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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Is it possible to not complain about anything for a day?

In these 2 cases I feel justified. 

Let’s start with the most recent. My daughter texts me to tell me she fell through the porch at her group home. Text. Fell. Through. Porch. Text! Seriously, text! I made her call me ASAP. Her voice was quiet (which it NEVER is.) And she sounded shaken. I ended up driving over there at 9pm and I dragged my spouse along. Wow! Someone was cranky! Anyway, spouse took a bunch of photos and I took several videos of the damaged area. My daughter AND 2 housemates have fallen through this area of the porch, today. No medical attention was offered to my daughter or her housemates. They were not even offered ice! Not even sure if they have fallen more than today. Anyway, the board is cracked in several places and is no longer nailed or screwed to the joists below. If you step on it (which is necessary because of its location and the location of the door that opens onto the porch) the board flips up and foot goes down below the porch. If another person were standing on the step the board would smack them in the face.

We arrived at 9:30pm. My daughter had told me that staff made a report, however, since it was serious enough to make a report (which it is) one would think that area would be blocked off, covered with a scrap of wood, or in some way marked to warn people. Nope. Nada. Nothing. We will be monitoring this. What fun! I just spent an entire week trying to get them to give my daughter 2 prescriptions, prescribed the week before. So tired of these games. I really feel for the other clients who do not have family advocating and insuring their loved one receives their medications as prescribed.

I really didn’t want to remove the ice from my back and get out of bed to check out the above incident, but I had to. I was rear ended. At Meijer. In the checkout lane. By a lady who lunches. Of course. She was obviously in a hurry to get back to whatever was more important. There were 4 feet of clearance to my right to allow people to get by the checkout lanes. The woman straight up rammed the back of the electric cart I was seated in. HARD. Either she is blind as fork, or she was on her cell phone not paying attention. She rammed me, I yelled “what do you think you’re doing?” She comes around on the right, where she should have gone in the first place, slaps me on the shoulder twice and says “oh I’m so sorry” and then takes off to cut in line 3 lanes over. Yes! Cut in line. Needless to say the people she tried to cut didn’t allow it because they saw what happened because I called attention to it, and because you don’t cut the line at checkout!

I came home, shooting pain, sciatica, and my balance is more off than usual. Started ice packs as soon as I got home. Why do people have to be so careless and incredibly rude? I was waiting in the checkout lane just like everyone else, except for this woman who obviously felt she was more important and entitled than all the rest of us waiting. Did she think if she took me out she could take my place in line?

I need to re-think what time of day to shop. I went then because my daughter wanted to shop. We had free lunch at the car dealer. BBQ. Then went to Meijer. This is the 2nd time I’ve been rammed into at a grocery store. I’m tired of being assaulted at the grocery store. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

This and that

Went to the doctor yesterday. A1C same as last visit. Doctor was happy and he encouraged me. He knows what’s going on. We talked about my headaches and memory issues. He told me to bring them up with my neurologist next month. He thinks my headaches are tension headaches. Imagine that! He doesn’t think diabetes is causing them. I always make sure I’m hydrated and never leave the house without taking water to go. I even pack a cooler if we’re running errands. Sparkling water and ice packs, protein bars, and a pouch of frosting just in case. He prescribed something that might offer some relief until I talk to the neurologist. I have to titrate it up so it builds in my system, so it could be weeks before I notice an improvement, but at least it’s something.

Going for coffee with my daughter tomorrow. Going to discuss my theory about her behavior. Gonna make her “straighten up and fly right”, as my Dad used to say. I had no idea what that meant when I was a kid, cuz I was the “good kid”. Really! 

