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Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye Kathy & Judy @ WGN Radio - chicago

Anastasia and I ran some errands today and thank goodness I had the radio tuned to WGN or I would not have had a clue. Some of you may recall, I Listen To Talk Radio Too Much, apparently I've gotten over my addiction. I haven't gotten out much in the last week, so I hadn't heard the news, the Kathy & Judy Show is no more. Two more Chicago radio icons no longer have their own radio program.

From VP/General Manager of WGN Radio Tom Langmyer: “This was a business decision,” Langmyer added. “The media business and the Chicago radio market have changed dramatically in the last few years, including a new method of ratings measurement. WGN needs to respond to these changes, and this is the time to move in a new direction.”

For the full text and Kathy & Judy's final Girlfriend Gram, click Kathy & Judy Show

I will miss Kathy & Judy, I found them very entertaining and a wealth of both useful and sometimes unusual information. And yes, I did both enjoy Sex Thursdays, and was incredibly embarrassed listening to it at times.

Anastasia and I listened to part of today's show with shock. And well, ok, I will admit, we wouldn't be Lola & Anastasia if we didn't mock how their voices cracked and how the tears began to flow 20 minutes before the end of the show. Yeah, we are beyotches that way. Nonetheless, we both enjoyed their show and we will miss them. (Don't let Anastasia know, but I did get a little teary, couldn't tell though behind my cool shades. Shh! It's our secret, k?)

If you missed their farewell show, here are some links for today's show. They played some very memorable clips from past shows. It was a nice tribute.
Kathy & Judy's Final Show 05/22/09 Hour 1
Kathy & Judy's Final Show 05/22/09 Hour 2
Kathy & Judy's Final Show 05/22/09 Hour 3

If you, like I are upset that such a wonderful, topical radio show has now ended, you can send your remarks the following email address:

Just copy and paste the email address into your email.

Ok, one more secret, I always really wanted to go on one of Kathy & Judy's Girlfriends Weekends. They always sounded like so much fun!

Good Luck Kathy & Judy!

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Saturday is Anastasia and my 5 year anniversary, but as far as I know we are staying home this whole holiday weekend, no plans.

Even though I think we should wait until next weekend to plant our vegetables, I'm willing to bet I will be out voted. We'll see.

Enjoy some Barenaked Ladies. (The dudes with the song, sheesh!)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Biker Fellowship

Church Courts Biker Crowd For Fellowship. I came across this headline in the local paper and had to check it out.

"Michael Vickery of Homer Glen started a biker's interest group composed of members of Christian Community Church, a nondenominational church with eight sites throughout the suburbs."

"The first Sunday of each month, CCC Riders, the motorcycle enthusiasts' club, rides to one of their sites, attends services and shares their love of motorcycles. Community Christian Church has sites in Montgomery, Yorkville, Romeoville, Shorewood, Pilsen, Plainfield and two in Naperville."
This is similar to my bike, same year and model, but mine was tricked out by a previous owner to look and sound like a Harley. Mine is all black, any Suzuki logos were removed. The handlebars are custom straight bar style, it's got black leather saddle bags and a windshield. Sometimes I do get the itch to ride it, but then I wonder if my back could even take a small spin around the block.

I got a motorcycle just before I met Anastasia. It was a real chick magnet. It sits in my garage now, not because of it's chick magnet status, but because it either needs a charge or a new battery and I'm not dyke enough to figure out how to get to the darn battery to charge it myself. Other bills are always more important than the "get the bike running fund" and I can't find my helmet anyway, so it sits.

One thing that has always stuck me about cycling was the hanging out at bars. I believe in the designated driver rule and never drink and drive. On a bike, I wouldn't even consider a sip. Cycling is serious business, yet daily I drive past a biker bar less than a mile from my home and the parking lot is full of bikes.

This article struck me as a cool alternative to hanging out at the bar, and as a bonus, you get your church card punched. Has anyone heard of a similar church/motorcycle enthusiast group in their area? I'd be interested to know if this is becoming common.

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The People Vs. Drew Peterson

If you live in Illinois, or anywhere in the United States, I'm sure you've heard about Drew Peterson. But if you don't live in Illinois, chances are you don't get WGN Radio and you haven't heard about WGN Radio Presents The People Vs. Drew Peterson, a radio show being taped "Thursday, May 28 from 6-8pm at the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. The event will be open to the public. The event will be taped and broadcast on WGN Radio on Sunday, June 14 and Sunday, June 21, prior to the Chicago Cubs broadcasts - the exact start times will be announced closer to air dates.

If you're in Illinois and interested in attending, click here. If you are selected they will send you an email by May 22. Space is limited and tickets are not guaranteed.

I can't attend, but since I'm a diehard Cubs fan, I'm sure I won't have any problem catching the program when it airs. It should be interesting.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

This and That

I went to run some errands this morning and seemed to run into 1 difficulty after the other. First off, I stopped for breakfast at a little dive in Joliet. Breakfast was fine. I went to pay my bill and I got shorted $5.00. Since I had already walked out of the restaurant and into the parking lot before I discovered it, I decided I didn't want the fight and I just sucked it up. My change should have been $12.00, but I was given only a five dollar bill and 2 singles. Ok, next time, check before you leave the counter. Lesson learned.

Then it was off to the bank that my election check was drawn on. For some reason I've been holding it my wallet for nearly a month, so instead of waiting for it to clear at my bank, or paying a fee at the currency exchange, I went to the bank was drawn on. I've done this before, they have my information on file, it shouldn't be a big deal. First off, do all banks have a sign on the door that they don't allow people in sunglasses and/or hoods? I thought that odd and was thankful I took off the shades before I left the car. Once inside I immediately found an open teller, produced my drivers license and signed the check. The teller does a ton of keystrokes on her computer and proceeds to tell me that she has to call for authorization. WTH? Can't they tell at any branch of this particular bank if a check has or has not cleared? I stood for 20 minutes while she was on the phone with some unseen person with the power to approve or deny my valid check. Eventually my check was cashed. Weird. The next election probably isn't until November. Perhaps I should don my shades and a hoodie when I go to cash my next check. I wonder if a swat team will show up.

Then it was off to Best Buy because my laptop was on sale for $50.00 less than what I paid for it. I went to the return counter and produced the ad and my receipt and was told that laptop returns/price adjustments are only done within 14 days. I was at day 16. The clerk looked up, apparently saw the look on my face and steam coming out of my ears and told me she was calling a supervisor. She could tell from the stack of receipts stapled to my Geek Squad folder that I had been in several times. A supervisor comes up, it happened to be the one who did my laptop exchange and external hard drive price adjustment. She reiterated the rules. I reminded her how many times I've been back. She did some manager magic and did the price adjustment to a different product I purchased. Thank goodness "the look" worked because today I was just too exhausted to put up a fight. Insomnia sucks.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to Beth @ Bartering Basics and Living Life on Less for this award. How cool is it to get an award right after a blog makeover. Wayyy cool! Thanks Beth!

Here are the rules:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
I'm passing this award onto the following blogs:
1. Liz @ Craft From My Heart Blog.
2. Kat @ Sassy Irish Lassie.
3. Julie @ Julie Chats.
4. Stephanie @ Ask Me Anything.
5. NurseExec @ Driven To Distraction.
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7. Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House.
8. Sherri @ My Life In The Fishbowl.
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10. Melissa @ The Ericksons Looney Bin.
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