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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Days 110, 111, 112, 113 of Sheltering In

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I had PT Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Glad I spread it out a little. At the end of Thursday I was told that one of the therapists scheduled me out for the next 3 weeks. I haven’t fully looked at the schedule, but I already saw I have 3 days in a row next week, with one day being Friday. I purposely don’t schedule Fridays so it doesn’t ruin my weekend. 

I needed to get in for an optometrist exam. They are closed Wednesday’s. Actually most days it seems he’s only open 1/2 days. Not sure if it’s because of the coronavirus, or if he’s semi-retiring. Thursday I called in the afternoon and found them closed. They had voicemail so I left a message, not really expecting my call to be returned. Good thing I woke up uncharacteristically early Friday because I got a call saying there was a cancellation, could I be there at 9:15am. I took it. They are 5 minutes from my house, I just had to get ready really quickly. I was surprised to see plexiglass up around the entire large 1/2 circle that is the front desk.The doctor and his staff are all seniors. I get why there was that much plexiglass and only 1 slot to slide a clipboard through. When I was called in, the doctor waited until I was seated in the exam chair before he sanitized the piece of equipment you look through where they change the lenses, and the other equipment they have you rest your chin and forehead. It took a few extra minutes, but they were worth it to be reassured that they really do sanitize the equipment. I’ve already had an ophthalmologist exam at the beginning of the year which included dilating my eyes so I was happy to know he was skipping that part. My wife wasn’t up yet, so I drove over. Glad I didn’t have to drive home with my eyes dilated. I was impressed with one of the changes in equipment. The one that changes the lenses is connected to a computer to set the lenses close to what your eyes need. It made the exam go much more quickly. Afterward I selected frames. Similar to what I have now, Rayban brown, but these were more tortoise shell colored. The bows were metal. And surprise! Unbreakable! You can bend them and they won’t break. (Not as bendy as the pair I had when my kids were babies. You could fold those up small and put them in your pocket. It was great at the time cuz my kids were at the ‘grab Mommy’s glasses and mangle them stage.) But this will be good because I keep loosing my current eyeglasses and then I find that I’m sitting on them, or drop them on the floor and nearly step on them. I have vision insurance, so I saved a good chunk of change, even though I opted for name brand frames. ($150 off frames is awesome.) It still cost me slightly over $400. I have to get high index lenses, which is fancy for they make my  lenses super thin because otherwise they would be thicker than the old Coke bottle bottoms. Without the discount from my insurance they would have been over $800. 

I’d say my eye exam was a pleasant experience. I wore my face mask the entire time and had no issues. My wife saw a post her sister commented on about a friend of hers who went for an eye exam and was all bent out of shape over the entire experience. Poor, dear had to wear a face mask for the first time, since she was told she could not enter the office without one. Then she complained incessantly about doing an eye exam with a face mask on. I can honestly say that I barely noticed my face mask, and I didn’t find it was in the way at all. Some people are unbelievable.

That’s odd that the woman had never worn a face mask before. I’m sure she was exaggerating. I do find that although businesses have signs posted that face masks are required, they are getting more and more lax about enforcing it. Maybe the videos of the people pushing their way into stores has the employees wary. I did hear a couple of Walmart employees discussing a new protocol. Apparently Walmart will be having what they call “Safety Ambassadors” who will be wearing a different colored shirt with that title on it and they will be handling the entrances soon. That’s all well and good, but some people are gonna be asshats just because they can. And lately those customers caught on video have lost their jobs. Being an asshat is not free of consequences.

Picked up prescriptions and lunch and dropped it off to my daughter at the group home. We had a short visit, socially distancing with masks on at the patio table.

Speaking of the group home, there has been a coronavirus death of one of the clients that live “in the community“. That means they either live in an apartment complex run by the place that runs the group homes, or live at home and receive services from the place that runs the group homes. That place has been giving video updates to their Facebook page on Fridays. For next week’s video they promised to share who the woman was. Not her name, they will share what kind of person she was, what she liked to do, how she celebrated life. Very sad to have heard about her passing, but I think it may help other clients to know a bit about her. She had been hospitalized for several weeks from what I could tell from earlier videos.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wordless Wednesday

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Day 108, 109 of Sheltering In

Monday, Tuesday.  Monday was PT. I was actually able to do all the exercises/movements that my therapist asked me to do. I even did a few extra of other ones cuz he was busy with another client. (He had 3 other clients at the same time.) I thought whatever it is I was doing he was going to ask me to do. Nope. Not a single one. So I got some extra exercises/movements done too. I still had to ice up after dinner, but the area that felt injured wasn’t barking. 

