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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Darn kids! Scared the B-jeepers out of me!

So this morning I'm sleeping in. My gf left early for work. House was quiet. Kids in Chicago. Window A/C and tv in my bedroom are off. Around 9:45am/10am I am startled out of a sound sleep by loud sound. I'm Is Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head at it again? I look out the bedroom window across the street, looks normal. My heart is pounding like crazy, I'm groggy and trying to navigate the stairs. The sound is coming from the living room. It's LOUD!

I turn at the bottom of the stairs and see the tv is on. Blaring loud! WTF! I turn it off, still shaking and head for the kitchen. Then head back cause I want to know wtf happened. I turned the tv back on and apparently my son auto-tuned something on Directv. Guess what it was?

???? You guessing?




I swear I just turned completely gray and had 5 years knocked off my life.

Oh and if you were wondering what scene it was, I ran up to my room and set the DVR to record it (it recorded it from the beginning) and we watched it while we ate dinner. The scene that woke me up was when Don Corleone was shot. So yeah, no wonder it scared the b-jeepers out of me!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY to the Extreme

Check this out:

Swedish Man Caught Trying to Split Atoms at Home - Associated Press.

This ponders these questions and more:

Why would
anyone want to split atoms at home?

Why would anyone think it wasn't illegal to have nuclear material at home?

Couldn't he think of a safer hobby?

Did he ever consider what would happen if he could split an atom
at home?

What does this guy do for a living?

What questions do you ponder about this guy?

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