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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My cat is a peeping tom

Ok, so my cat, Irish, is a peeping tom. Either that or she's a closet lesbian. (I do keep finding her in the closet lately since I cleaned it out.) Anyway, every time I shower and get dressed, she's there.
She follows me into the bathroom. And just sits in the doorway and watches while I do what one usually does in the bathroom to get ready for the day, or for a date. She stands watch as I'm in the shower. She watches as I towel off, use deodorant, put gunk in my hair and brush my teeth. Then she follows me to the bedroom and watches while I get dressed.

My cat that passed away, Sophie, could have cared less what I did, never followed me, watched me or stood guard.

If I close the bathroom door, Irish is stretching her paws under the door and rolling upside down trying to get a peek under the door. How do I know this? Because our bathroom doors have a big gap at the bottom.

Is she standing guard? Is she interested/fascinated/confused about what I'm doing? She's been there every single time since I switched to showering upstairs. Is she fascinated with that fact that we humans put on clothes, while she runs around nekkid in her cute red and white fur coat?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thursday is Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

Don't Take Your Kids To Work Some Schools Ask - Chicago Tribune.

I'm not working, so I won't be participating this year. I have participated at several of my jobs in the past. My most recent job at a real estate company, the VP planned a special luncheon for the parents and children. At my previous job at a small village government, tours were planned for the Police and Fire Departments, and the Water Department. Lunch was also served.

I always thought it was a great idea and I'm a little miffed that they are considering switching the date to a day during Summer Break. The whole point of the event is to have the children share their experience the next day at school.

Are you participating with any of your children? Has your school put you on notice not to participate? What do you think of the proposed date change?

Lola's Diner

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Realm Of Empires

My friend has gotten me involved in Realm Of Empires on Facebook. No, don't click off, this is not like many of the other games on Facebook. It requires planning and strategy to build your village and attack other villages. A big part of the game is interaction with other players. You can plot coordinated attacks, or you can go it solo. You can also build alliances.

To start out, you join a clan and begin building your village.
This is what a village looks like starting out.
This is what a village looks like after it's been built up.
This is what the map looks like.
This is what a built up village looks like at night.
"Realm Of Empires is a medieval-themed Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game - MMORTG.

You start with a small village which you grow into a mighty fortress as you struggle for dominance of the realm playing with, and against real people. It’s a game of diplomacy, strategy and war.

The game is intended to be played as little as just a few minutes per day, over many days, weeks and months as you make friends in a medieval world."
This is not your typical Facebook game. It's not time consuming, it requires strategy, diplomacy and thinking and as I mentioned before, there is interaction with other players and opportunities to make new friends and build alliances within the game.

So what are you waiting for? You're on Facebook, aren't you? Come join in the fun!

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

The weather here has been perfection. I love when the temperature is cooler. It's the perfect time to start little projects around the yard. My first project is getting the lawn mower going. Since I failed to remove the riding mower battery, it was dead when I attempted to start it today. I had to run out and get a new battery charger, and I've got it charging now. I'm crossing my fingers that it will start once it's charged. The lawn is out of control. My neighbor did mow the side yard for me. They usually just mow the ditch by my side yard, but I guess they must have been happy to be out mowing the other day and went ahead and mowed the whole thing. Thanks!

UPDATE: The riding mower did start after charging it. I got the front done. The back was really high. It died after doing the perimeter and wouldn't start. I put it back on charge, went out an hour later, started it and finished. Woo hoo!

Thoughts are turning to gardening. Check out my post at Lola's Victory Garden.

Thoughts are also turning to golf and picnics and bbq's. My first bbq of the year is Saturday. I hope the weather cooperates.

I've also been doing my share of Spring cleaning. Arghh! But it does feel good.

I actually am enjoying having the front door open and windows open today. Drummerboy/aka Metallica-head is all quiet today. (I hope I haven't jinxed myself.) It's so nice to hear the woodpeckers and birds, instead of his repetitive drumming of the same bad drum riff, or his blasting of 70's music. It's not that I don't like 70's music, I love it, but I prefer to enjoy it on my own terms, when I choose to listen to it, rather than having to be forced to listen to his music.

So, what are you doing to enjoy this wonderful weather?

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