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Thursday, January 17, 2019

What is 1/2 jumping for joy, 1/2 bummed?

Answer: 1/2 jumping for joy is wearing a suit you bought in 2015 and you are wishing for belt loops, and the jacket that was snug buttoned, can now be pulled out more than 3 inches. I knew I lost weight because the doctor’s office scale shows it every visit. And I can no longer wear my jeans because they require a belt and a lot of bunching to not have them fall down. I found 2 pairs of Old Navy Khakis in my closet around Christmas (I had the kids pulling clothes out for me to check sizes). They both require belts. I need to send the kids on another search mission. I went through a stack of gift cards yesterday and checked the balances on the Old Navy cards. Zero on both. ☹️ (Why did I keep them if they were zero?) I hope there is at least 1 pair a size smaller in the closet. I love me some Women’s boot-cut khakis. 

The scale showing you lost weight is one thing, but actually SEEING the clothes falling off? That’s priceless. It’s been over 3 months on a really low carb diet. Not Keto, because that diet is nuts. I really, really miss pasta. I tried frozen zoodles (Green Giant Zucchini Noodles) and I had to spit it out, it was that awful. I was thinking about getting a Spiralizer, but don’t want to waste an Amazon gift card if I hate it. I decided I’d buy some raw zucchini and use my food processor shredder. Not long noodles, call them zoostaccoli-? (About 1+ inch shreds slightly resembling mostaccoli if you squint really hard). I have to remember next time I shop. 

Answer:  1/2 bumming...attorneys suck donkey. Yup, that pretty much describes them.

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