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Friday, July 19, 2019

It’s hotter than...

It’s forking hot. 🥵 Not a fan of this weather. I need a place to be on Friday that has air conditioning. My first thought was the library, but there is a concert event at the Commons and that means the library is closed. Walmart in Lockport was not much better than outside on Thursday. It was downright muggy inside.

The shopping cart rear ending incident is still wreaking  havoc on my lower back. Not a very happy camper. It’s really hard to try to not get sooo irritable. I’m trying super hard to model appropriate reactions to all the fights, arguments, and refusals that have made recent home visits highly tension filled. Been taking  the meds, no improvement on the headaches. 🤕 It’s a very small dose, so not likely to see an improvement any time soon.

My daughter had a podiatrist appointment Thursday so she stayed with us Wednesday night. We have the same doctor. Really nice guy. He’s taken care of all of her toe infections. Anyway, we’ve skipped stay overs since the 4th debacle. Tensions are high. After the appointment we all had a nice lunch out. It was part of my daughter’s birthday birthday birthday celebration for me for the rest of the month. If I had a $1 for every time she had mentioned my birthday, or “you know Mom” in the last week I would have no money worries. The “you know Mom” is her code for talking about whatever I’ve told her to drop for awhile. Right now it’s my birthday planning. It’s very sweet, but also kind of...maddening. 

After lunch we went next door to Dollar Tree. I try to like this place, but the locations near me never have the cool stuff. I’m looking for crafting stuff. Specifically vinyl rolls for my Cricut machine. In the past it was tapestry placemats for a holiday project. Anyway, some bubble wands caught my eye. We each picked a color and will be celebrating my birthday with lots of bubbles! And at least 1 kite that I still need to pick up. Shoot! That means another Walmart trip. Ugh! I feel like doing some childhood stuff this year. My spouse wanted water guns, but wow are they expensive! Not in my budget, or my daughter’s. 

After lunch dropped my spouse back home and headed to CVS and Meijer. Thank goodness we did Meijer today! They rearranged the ENTIRE grocery section. I am not exaggerating when I say we were there for 3 hours! I didn’t even buy much. No. Seriously! 

I thought I solved the ‘why am I getting my face badly sunburned every time I get in my Buick’. I went on an owner’s group for the Enclave and asked. I thought I was losing it. Someone else has to be experiencing this. Yup. I got several replies. The first was that the Enclave doesn’t have the blue band at the top of the windshield like my Pilot does. Kind of like sunglasses for your windshield. I learned all windshields have UV protection in the glass, but it’s apparently not that good for this model or model year. I don’t like using sunscreen on my face, mostly because it causes skin issues, but also because I never remember. Since I don’t carry a bag (I rarely do), I can’t carry it to reapply it and I don’t want it boiling in the glovebox. I wanted a lower maintenance solution. Someone replied that they cut a sheet of white paper and slid it between the sunroof and the fabric sunshade. I did one better. I got an extra gray pillowcase and had my spouse slide it between the glass and shade. It works quite well, but not when the sun is beating down through the driver’s side window. Back to applying sunscreen on my face.

It is just to miserably hot. We need to stake our tomato plants and whatever else needs it, but it’s been too hot during the day, or too buggy at night.

Brother in law came over the other night bearing scrapping gifts. A looks like brand new fire pit with mosaic tile around the top and a double cover. And a like new basketball set, which is now on the patio next to the brand new one I bought 3 years ago that he started to assemble but never finished. Seriously? My son wants to shoot hoops for exercise. This needs to get done. 

Ok, last thing for this post. Pet peeve. Are you a member of the grammar police? I’m a card carrying member. I really try to make anything I write be grammatically correct and spellchecked. I don’t always succeed. I don’t have an editor. I read a lot of articles online. I pick and choose my news. It’s aggravating to me to see so many grammatical errors, spelling errors, and use of the wrong word in a sentence. Articles are often repetitive, having the main idea repeated several times throughout the articles. Do the writers think their audience has no attention span and can’t remember the topic after 2 paragraphs? I’m guessing the writers are well educated and paid well. Has all the media eliminated editors?

