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Saturday, December 22, 2018


My spouse has refused to allow me to go in the attic. I don’t know how Jaime Sommers thinks she is going to accomplish that. She’d probably tell my son to stop me. She can barely do stairs. Something is seriously wrong with her right implant. She sees the ortho doc after Christmas. Praying this isn’t caused by an infection because she would have to go through a year + of surgeries. I do have a feeling he will need to do one surgery to reposition the hardware. Not looking forward to that.

Even though my son can’t remember where the combo tv/vcr he got from Grandma (Anastasia), he did remember the same Grandma gave him a vcr to set up a man cave in the basement. Anastasia’s Mom was always very generous. Even though they were hand me downs they were like brand new. You may be thinking, Lola, how does he not know where the tv/vcr is? It’s part of his illness. He moves things around, goes through stuff (probably why we can’t find all that Christmas stuff) and he doesn’t put things back. For all I know, that tv/vcr could be in a closet or armoire behind his clothes. We go on treasure hunts a lot. 

I pulled out my VH-C tapes. They go back to 1999. That sounds about right. I got the camcorder in CA when I picked up the ex from his 5150. There were VHS tapes of the kids from birth but the ex stole them. After we moved I asked if I could make copies and return them to him, he refused.  He doesn’t trust me. Really? After all I did for him and all I went through, I’m going to steal the kids baby tapes to get back at him? I don’t operate like he does. Still makes me angry. He is supposed to grace my son with his presence in January (Yes, not my daughter. He refuses to see her because she cut off phone contact shortly after we moved here. Props to her.) I’m going to try to get him to bring the tapes. I’m probably going to have to talk to his wife. 🤡 Wish me luck on that. 

A handful of items were found off the list. The search will continue...good times!

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Murphy’s Law and...

Tree has some bows and a few ornaments. 

Two family members, who shall remain nameless, insist up and down that ALL the totes and boxes of ornaments and Christmas paraphernalia have been brought down, along with a bunch of Tupperware that someone felt the need to randomly grab items, bag them, and put in the attic some time after I came home from surgery. It’s holiday time, I need my serving stuff. Who takes someone’s stuff and randomly bags it and puts it in the attic?

I took a Sharpie to paper and filled THREE pages of items I know for a fact are missing and still must be in the attic. There is no way they brought everything down. I am not pleased. I’m that other “p” word!

I went through the tote that was marked with Sharpie “Do not place anything on top of this tote.” Before I even opened it, I could clearly see the lid was indented, meaning the note was ignored. My Mom’s antique ornaments were in there. (Not all of them, because there are many, many missing, including the jumbo 5” diameter one. It was the last one left after some kid knocked the tree down and the rest got smashed. I treat it gingerly, it has a place in a clear glass bowl on the entertainment center bridge, far away from kids and cats.) I found 5 broken ornaments, ornaments that can never be replaced, ornaments that held memories. 😰

Murphy’s law:
My spouse messaged me a gift idea for herself. I promptly went on the website. 50% off most items, sale ends soon. Created an account, placed the order, took screenshots of the onscreen order # and confirmation. I still haven’t gotten an email confirmation. Half hour after I order she sends me another gift idea. I try to sign in and it’s saying my email is not recognized or password doesn’t match. I wrote down the password, triple checked what I typed in, same message. So I put in the required information to check on my order:  order number, email, zip code. Same thing. I have to call customer service in the morning. Good times! This is a legitimate website, not some oddball, questionable site. 😡

After my phone call guess who’s going up in the attic? Lola. Cuz whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, even if I have to go up in the attic where I shouldn’t be going. If you want something done right, you do it yourself.

No worries...the attic floor is finished, no falling between rafters like Clark Griswold in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

And where is my train set?

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