I NEED some new shows to binge watch or new movies. I am running out of stuff that appeals to me. You would think with Netflix, Hulu, and Prime that wouldn’t be an issue. I don’t care for horror movies or series. Don’t care for “period” pieces. And can’t read subtitles, so Mafia Dolls and at least 6 other series I tried to start are foreign films, series. birthday is coming up. How do I know this? Cuz my daughter brings it up at least twice every day! It’s not that it bothers me because of my age, it’s because I am always expected to come up with what to do and what I want for my birthday. Can’t I just once not be the event planner and gift suggester? I don’t really mean “event”, it’s just my immediate family. It would be more accurate to say “what to do”. I don’t have a clue, but even though we’ve done it before, running through the sprinkler sounds like fun. Ok, not running, more like strolling slowly with my cane.

I think Drummer Boy’s house is off the market. It wasn’t in the For Sales in the Zillow report I just read. I don’t know if that means it’s off the market or if a contract is pending. In other neighborhood news, the new neighbor, the one who’s son drives a whooptie car (they bought Mr. Friendly’s house from the frat boys who rehabbed it) waved to my spouse on Sunday. I wave nearly every time I see them. Crickets. Whateves! Maybe an unfriendly neighbor or more accurately, one who doesn’t acknowledge anyone’s existence, is a good neighbor? Not going to be threatened with a Donnybrook on the front lawn if you don’t acknowledge each other’s existence. Right? What’s to not like or disagree with the other? Nothing, because there is no communication.

Is crime going crazy where you are? For the last 6 months our area has been hit hard with car break ins, car theft, home burglary, home invasion, and smash and grab at local businesses. 10 businesses over 2 days were hit, cinderblock through the front door. 

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Funk...not funky

I’ve been in a funk since July 4th and it’s just been downhill since then. Still in my jammies, still in bed.

My daughter had to work the 4th, probably a good thing considering how things went every day until Sunday when she had to work again.

My daughter’s behavior is less than stellar. I think all this bad behavior comes from issues at her group home that are out of her control...bad, threatening behavior of a housemate, losing another counselor (no continuity of care), and threats from staff about daily room inspections. They have also threatened room inspections when my daughter isn’t home which is invasion of privacy. I get it. She feels like everything around her is out of her control, so she does what she can control...the bad behaviors on a home visit and the attention she gets even though it’s negative attention. 

My headaches have headaches. I am incredibly stressed out. Right now, even though my daughter went back to her group home and my spouse went to lunch with a friend, I am in tears.

It’s also bothering me that my sister won’t listen to reason. She’s now type 2 diabetic and her blood sugar is out of  control. She thinks just because she works 2 jobs she only has time for drive thru food. Atkins has frozen dinners, they are low carb. No time to pop one in the microwave oven? Her 2nd job is at a grocery store, she seriously can’t pick out Atkins frozen dinners? She had a doctor appointment Friday and never let me know how it went. She was expecting a medication change. I had to contact her. She has no insurance and will not spend money on prescriptions. She said the stuff I am on is too expensive. Most of what I take have manufacturer deals that bring the cost to as low as $5. So because she wants only cheap meds her doctor prescribed a medication that she should not take because she is allergic to sulfa. So her doctor has her on the lowest dose and she has to take part of the pill, continue to increase if no she has no allergic reaction. I just don’t get it. Why would you risk it?

Moving on, I’m still out of sorts because a trip to WI for the State Fair is not happening. Even if the road construction weren’t a huge issue, how will we all get along? On the one hand I think it could be a good thing, get everyone out of the environment where there is fighting. On the’s a toss up. Not bring my daughter to WI? I would never hear the end of it from both kids. Maybe a trip would be a good thing, but if not the WI State Fair, then what?

Any suggestions for something like WI State Fair, but closer that would have close handicap parking, mostly blacktop even terrain, and scooters for rental? I checked, WI State Fair has all that. Will County Fair grounds in Peotone, and the fair in Sandwich are mostly uneven gravel and too dangerous for my spouse. A friend had Joan Jett tickets she was giving away free because of her upcoming surgery and recovery and my spouse declined because the terrain where the concert is at is hilly and uneven. She is fearful because her new knees are out of whack she could have a bad fall. 

I guess I better get dressed, show my face, and go pick up stuff that’s ready at the pharmacy. Oh what fun!

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