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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sunday Stealing-Halloween


1. What is your favorite spooky song? I don’t think I know any scary songs.

2. What do you want etched on your tombstone? I don't think it’s up to me. I mean, not like I could object to what my wife does. Right?

3. Who is your favorite horror movie villain? I would have to say...Freddy Krueger from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies. When they came out I was in my early 20’s. I liked that sort of movie then. I don’t care for horror movies now.

4. Have you ever seen a ghost? Not “seen”. Every once in awhile when I’m in bed I’ll feel like a cat is rubbing against my feet. This happens when the bedroom door is closed and all 3 of our cats are downstairs. I’ve taken it to mean it’s my 2nd cat, Sophie. She would rub against my feet and sometimes bite my toes.

5. Do you prefer gore, thrillers or supernatural movies? I don’t care for any of them, but if I had to pick, I’d pick supernatural.

6. What is your favorite scary book? I’d probably say a Stephen King book.

7. Have you ever had a tarot card reading? Was it accurate? Yes/Nooo! My wife (fiancé at the time) and I had readings at a fair. They were total and complete bs. I can’t remember my wife’s, other than I had to try really hard to not laugh. Mine, the woman said I might finally be having a man come into my life in that coming year and he might marry me. WRONG! I really wanted to just say it, that she just read my fiancé’s card, that everything she said was bs, but we didn’t feel comfortable outing ourselves at that fair. If she was at all observant she would have seen our identical engagement rings. Anyone know any friends with identical engagement rings? Not a good reader at all.

8. Are you superstitious?  Sometimes. At times I deliberately would do things that people are superstitious of. first cat was a black cat. She crossed my path all the time. Lol! I did a lot of remodeling and redecorating at my old house, so it was common for me to have a ladder out. I’d walk under it every now and then just for snicks and grins.

9. Have you ever used a voodoo doll? No.

10. Have you ever participated in a seance? No. 

11. Have you ever heard voices when no one was around except you? No. This is really bizarre and creepy. Both my adult children have experienced this, as well as an ex. Most of the time the voices are very scary. Sometimes they can be familiar. When my ex was first hospitalized with a break he said he saw and heard his big brother, and a couple of dead relatives. I was driving one of my kids to be hospitalized to adjust medications. They (one of my kids, I don’t want to specify which kid) told me they saw their grandma and grandma was talking to them. I asked where they saw her. They pointed to the passenger side of the windshield. Freaked me the fork out!

12. What is your favorite Halloween candy? Heath Bars. Those weren’t a very common Halloween Candy when I was a kid. So I’d say...Almond Joy when I was a kid. My sister hated coconut, so I had my candy doubled!

13. What was your most memorable Halloween costume? I don’t know if I should say. 

Most people would probably think it was crude, uncouth, and gross...unless you’re a lesbian or a guy. So if you don’t want to be grossed out, skip to #14.







I wore scrubs and created a box that I cut a hole in for my head, lined the inside with aluminum foil, cut a breast rack out of cardboard and attached it at the open end of the box. Then I made a sign “Free Mammograms”. The box went over my head. If you’ve read this far and can’t picture this in your mind (yeah right!), Google “Free Mammograms” Images and you’ll see examples of what it looked like. I had my photo taken, but have no idea where it is.

Rude, crude, uncouth, gross. But I won 2nd place at an all lesbian Halloween party! I won a Starbucks gift card. I was also suddenly the life of the party because everyone had to check out my costume...close up. I had 1 girl following me around all night, sitting on my lap asking for her free mammogram. For the record I gave no free mammograms and spent the entire evening trying to dodge her. My friend who held the party kept bursting into laughter every time she looked at me. She thought it was hilarious! Several times I got her attention and mouthed the words “help me!” She wouldn’t help me!!! We still laugh about that night.

14. Do you like going through haunted houses (not real ones)? I’ve been to 2. The first one I didn’t was scary! It was at the Wisconsin Dells. The 2nd one was...weird. I went with this girl I was seeing to Michigan to meet up with others in our group to go to a haunted house there. She broke up with me on the drive there, but then was terrified in parts of the haunted house and held me close, in almost a death grip. We ended up being ‘not broke up’...for awhile. She would do that periodically. Break up at the beginning of the date, then ‘not broke up’ by the end of the night. Side note:  We eventually did break up for good and we don’t speak because her girlfriend wanted to kill me. She threatened me 3 times. All 3 she was preparing food with a knife and mouthed words to the effect of ‘I know how to use a knife. If you touch her or look at her I will kill you.’ We obviously couldn’t remain friends. This is where they got all the friends in the group and I got 1.

15. If someone dared you to spend the night in a haunted house (a real one) would you do it? I may have already done it. We had a 4-H sleepover at creepy cabins by the lake when I was in junior high school. I don’t know if I was more scared of it actually being haunted, or more scared of the girls who were playing scary pranks...or...were they really pranks? 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Days 202-215 of Sheltering In

Thursday, October 8 through Wednesday, October 21. Been a long time. No one is doing well. I’m betting that’s true for a lot of people. My daughter has been having symptoms. Not horrible, scary symptoms, but they are symptoms that she’s not doing well. The nutjob housemate got a job at Wally World. So that’s good, less time at the group home, but she is still arguing, fighting, and all around causing trouble.

Missed my orthopedic appointment because I was sick. (Not COVID-19.) Now I can’t get in til mid November.

We are supposed to be getting a FREE washer and dryer from my wife’s best friend’s Mom’s, sister in Indiana. The machines are about a year old and only used by the one person, so they are basically new. They are Whirlpool, which is my go to brand. The washer is not a front loader 😕, but it is the type that has no traditional agitator. We don’t know about the dryer, but I’m 🤞that it’s gas. If not, we will make do. 

The county we live in has rolled back to Phase 3 due to increased coronavirus infections. That means no indoor dining. Several restaurants have already announced on Facebook that they will NOT stop indoor dining. What happens when a patron gets the coronavirus, or becomes a carrier and spreads it? What happens if an employee becomes infected, or a carrier? Is workmen’s comp going to pay the claim? Or will they refuse because the restaurant did not follow the IDPH order?  Or what happens if no one gets it or becomes a carrier and the restaurant has a kitchen fire? Will their insurance refuse to pay the claim because they did not follow the IDPH order? I’m just saying, even if the county or individual cities didn’t pull liquor licenses or business licenses, what about their insurance? There was one business that was interviewed by a local paper. He said he would likely comply. He had kept his outdoor dining tent up, so he’s already set up. They had a small wedding there over the weekend. He also said that his restaurants did ok with the initial takeout only order, then the outdoor dining order. 

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