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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Suzanne Somers needs to...

shut the hell up!

Suzanne Somers Blames Patrick Swayze's Death On Chemo
First of all, Patrick Swayze's family is still grieving. Who the hell are you to say that he died from Chemo?
Second of all, when did you become a doctor or get a PHD in cancer research?
Third of all, how dare you make that statement as a cheap ploy to further your own interests and career.
It's wonderful that you are cancer free and that you credit alternative therapies (mostly) and radiation therapy (not so much). It's great that you're healthy. You had breast cancer. Patrick Swayze had pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive cancers, with a low survival rate. It's one of the worst types of cancer a person could have. Ask me, because I know. My Father had pancreatic cancer. He died from it just a few short months after he was diagnosed.

Patrick Swayze could afford the best care and from all reports I've seen, that's what he got. The one year survival rate is 20%. He survived 20 months after his diagnosis! To me that's remarkable.

Suzanne Somers, I find what you're doing deplorable.

Lola's Diner

Arrrrrrrrh! Matey! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Yes, today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. There is even a song for it Talk Like A Pirate Day.
Courtesy of Pirate Speak: How To Talk Like A Pirate:
* Ahoy: Hey!
* Avast: Stop!
* Aye: Yes
* Black spot: to be 'placin' the black spot' be markin' someone for death.
* Booty: treasure
* Buccanneer: a pirate who be answerin' to no man or blasted government.
* By the Powers!: an exclamation, uttered by Long John Silver in Treasure Island!
* Cat o' nine tails: whip for floggin' mutineers
* Corsair: a pirate who be makin' his berth in the Med-...Medi-...that sea 'tween Spain and Africa, aye!
* Davy Jones' Locker: the bottom o' the sea, where the souls of dead men lie
* Doubloons: pieces of gold...
* Fiddlers Green: the private heaven where pirates be goin' when they die.
* Furner: a ship which be yer own, not one ye steal an' plunder.
* Gentlemen o' fortune: a slightly more positive term fer pirates!
* Go on the account: to embark on a piratical cruise
* Grog: A pirate's favorite drink.
* Jack: a flag or a sailor
* Jolly Roger: the skull and crossbones, the pirate flag!
* Keelhaul: a truly vicious punishment where a scurvy dog be tied to a rope and dragged along the barnacle-encrusted bottom of a ship. They not be survivin' this.
* Landlubber: "Land-lover," someone not used to life onboard a ship.
* Lass: A woman.
* Lily-livered: faint o' heart
* Loaded to the Gunwales (pron. gunnels): drunk
* Matey: A shipmate or a friend.
* Me hearty: a friend or shipmate.
* Me: My.
* Pieces o' eight: pieces o' silver which can be cut into eights to be givin' small change.
* Privateer: a pirate officially sanctioned by a national power
* Scallywag: A bad person. A scoundrel.
* Scurvy dog!: a fine insult!
* Shiver me timbers!: an exclamation of surprise, to be shouted most loud.
* Son of a Biscuit Eater: a derogatory term indicating a bastard son of a sailor
* Sprogs: raw, untrained recruits
* Squadron: a group of ten or less warships
* Squiffy: a buffoon
* Swaggy: a scurvy cur's ship what ye be intendin' to loot!
* Swashbucklin': fightin' and carousin' on the high seas!
* Sweet trade: the career of piracy
* Thar: The opposite of "here."
* Walk the plank: this one be bloody obvious.
* Wench: a lady, although ye gents not be wantin' to use this around a lady who be stronger than ye.
* Wi' a wannion: wi' a curse, or wi' a vengeance. Boldly, loudly!
* Yo-ho-ho: Pirate laughter
So in my best pirate speak, I thought I'd let you know what my Saturday is going to be like. Here goes...

Ahoy Me Hearties. Me Lass and I will be down 1 Sprog, being that the Son Of A Biscuit Eater is picking up Sprog #2 sometime Saturday. Wi' a wannion! If I could get that one to Walk the Plank! Since we're low on Doubloons, it's a cheap day for us. We plan to Go on the account to see "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs". After me lass returns from work we'll have a grog or two, but not Loaded to the Gunwales. By the Powers! I hope all Me mates have a great weekend!

Lola's Diner

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not the kind of excitement we appreciate...

If you live in the NW or South Suburbs of Chicago yesterday you know that both had a lot of excitement of the law enforcement variety yesterday and continuing today. The Barney Fife's in both burbs are no doubt beside themselves with excitement.

Escapee Robert Maday Caught - Chicago Tribune. "Robert Maday, the career criminal who was the subject of a massive manhunt in the west and northwest suburbs after escaping from custody Thursday, was apprehended Friday after a police chase ended in a crash in West Chicago."

So here's my question...You've overpowered the authorities transporting you from Kankakee to Rolling Meadows for a court appearance. You hijack a vehicle in a nearby Meijer parking lot. Then you rob a bank? Hello? I mean, I know you need cash, but a liquor store or 7/11 wouldn't do? I mean, I know that's your area of expertise, but it's a bit show offish, don't you think? I mean, you walked into the bank and announced yourself as the guy on tv, wouldn't you want to keep a lower profile, I mean, if you didn't want to get caught. I mean, you went through all that trouble of escaping, to get out for, what? A day?

New Lenox Township Killer on The Loose. Lance Del Goebel earlier in the day Thursday had received an award for being one of the best mentors through Illinois MENTOR was slain in his home. Goebel and his wife had cared for special-needs adults full time in their home. Police are looking for a nephew as a person of interest in the case. The man is still at large. Our son's school made a special announcement the slain man had a son that attends his school. Please find this guy, it's not very comfortable here blogging from underneath my bed...with my baseball bat...

Lola's Diner

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now it's your turn...What are you most thankful for?

Last Friday I answered your questions, now I'd like for you to answer just 1 question:

What are the THREE things for which YOU are the MOST thankful?

Please leave your 3 things in the comments.

Lola's Diner

Monday, September 14, 2009

What's For Dinner?

I've been in a real slump lately as far as cooking goes. I haven't wanted to cook at all and have pretty much avoided cooking, because I haven't been feeling well. I've enlisted our kids to cook dinner most nights, which they love.

I thought I'd ask everyone what their dinner menu looks like for a week and then maybe all of us will get some new ideas. So what's your weekly menu look like? Do you have any go-to meals when you're in a hurry? Do you have any money saving, frugal recipes that use less expensive ingredients? Do you have any specialties that you make on a regular basis and if you do, can you share the recipe?

I think perhaps I was misunderstood. I don't meal plan for a week either. That's way too daunting a task.

Think back to last week or the week before, what did you have? What are some 'regulars' in your dinner repertoire?

Lola's Diner
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