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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tree update

We are moving closer. There has been some progress.

The bookcase has moved to the dining room closet and my daughter’s love seat has been moved. Not much was accomplished yesterday because my daughter needed a ride to PT. Thankfully she had a cookie decorating event by us and caught a ride with her group back to her house. 

Car issues again. I didn’t want to drive far after I saw what it was. Looks like a rear brake caliper rusted and broke, so I’ve got 3 brakes instead of 4. (Caliper holds the brake pad against the drum to achieve braking) My spouse took the car to the shop today. Our mechanic, what a sweetie, he kept trying to reassure my spouse, if my diagnosis is correct the part will be $60 + a little for labor, but he won’t know til he takes it apart. He’s always teasing my spouse about our key fob. The screw kept loosening so I bought a rubber cover on Amazon to protect it and keep it together. 
He calls it a key condom.

Anyway, vacuuming and carpet shampooing will commence today. Fans are out of storage and at the ready to speed up drying. If all goes really well, boxes could come down tonight, otherwise tomorrow and then the tree assembly can begin. Or as I’ve been calling it “The Santafication Process Can Begin!” It’s a riff on one of the Tim Allen Santa Clause movies where an elf says “The Desantafication Process Has Begun!” I think it’s the 2nd movie where he has to find a wife.  Yeah, I’m weird like that.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Is there a way to fix the “WRONG” in the world?

Last night I was reading the news stories on Google. I don’t watch TV news, but I pick and choose what I read on Google, CNN, and HuffPost. 

There was an article, from the New York Times. It was about opioid overdoses. Several videos of overdoses. First, a young woman on the side of the road near a bridge that opened for a boat, barge, whatever, to pass. Thank God the bridge went up. People waiting for it to go down saw her. One video taped the entire thing. The other jumped into action and started chest compressions. A man was there, said she was his sister. He called 911 and the operator instructed him how to try to resuscitate her and prompted him when to do the breaths. The woman had to be an angel. She kept up the chest compressions until paramedics arrived and took over. Then she disappeared. The young woman was revived and was given Naloxone. She survived. Another video was a woman lying on the floor in a dollar store. Overdosed. A couple of people watched and took video on their phone while the woman’s 3 year old screamed and kept trying to wake mommy up. They called 911 and WATCHED. They did NOTHING. They didn’t try CPR or try to talk to the child. Police and paramedics arrived, the woman survived. Another video, 2 women in an SUV overdosed, children in car seats in the backseat screaming. A man parked next to them, saw them, called 911. Police arrived and the video was from their body cameras, not from a phone. The next video, even more disturbing than the dollar store video. Two people overdosed in unusual positions. One was squatting and face planted by the curb. The other was sitting on something and fell backwards and overdosed. Several people taking video on their phones...LAUGHING. Someone did dial 911, but no one did anything but LAUGH.

Saw an article today (why can’t they show the blood and gore photo in the article after you click, instead of on on the Google page?) A woman shot earlier this month in a foreign country, I can’t recall. People just took video on their phones and watched as she cried out and said the name of the shooter and fell over and passed out. Someone called for medical help, but they all  just WATCHED. No one even tried to put pressure on the wound. The woman survived, I don’t know how, all the blood loss. 

What’s my point? We all know this world has already gone to hell in a hand basket. How do we as a society get back to respect, decency, and helping our fellow man? Where have all the Good Samaritans gone? Do people not know about the Good Samaritan laws? Even if there weren’t Good Samaritan laws, do you just watch and laugh? We’re just going on this downward spiral. Is there a way back, or are we destined to continue the downward spiral? Is this the beginning of the end? Are we in the end times? (Yes, I’ve read the entire Left Behind series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.) 

Have I lost my mind...talking about the end times?

Where is the Good News? Where is the care for our fellow human beings?

I need to read some happy news. I wonder if there even is any.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Side-Tracked Sunday

So remember how my Christmas tree was to be up by Sunday night without fail? Yup, fail. However, much was accomplished.

The end tables were wrapped for storage in the attic. The dining room chairs were finally removed from my car and wrapped for storage. The dining room closet was gone through and we found a few treasures. Found my VHS-C to VHS converter so we can watch some videos from when the kids were little on  Christmas Eve or Day. That was a cool find. I can’t wait to watch them. Found a power tool everyone claimed they couldn’t find (someone, not me, put it in the closet). Found a DVD player for our next project room. Found my receiver so we can hook up my spouses surround sound system upstairs. When watch any channel on Roku the sound drops and we have trouble hearing programs even at max volume. We also found a certain hair cutting device popular in the late 80’s. My son’s hair is out of control, kind of Peter Brady near the end of the series, but unkempt. So he will be our first...ahem...volunteer. I usually cut his hair with electric clippers and do a darn good fade, so if anything goes awry, I can make it into a fade.  Lol! I think this will be quite entertaining. Also found my bookshelf cd sound system, which will make a nice gift for my daughter. 

The closet clearout is done. This should allow for a bookcase to reside there for the holidays so we can move furniture around to make room for the tree. 

Daughter going back in the am and spouse has PT. I don’t expect much progress Monday, however, my son is in the holiday spirit and anxious to get decorating for the holidays. 

Not much I can do other than supervise, but I can start researching the menu for the holidays. I’ll do that in bits and pieces so I don’t aggravate my back. I feel some of the low carb side dishes for thanksgiving bombed. Anyone who says otherwise is just being kind. I think the only way to get a palatable dish is to mix some regular carb food into the low carb. I may just go rogue and find some low carb dishes that aren’t trying to imitate a high carb dish. 😯

This week should be much less stressful than last. I have only one appointment, and both doctors were happy with my MRI results. Next check-up MRI is June.

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