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Saturday, July 3, 2010

June Top Commenter Winners!

1st Place - 3 Week Free Ad.
2nd Place - 2 Week Free Ad.
3rd Place - 1 Week Free Ad.
Here are the results:

2 way tie for first place, so both ads will run for 3 weeks.
Lin @ Duck and Wheel With String 3 Week Ad spot.
Harriet @ Harriet And Friends 3 Week Ad spot.
Cardiogirl @ Cardiogirl 2 Week Ad Spot.
Congratulations to the winners!

Just a reminder to everyone that my Top Commenter Contest will be running in July, so now is your chance to stake out your spot at the counter or grab a booth. Comment early and often. (Just like voting in Chicago.)

Feel free to copy this contest and link back to me to give me credit for it!

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Ask Me A Question - The Answers, Part 2

cardiogirl said...

How did you get Blogger to create a pop up comment box? I love that! I'm on WordPress and am happy with that, but I hate leaving comments at Blogger because it takes you away from the blog.

I'd like to leave your instructions at other Blogger sites so *I* can be happy while leaving comments.

Yes, it's all about me.

Of course it's all about you! To create the pop up comment box in Blogger:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to Comments.
3. The third option is "Comment Form Placement". Select "Pop-up Window".
4. Be sure to scroll down and click on "Save Settings".

Very simple!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ask Me A Question - The Answers, Part 1

StaceyC4 said...

So glad you asked to be asked! Okay, so now I have been Ecard free for over a month and I have to tell you, I miss the traffic. I just got my check from BlogHer and it was for half of what I normally get! Do I cave and give them another chance? I cannot afford to put any money in to advertising and so it was free traffic - and lots of it! I went from over 200 visits a day to 12! What are your thoughts?

June 25, 2010 2:41 PM

I miss the traffic too. However, I'm not willing to deal with the nasty stuff that people have been doing with their blogs that can affect my computer. The viruses and Trojans that can be caught from those not so nice bloggers. Since leaving Entrecard, I have not had to deal with any of that. (knock on wood!) The part that is really frustrating is that the powers that be at Entrecard don't give a flying **** about the good bloggers. They do nothing to stop those bad bloggers who plant viruses and Trojans in their blogs to infect other bloggers. I really feel like I can't support something that doesn't protect it's members.

I've never earned enough on any of the ad things to get a payout yet. I think most of those don't count the stop and run traffic from Entrecard anyway. Sure it's nice to see those big stats, but if those ad sites don't count that traffic, it's basically phantom traffic. They come, they drop, and poof...they are gone. Sure a few stop and read, but in my experience it isn't many.

I tend to get more traffic when I participate in Memes that use McLinky or MrLinky, Blog Carnivals, Blog Hops, Girls Nite Out, and Follow Me Fridays. I also use when I do reviews or post about certain topics that I think would have a broad appeal.

I'm trying to stand firm in my departure from Entrecard. It isn't easy, but I'm determined to stay away.

How about anyone else?

Do you regret leaving Entrecard?

Have you wandered back?

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Damn I hate it! Why do some people have to be so negative all the time?

I was thinking back to when I was working, I had so many jobs where fellow staffers were negative all the time. It was such a downer. I don't miss that at all. The last place I worked at negativity was rampant. Raises were 'allegedly" based on performance reviews, however, no matter how many good things were in your review, management had to smack you down with something bad so they had an excuse not to give you anything close to a cost of living adjustment. There were no raises at all the last 2 years I was there. Yes, it sucks people! But must you complain about it every single day? Did it get you any more money? Getting to work every day was a drudgery as it was. A 2 hour commute each way, and yes, the money sucked. It got to the point that in order to not get sucked into the negativity, I had to limit my interaction with fellow staffers. I hit the lunchroom when it was empty and hid out in the computer room with my Ipod in a far corner and surfed the net and listened to tunes for the rest of my lunch. Was it boring? No doubt. Was it lonely? For sure. But the less I interacted with these negative people, the more my mood improved.

How do you handle negativity?

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How much is too much on fb?

I've watched the drama unfold on fb with lesbians who break up with their partners or have been dumped. Yes, we lesbians do sometimes have more than our fair share of drama. Some of the fb posts are ugly, others, rather pathetic. Some of the trash talking is a bit much.

The other morning I opened fb to find that a former high school classmate had taken to fb about her husband cheating on her and leaving her. Now it's not that anyone has posted any of the gory details, just the facts m'am. Well, that and the unspoken plea for sympathy.

On a certain level I can understand the need for a kind ear, sympathy and support, but to broadcast it to all your fb friends? I think that's a bit much. After my breakup, rather than taking to fb, I sought out a few key friends who were very supportive. I personally think that's the way to go.

There are some people who constantly post their status on fb, whatever that status may be. I guess it's a good thing that today's seniors aren't so tech savvy, so they can't post their maladies and the status of their regularity. Is this what we 40 somethings have to look forward to when we are seniors? Sheesh! I don't even want to think about it.

What do you think?

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