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Monday, January 21, 2019

How long do you wait...

To replace a lost item, replace it, then the original turns up in the strangest place?

Without getting all mathematical, the answer is as follows:

The item is lost 2 years. It originally cost $30.00.
The new item was purchased 10 days ago. EXACTLY 10 days ago for $7.00.
The original item turned up today in a plastic shoe keeper under important documents.

What is the item?
An FM Transmitter that plugs into you cigarette lighter so you can play music from your phone via Bluetooth over your vehicle’s car stereo.

It’s replacement cost $7 on clearance at Walmart. Not the same brand, not as fancy, but works just as well. 

It’s been driving me bat crap crazy being stuck in traffic and having to listen to that new kid’s music. Get off my lawn! I’m not in the car often enough to have any of that new stuff light my fancy. I love me some...oldies (it pains me to type that, but that’s what the kids these days are calling 60’s-80’s music). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that stuff, and I love playing “Name That Tune” with my son. Some songs it’s just a few notes, I shout out the song and the artist and my son gives me the look. It’s the ‘really Mom? Show off! Like you couldn’t give me a chance, I knew that one!’ look. We laugh. Then I get goofy, sing along, and jam at the red lights. Sure, most times he slinks down in his seat, but if his sister is in the car, we got a duet going on. Especially if it’s Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony”. For some reason my daughter thinks he’s singing ‘naked mall rat, naked mall rat’, instead of “Mony Mony”. Then my son will sing along and jam. OMG! Billy Idol is playing at the Rialto in Joliet. I need to find out if any radio station is giving away tickets!

So now I have 2 fm transmitters. If the van is ever running again my spouse can use the extra.

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