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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Being difficult/resolved

I was really upset yesterday because the center doctor mucked up my plans. I wanted all my tests, medical appointments and classes in November. Yes, it booked me solid what with my spouse and my daughter’s PT, but I wanted to get all my stuff done in November so I could have a less stressful December. 

I have my PCP, 2 orthopedic doctors, center doctor, neurologist, pain doctor, dietician, and classes. I had it all neatly tied in a bow in November. 

Not anymore. I called the center, I put on my best Mom voice and spoke ever so politely, even though I was thinking, a 3 month check up is a 3 month check up until you make it 3 months and 2 weeks. It’s not like this is about a hangnail.

They would not change the MRI order. I was on my best behavior on the 2 phone calls to them. My spouse was uproariously laughing after each call, so there’s your proof. So now I’m booked in December for the MRI, and with the doctor at the center. I also rescheduled my neurologist appointment to see him before the center doctor so he can review my scans first. Special thanks to Colleen who squeezed me in. She rocks!

So, now I have to get ready all over again. And, bonus...I’m back to PT for my back. I see the other orthopedic doctor today about my shoulders, so there could be additions/modifications to the PT order.

My next posts will be non-medical. Promise! I have my blogaversary coming up.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Why? Why? Why? Why does everything have to be so difficult?

I am booked solid with medical and other appointments this month and I am drowning in paperwork again. I’m supposed to give a deposition this month but have not heard a thing about it.

I had a class today at the hospital in the morning and then my back doctor in the afternoon. The next class got moved up to Tuesday, not happy. I have a staffing for my daughter that day and because of the times I will be going back and forth. I did get accomplished what I needed to at the back doctor, so I’m very happy about that. 

I called to find out why central scheduling hasn’t called to schedule my brain MRI. I was told it was in their “Future Calls Bin” because the order is written for 12/10/18, or later. I have my follow-up appointment with the center 11/28/18. How is that doctor going to check my scans if I haven’t had the MRI’s yet? I am FREAKING OUT! The doctor appointment is my 3 month check up after treatment. It’s IMPORTANT! I also have an appointment to see my neurologist next week and was hoping to have the scan done so I could bring the disc to my appointment. I had everything set in motion perfectly except for the MRI, how could the center possibly muck things up like this? 

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Monday, November 5, 2018

On the hunt...

I’m on the hunt for a match to a Mrs Christmas Mug I purchased at Meijer 1 or 2 Christmas’s ago. I purchased 2. Oddly enough Meijer was selling them individually that year. This year they are only selling Mr and Mrs and the cup is shaped differently and quite different.

I have scoured the Internet. I hit all the stores I could think of online and EBay and Etsy. 

See the nice chip on the right? Apparently “it wasn’t me” strikes again.

I found a pair of Mr & Mrs on EBay. Not thrilled I have to get the Mr, but I can always try to sell it on a local site. 

I put a bid on it. Wish me luck!

One more try at the photos. My bid was accepted. I love those “Best Offer” deals. I really dislike bidding against other people and waiting until the auction closes.

This wasn’t my only EBay buy today. My spouse went to the car dealer to buy a new set of locking wheel nuts because when she went to get the tires rotated yesterday they destroyed the key. They played it off with “its 12 years old, you’re lucky you haven’t had to replace it several times by now.” Uh huh. I was born yesterday. The Honda dealer wanted $50 + tax. I got it on EBay for less than half, new, still in the package. It’s not worth the fight with the tire store. I have too much on my plate now anyway.

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