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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

This and That

I spent a 1/2 hour on the phone with my insurance and then got disconnected. A few minutes later my insurance case manager called. I went over the issues I’m having with my PT provider on both calls. Oh, just tell them to call us, they say. The whole point is the provider is trying to do something shifty. I keep getting billed for the amounts over the insurance contracted rates, and now they are insisting I have to pay a copay with every visit. I don’t. Medicaid pays my copay. They must scam a lot of people this way. I wasn’t born yesterday and I’m not paying. Both calls with my insurance today told me that the provider is in network and therefore I am zero pay, I pay nothing for covered services, which this is. I am so tired of the monthly calls and now this month I’ve called twice and will need to call a third time because my insurance needs to call their billing department…again. Anastasia works for them, she says they do this all the time. She expects to lose her job next week, and 2 people are suddenly gone from the location I go to. Monday they had only 2 therapists and 8 or 9 clients besides myself. That’s not what the ratio of therapist to client is supposed to be. They no longer have a receptionist. Both Anastasia and I think they are going bankrupt. 

No word on my daughter’s apartment. My wife and I drove by on the way home from dropping off her Mom’s friend’s Caddy. So happy to get that thing off my property. She is wealthy, but won’t spend the money to properly fix it. All 4 windows are taped shut because they won’t stay up, and many other repairs haven’t been done or are 1/2 way done. My property has been looking like a parking lot. I’ve got the Buick, Pilot, my brother-in-law’s GMC SUV, and now the Caddy is gone. My wife refuses to drive her brother’s GMC because she got stranded for 15 minutes when it wouldn’t start. There is an electrical issue, hence the reason he did not gift it to her. (He’s buying a car when he returns.) I drove it once and had no issues, other than it was incredibly difficult to get into because of my leg and back. We have to keep it until he returns from his bus driving gig in Indy, sometime in June.

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