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Monday, February 18, 2019

Ahh memories...

I think it started Saturday. A Facebook post, ‘Name a song that reminds you of someone every time you hear it’. Something like that. It literally took seconds before I burst into tears recalling a song that came out the month my Mom passed away. It hit the Billboard Top 100 THE day my Mom passed away. It was constantly on the radio.

Anyway, it has been a few days of remembering Mom. Things popping up that bring back memories. Do you know what this is?

I’ll clue you in at the end.

Before my daughter left for her house she needed some seams and hems re-sewn and darning done. Yes, I should teach her, but today was not the day. The photo above is a folded card containing sewing needles. It’s from Japan, 1940’s. (I found the same one on EBay.) This was my Mom’s. I have several of hers.  It took me back to when she would hem my pants and re-sew seams. I watched my Mom do them, that’s how I learned. I learned how to cook by sitting at the Formica kitchen table while she made meals.

I made a beef roast on Sunday. I don’t know what possessed me, I should have made half of it, but didn’t. Now we have an entire roast leftover. Yay! In my house growing up, leftover beef roast meant beef chop suey the next day. I haven’t made my Mom’s beef chop suey since the kids were very little. (Back when we actually had leftovers, lol!) I asked my spouse to stop at the Jewel on the way home to get Chop Suey Vegetables and Franco American Beef Gravy. 

It exists, but the Jewel doesn’t carry it (Wally World does), so she got Campbells. I don’t buy gravy, unless I’m making this. I always make my own for everything else. This is my Mom’s recipe, so it has to be canned gravy. This was one of the few dishes my Mom made that wasn’t really from scratch. I bet it was a nice break for her, and we loved it. I’ve had beef chop suey from Chinese restaurants, but it’s not as good as Mom’s.

It was a stressful weekend, but I think memories of Mom made it less so.

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