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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dream birthday party....

Ok, so yeah, I don't really mean dream birthday party...I mean dream lesbian birthday party. 50th no less. Yes, Sunday was my birthday and the day of my party.

Yup! That's what I had. It was all women (thankfully...I went round and round with a friend who wanted to bring her creepy guy friend. Umm, NO. My party, I pick the guests.) And all but 1 were lesbians. We ate, discussed our impressions of what butch and femme are, and then we had a wet t-shirt contest! Yup! We turned on the sprinkler (the village with their watering rules be damned! It's my birthday!) and ran through it. There were 2 chickens who refused to do it, one who my gf ended up chasing with the sprinkler.

You say you think I'm joking, huh?

Nope. I've got photos and video which I will have up soon.

So I just thought I'd list a few random things I heard while at my party:

"So tomorrow you tell one of those straight girls that one of us single girls had their eye on them, and then tell Lola what they said so she can tell us."

"That's what SHE said."

"This woman at work told me that single day...everyone sees a cow, or an image of a cow every day. And then once someone's said it to you, you become more aware and notice it daily. And sure enough, now every day I notice a cow. (So now you thank me that you are going to be on cow alert for the next few days cuz you don't believe it either. So far today I have not seen a cow or cow image.)

"I bet you've cow tipped. Yeah, you look the type. You've cow tipped haven't you?" (Seriously! This was said after the cow a day story.)

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