Tuesday. No PT today. My daughter texted me that her hairbrush broke. I told her to keep using it without the handle for now. Then later when she called she brought it up again. Then in that same convo she asks me when can I get her stuff and a new hairbrush. 💁🏻‍♀️ We were just over visiting on Sunday. Today is Tuesday. So we just saw each other! She sounded ok, better than yesterday. Tonight my son was with me on the call on speakerphone and we were both goofin’ and cracking up. Cuz that’s what we do. It’s like my son and I have this brain meld or something. If my daughter sounds down, my son looks at me, I nod, and sometimes we just both riff in unison. Other times one of us will whisper or mime what to do. 

Know your audience! For whatever you’re doing or saying...know your audience. My wife’s friend clearly forgot her audience and got into a verbal tussle guessed it...Politics. Just last week this friend was talking about changing parties. Today it was like that convo never happened. It was ‘F the governor, ‘F this party, that ‘F party this, that, and the other and all kinds of praise of the other party. Surprisingly my wife opened up a can of whoop ash and set her straight, as far as her politics. She also chastised her for breaking their politics talk. I have to laugh because I can see them going back and forth on the phone. I can’t believe her friend forgot.

Anyone have Apple AirPods? Is there a certain model or generation that’s better? Is wireless charging really da bomb? Do you have a different brand device that works really well and costs less? (Brand and model please.)

Having a weird day today. As I type this, and you can read some of them above, I keep tacking on oldish idioms. Look there ⬅️ I never use that word. (Goofin’,  brain meld, riff, whoop ash, da bomb.)

I added to my Facebook friends today. SC came up in my “do you know feed”  or whatever it’s called. I knew him mostly from freshman Social Studies. One of a small collection of guys who cut up with me in class, and just happened to move his desk over to peer down my requisite flannel shirt. Not kidding! These class clowns and me being a wannabe just cut it up with them. Let’s see, 8th grade SS, Freshman year, SC, JK, GD, and J? can’t recall his last name. So that’s 5. Two of whom I know are gay, SC and JK. If you think about it it’s kind of funny. Why were those 2 looking down my shirt? Probably trying to figure themselves out. SC has this fabulous Frank Lloyd Wright house. I know because I checked out his page after the last reunion. 

I have paperwork, research, and calls to make, but I’m tired of chasing down the government dude. They all work from home and are supposed to call you back in 24 hours. I know...the holiday. But I did call Thursday and it’s now Wednesday.  Gah!

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Day 106, 107 of Sheltering In

Saturday, Sunday. Saturday, 4th of July we stayed home. I prepped the dips, and cut up a block of cheese  for my daughter’s group home. My wife had cooked the Dr Pepper pulled pork. I bought a huge boneless pork shoulder that was plenty for us and my daughter’s house for 2 meals each. Thursday-? I think was the day my son and I shopped for our 4th and my daughter’s group home party. My son somehow got his hand stuck in the grocery cart under the box we got for the stuff we were taking to my daughter’s. Idiot me reaches in and tries to lift the box. OMG! THE PAIN! THE STUPIDITY! I screamed out in pain, cuz I’m not one to be quiet about REALLY bad pain. It felt like something tore behind my right shoulder. Apparently the asshats parked next to us thought this was hilarious! They made no offer to help and just stood there and laughed. Apparently my son and I were a hilarious, hoot and a half comedy show. Forktards! I really dislike people in M-town. This happened after I had a really nice gentleman offer to get me bbq sauce from the tippy-top shelf. It’s never there, they keep reshuffling the aisles. He was really nice, got me 1, and asked if I needed anything else. 

I made 2 containers of Taco Dip and 2 of French onion dip. One set for us, one set for my daughter’s house. I also cut up 2 large watermelon. One for us, one for my daughter’s house. As soon as I finished the watermelon, we tackled our Taco Dip. It’s just refried beans mixed with a little taco seasoning layer, then salsa layer, then light sour cream layer, then shredded Colby Jack cheese, then sliced black olives. It’s always a favorite at our house.

Sunday we loaded up a box with everything from the fridge, plus chips, bbq sauce, hamburger buns, and a HUGE tray of star sugar cookies.  We put in some ice packs in between the items from the fridge, then we headed over to my daughter’s group home. We didn’t visit long, I don’t recall what the time restriction was, but I’m sure we were in compliance. Two ladies came out to watch my daughter make trips back and forth to bring everything inside and reheat the Dr Pepper pulled pork. One of the ladies was Nutjob. She was actually nice! And she was smiling! Not her usual scowl. She didn’t talk much, but when she did she was nice.

Everyone at the group home really enjoyed the eats. One of the girls scooped up a serving of the taco dip and ate it with a spoon, no tortilla chips. She said it looked so good she couldn’t wait for the chips. Lol!

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