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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review - Hickory Farms

MomCentral recently asked me if I wanted to be a part of the Hickory Farms Blog Tour.

Hickory Farms sent on over one of their Signature Offerings boxes, the Home For The Holidays Gift Box to me:

It includes the Signature Beef as well as Italian Recipe Summer Sausage "rolls", 4 different kinds of cheeses, two kinds of mustards: Sweet Hot, Honey Pineapple; and two boxes of Cracked Wheat crackers. There is also four little strawberry flavored hard candies. The total weight of the foods is 3.6 lbs, and it retails for $50. All items are shelf stable until opened. You can even add a gift card or additional items to the gift box at an extra cost.

The box that it comes in is sturdy, and you can easily reuse it to wrap a holiday gift or store ornaments. I stuck all the crinkle paper into a recycled grocery bag so I can reuse the packing material for gift giving.

This past weekend I made soft pretzels (ok, I didn't make them, I nuked the frozen kind, but I have made them from scratch in the past using my bread machine). My girlfriend and I tried the Sweet Hot Mustard and Honey Pineapple Mustard. My favorite was the Sweet Hot, hers was the Honey Pineapple. My son has already tackled one of the summer sausage "rolls" (I think it's safe to say that there will be nothing left of this gift box by the time we entertain for the holidays.) I also tried one of the cheeses and the savory crackers. Everything so far has been delicious, and why wouldn't it be? Hickory Farms has perfected shelf stable food gift packages.

Hickory Farms gifts aren't just about cheese and sausage. They also have coffee, baklava, chocolate, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, spiral sliced Honeygold ham, and hickory smoked whole turkey gift packages. Some items are boxed or in gift baskets and some come with unique, reusable items like a Handyman Tool Bag or the Traveling Snacker soft sided cooler.

The Hickory Farms Home For The Holidays Gift Box, as well as many of their popular assortments, ship free to any APO/FO military address, no matter where your loved one is stationed.

If you're looking for a gift that gives back, Hickory Farms will donate $5 from each Party Planner Gift Box sold (up to $500,000 through 01/31/11) to Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry Campaign, a national nonprofit that is ending childhood hunger in America.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Hickory Farms and received a signature gift box from Hickory Farms to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Mayhem

1. You mention to your neighbor, with the body odor, that you are heading out to the mall in the morning. Neighbor asks to go with. What do you say? I sincerely doubt any of my neighbors would ask. No way would I take Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head. He looks like the uni bomber!

2. You go up and down every aisle in the parking lot until you finally scope out that perfect place. You patiently pull over to the side and put your signal on to wait for the person pulls out. Someone snags your spot before you can pull in. What do you do? Just find another spot. Life is too short and an argument will only get your car keyed.

3. You find that perfect sweater for grandpa and it’s the last one in that size. Some lady with three screaming kids approaches you and asks for the sweater for her husband who is deployed in Iraq. What do you do? I'd just give it to her. I love to shop anyway, and I'm sure I could find a better bargain...even though I don't have a grandpa. Lol!

4. You found the perfect gift for your best friend and you notice that there are no less than 100 people in line in front of you. Unfortunately, you just drank 3 cups of coffee before you entered the store. What do you do? Head for the restrooms and hope the line is smaller when I got back.

5. You’re within 10 people of the checkout after waiting in line for 40 minutes and the person in front of you lets three people in line- he was just saving the spot. What do you do? Let everyone else in line handle it, which I'm sure they would.

6. You get to the check out and your card is declined. What do you do? Try it again, cuz I know there shouldn't be an issue.

7. Oops…you forgot to buy something for Aunt Edna. Do you regift the fruit cake George from next door gave you? I love fruit cake, so no way I'm parting with that! I'd find something else to re-gift.

8. Are you planning on doing most of your shopping in the stores or online this year? My income is in limbo right now, so I'm not even sure if I will able to Christmas shop this year.

Thanks for playing!
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