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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My GPS Sux!

So I've been dealing with my 5 year old Magellan RoadMate for longer than I can take.  It's one thing that the I355 extension that goes through my burb is NOT in the maps (to upgrade the map would cost as much as a new GPS).  And another that when driving north on I355 it doesn't tell me about the I55 north ramp until AFTER I pass it.  Sunday when I was driving to Chicago to visit my daughter in the hospital, it f'd up royally and sent me on a 40 minute detour in a not very good part of town.  My GPS didn't tell me to take I290 until I got to the point where I could not get on the ramp because a median strip blocked the way.  I was livid!

So what have I been doing since Sunday?  Shopping for a new GPS.  Happy Mother's Day early to me!  I decided that lifetime map updates and lifetime traffic updates were a necessity, however, I thought the expense of voice recognition was a bit much.  Once I basically knew what I wanted, I checked out Tom Tom GPS online.  I selected the Tom Tom Via 1505tm GPS.  Prices online varied from $119 for a new open box unit (nah), to $239.   I went on my to try to increase my savings, and found a new unit for $129, and I got free shipping, and 3% back from 

Now I can't wait to get it.  Hoping it comes before the weekend, but not likely.

Now to decide what voice I want...

Will it be Yoda, to drive my kids crazy? Or Kim Cattrall's sultry voice?  Or how about John Cleese?  (Can you imagine John Cleese telling you to "When possible...make a LEGAL u-turn.")

Stay tuned to find out!

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