included.

12. Favorite subjects?

Accounting (shocking, I know!), Biology (just because my smoking pal was in my class and we would cut it up during class). Social Studies (cuz my guy pal and I would cut it up all period. Turns out he was gay too.) So I hung out in school with the gay guys (didn’t know at the time), and they would all be flirty with me. Maybe they sensed I was gay and felt comfortable moving their desks closer and leering down my flannel shirts, maybe not knowing how to progress or not wanting to be embarrassed by a straight girl? Calm down, I use pseudonyms. Honestly, I did find out one was gay in the 80’s (newspaper clipping), and the other outed himself on our high school reunion website 5 or 10 years ago.

13. Do you still have your yearbook?

I did get one for all 4 years. For awhile 1 was missing, can’t remember if I found it.

14. Did you follow the "original" career path?

Yes I did! I got my Associate Degree in Accounting and since graduating have always worked in the accounting field.

15. Do you still have your class ring?

Yes! Thanks to my son. My ex husband stole it when we sold the house and repeatedly claimed it was his. NOT! It was class of ‘79 ladies ring and had MY signature on the inside. My son came across it on a visit and gave it back to me. Ex found out, accused my son of stealing. I told him to go ahead and call the police and explain how the ring with my signature on the inside, from a school in WI that he never attended was his. That shut him up.

16. Favorite teacher? 

My Art teacher was really cool. Can’t remember her name. She got one of my drawings entered in the WI State Fair and it was on the wall of art under the grandstand. And yes, I got a ribbon.

17. What was your style?

I wore a ladies flannel shirt from Lerner’s and jeans or cords from Wooden Nickel. 

18. Favorite Shoes?

My usual shoes were brown Earth Shoes. The original Earth Shoes. I loved them, so comfy! And sophomore year I gave into the clog trend. I wore them exactly ONE day! I had just been at my locker, locked it, started walking down the hall and promptly did a face plant. Yup! Feet slid out from under me, face hit the floor. And to prove to everyone how invisible I really was, it was a crowded hallway and NO ONE saw it, no one laughed (I’m sure it was hysterical), and no one offered to help me up and gather my books.

19. Favorite thing to eat for lunch?

I always brown bagged it. The year I started working part time I treated myself once a week to a sub sandwich or shake from the ala carte line.

20. Favorite band?

Journey, Head East, Bad Company.

21. High School Hair?

Eww. Part of high school I rocked a shag haircut. The other part I had a horrible tight curly perm. For realz. Check it out:  


22. How old when you graduated?

I was 17 years old and 11 months. Not quite drinking age in WI at the time.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Review: “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” on NBC and Hulu

“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” Is a series on NBC and also showing on HULU.

A young woman is a coder, her father is going through some sort of degenerative brain disease. She decides to have a brain MRI to check herself out.

While she is in an MRI machine, there is an earthquake, during which the music played in the tube goes wonky and it’s like a psychedelic trip with music playing over a mash-up of colorful MRI brain scans and her face freaking out.

I have had a ton of MRI’s, so I probably found this a heck of a lot funnier than the average person. Zoey’s Mom says ‘her dad has had 7 brain MRIs, 3 more and we get a set of steak knives.’ I have had at least 3 times as many and joke about being close to filling my punchcard. I’m hoping for better than a set of steak knives. 😉

I can also say that you’re not allowed to talk while in the machine, unless the tech asks you a question. Also, you are not free to move your all. In fact you’re head is locked in a cage to prevent movement.

As my son said, ‘it’s like a flash mob breaks out every time Zoey encounters someone’. I think that would be so cool! I think the thought of this really ups the appeal of people watching and brings it to a completely different level.

The songs that pop up are highly personal to the people who, to Zoey, appear to break out in song...only heard by her.

This is the first episode of the series. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the season. 

I have no idea how they are going to progress the story, I have a bad feeling this story line won’t go far, but I will look forward to finally a new show with a few laughs, about something I can definitely relate to.

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