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Friday, December 28, 2018

Cheaters will get theirs! Karma!

My daughter did not win the Ugly Shirt Contest at work. She was not even given a fair shot. There was a “ballot box” for people to enter their votes. My daughter saw a woman, stuffing the ballot box with her own name. My daughter complained to a manager who did nothing. Surprise! The ballot stuffer won first place. All I have to say is:
Karma is a beyotch! 
Some supposed adults lead a great example, don’t they?

I know I made the Ugly Shirt, but my daughter had the guts to wear it. 

I get angry when my daughter is ALWAYS complaining about stuff that goes on at her house and day program. She’s constantly saying “but it’s not fair”.  
Well this is really NOT FAIR! 
It’s not that I necessarily think she should have one first place. I do think she was in the top 3. But when you cheat to win, you’re an a$$hat!

In other news, to our surprise, my daughter did get a lock on her bedroom door at her group home. Truly, they could have saved the money and kicked out the trouble maker, but for some reason she’s like Teflon, nothing sticks. At least my daughter won’t have to worry about the housemate bursting into her room unannounced and without permission when my daughter is in various states of undress. And my daughter won’t have to worry about her housemate bursting into her room at 3am screaming like a banshee. 

At least my daughter will feel safer. 

I do have to laugh though. I have been to her house twice this week. The first time the troublemaker sat across from me at the table (I didn’t recognize her, she gained a lot of weight.) she never said a word to my daughter, but kept whispering to staff who waived her away. 

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Monday, December 24, 2018

‘Twas the night before Christmas

A lot of prepping and cooking to do on Christmas Eve. 
We don’t have a regular meal on Christmas Eve. It’s more like grazing, grabbing a few things and getting back to wrapping, assembling, or Christmas movie watching.

So, what’s on the menu?

T=Tradition N=New

Vegetable tray with Spinach Dip-T/N the dip is new.
Olives, pickles, pickled vegetables-T
Cheese and Sausage Tray-T
Bacon wrapped oysters-N
Mini meatballs in marinara sauce. (Usually did the grape jelly or cranberry sauce, but can’t have all that sugar.)-N
Sfincioni (Pizza Dough, olive oil, tomato paste, thinly sliced red onions, anchovies, Parmesan cheese). It’s a cross between pizza and focaccia. It’s eaten cold, but can be eaten warm. Tradition from my grandmother-T.
JalapeƱo poppers-N
Kidney Bean Salad-N
Prepare ahead a frittata for Christmas morning breakfast. Bake, cool, refrigerate. Everyone helps themselves whenever they get up. Take a slice and warm in the microwave-T

I used to make pizza dough from scratch. In the interest of saving my sanity, I switched to Pillsbury Pizza Dough a few years ago.

I used to make Quiche. But since I’m low carb and my son can’t have gluten, it’s much easier to do a frittata. I could make a low carb GF crust, but it would be a fussy, time consuming endeavor.

The kidney bean salad is hopefully like the salad you get on a relish tray at a supper club. Very hard time finding a recipe. Ended up modifying one. Serving bean salad because beans are low on the glycemic index and help manage blood sugar levels. I try to sneak beans or lentils in whenever I can.

I prepped all the vegetables 12/23, except for the red onion. I have a good head start and there is a lot I can get the kids to help with. Christmas Eve the kids and I will handle everything. Jaime Sommers needs to stay off her feet and elevate. Christmas Day is on my spouse. She will be preparing the roast beast and roasted Brussels sprouts because that’s her thang. We’ll also have leftovers from the night before for 12/25 lunch and dinner apps. 

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Merry Christmas Eve

I didn’t find all the missing Christmas decorations. I did find my Mom’s big antique ornament, so I’m happy with that. I’m hoping my Mom’s Nativity is found when we pack things away the day after the Epiphany. I want to organize it all and wrap the breakables better. My Mom’s ornament was in a gift bag with tissue paper. I know I didn’t do that.

Still recovering from late night ugly Christmas shirt creating for my daughter’s contest at work. She said everyone loved the snowman. She was the only one with a DIY ugly Christmas shirt. 

Christmas cards mailed 12/23. Spent the last 2 hours copying Pinterest Low Carb appetizer and side dish recipes to recipe cards. I shopped for the ingredients 12/22 and got my daughter’s holiday discount. Good start on wrapping gifts. Usually it’s Christmas Eve, nothing is wrapped and I’m up until 3am watching “A Christmas Story” over and over on TBS and wrapping. 12/24 we will be decorating store baked gingerbread men. I think that will be a new tradition. In the past I’ve baked a dozen different kinds of cookies and I just made myself do too many things because that’s the way my Mom did it. I would work myself into a frenzy. With my health issues I need to keep the traditions that matter and modify those that I can. Hoping to add watching family videos on Christmas Day. I’m calling this year’s Christmas, Christmas Lite.

I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I just can’t figure out what.

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