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Tuesday 4 Dream Time - Have You Ever...

Here is this week's Tuesday 4 Meme of four questions. Please copy and paste the questions to your blog and use the Mister Linky Form for me to visit your blog. As always there will only be 4 questions to answer. I post them each Monday mornings at 5:00 AM EST for you. 

Only necessary rule is to link back to this site, thanks. 😊

To participate click here 

Dream Time ~ Have You Ever...

1.   Danced At A Ball?
No. I have never danced at a ball. 

2.   Flown A Kite?
Yes. When I was a kid, and when my kids were grade school age. I keep seeing awesome kite displays in the stores. I may just pick one up for my birthday next week. For my 50th Birthday Party we ran through a sprinkler in my yard. Next week is 58, not a milestone birthday, but I want to do something from my childhood. Flying a kite sounds good and my 20 something kids will get a kick out of it.

3.   Strolled Hand In Hand Along The Seashore?
Nope. I think I’ve been to the seashore twice in FL, when I was a teen and then when I was a 20 something.

4.   Sat On A Park Bench People Watching?

Yes! I love, love, love people watching. When I worked by the Riverwalk I ate my brown bag lunch on a bench just off the path. I watched the ducks, bicyclists, walkers, runners, and the occasional rare siting of a kayak going down the river. I think I need to find a good people watching spot this week. I definitely need some chill and some laughs. It will likely be very brief because my back is still having sciatica issues from the grocery incident on Saturday. Maybe I could just go to Walmart and people watch from one of their benches inside. Free a/c and 50 cent Deja Blue from the vending machine.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Stealing

Sad sleepy survey rambles

Hi! I'm your host Bev Sykes of the blog "Funny the World". . Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and
Bud)  Cheers to all of us thieves!

Questions from Sad Sleepy Survey Rambles

Have you ever been teased because of the things you like? Yes. When I was young I liked Donny Osmond. Apparently Donny wasn’t cool.

Do you hold grudges? Not in a very, very, very long time. It’s just such heavy negativity and not productive. I have way too many more important things to concern myself with.

Were there any classes you enjoyed because of the teacher? Social Studies. Not because the teacher was interesting, or good. The exact opposite. He was dull and boring and didn’t really pay attention to the shenanigans of a certain couple of class clowns. That would be Lola and Carl. We sat in the back and cut up the entire period. Eventually the teacher busted Carl. It was hilarious, just Carl! I was cutting it up as much, if not more than Carl. 

Was there a dress code at your school? No.

Have you ever been a bad friend? No. 

Has a friend ever replaced you with somebody else? All the time.

Have you ever disliked something just because it was popular? Yes. The first Star Wars movie. I just knew I wouldn’t like it because it was popular, and I was right.

Have you ever watched a movie just because it starred an actor you liked? Often.

Are there actors/musicians you have met? Yes. A lesbian folk artist. She makes a point to greet members of the audience after the show, sign autographs, and give out hugs. For awhile she toured very frequently in Chicago and I went to every show and bookstore performance.

Do you ever judge people based on the music they listen to? Not so much anymore. I think the music of the 70’s-90’s was so different it was easier to form stereotypes.

What about your top five music albums? Queen-can’t remember which album, I copied it onto an 
8-track tape and sketched the album cover; Fleetwood Mac Rumours; Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon; Head East Live; Billie Holiday The Best of Billie Holiday.

Do you remember the first album you ever owned? Fleetwood Mac Rumours record album. Elton John Rock of the Westies cassette.

Do you still use an mp3 player, or just your phone? Phone.

Do you like Elton John? Yes, always. My first cassette was Elton John’s Rock of the Westies.

Have any celebrity deaths hit you hard? Which one(s)? Robin Williams. Phil Hartman. He was so funny and his career seemed so promising. 

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