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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mrs. Kravitz, and now Mr. Kravitz

Mrs. Kravitz. If you are of a certain age, or a fan of old television shows you know the name as the nosey, busybody neighbor on “Bewitched “.  I have used that name in past blog posts to refer to the neighbor across the street to my childhood home. Anything there was to know about anyone on the block, she knew it.  If a kid did something wrong, she told the kid’s mother. 

When I was a kid she busted my friend and I for getting up at the crack of dawn, sneaking out of our houses to play ‘tennis’ over my friend’s driveway gate.  We both just got new rackets and she was leaving on vacation in a couple of hours and we just HAD to play.

Fast forward to this year. My sister heard that Mrs. Kravitz was the victim of a gift card scam.  Some con man called saying her nephew was in jail, etc, etc.  She lost $400,000.  Probably her life savings. She was on the local news.  Really made me think, is she still “with it” enough to live alone?  Her husband was in an Alzheimer’s Care nursing home.  A month or so later he was on an Honor Flight, honoring him for his military service. He passed away about a month later. 

I was reading FB today, daughter of the neighbor next to Mrs. Kravitz.  She bought her parents home, as did a lot of the kids from my neighborhood.  She said she was on MR. KRAVITZ’s radar and wasn’t happy.  Being confused, I messaged her for clarification.  She has now nicknamed my old next door neighbor Mr. Kravitz because he called the Health Department on her for some nonsense violation.  I mentioned how when I was a kid, every now and then Mr. Kravitz would be drunk and threaten my Dad.  Fisticuffs would ensue, my Mom would call the police, the fight would be broken up.  Unbeknownst to me, her father also had run-ins with Mr. Kravitz where he called her father to come out into the street and fight like a man.  (Ah, the good ol’ days when you had a beef with someone and you settled it with your fists, instead of guns.)

Found out an interesting tidbit in my FB messaging with my childhood home had been sold again and a lesbian couple now own it.  I found this out by way of her telling me how Mr. Kravitz and his son got drunk one day.  They stood in their driveway yelling over to my childhood home “Dykes!” over and over.  Doesn’t surprise me.

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