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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Drummer Boy/aka Metallicahead Update

The last news was quite some time ago. The township marked the house “not habitable” and put yellow tape all over the doors and windows. Drummer Boy and family had to move out because the roof collapsed and there was that little incident where he blew up his porch and the blast blew out several windows.

Anyway, the house is for sale. Apparently last October it was purchased for $88,000 and since then and now they basically put lipstick on a pig. All the rooms are painted really odd colors. Looks like the flipper found Lowes OOPS paint shelf and went crazy. One room was 1/2 a weird yellow and the bottom half kelly green. Another was that weird yellow on top and a very dark burgundy on the bottom half, another had all the walls painted in burgundy. I don’t recall the rest. Other than the painting it doesn’t appear much else was done. We never saw contractors come over to fix the collapsed roof, so I guess that’s still an issue. So the flipper probably spent $25 on paint, if that. The garage is boarded up. No more porch. Current asking price? $125,000. I’d like to have some of what they were smoking when they came up with that.

Interest is brisk. A lot of cars pulling in the driveway and then leaving quite quickly. What did they expect for $125,000 in our expensive little burb?  My spouse looks out the window whenever she hears a car. Some of these yahoos can’t read house numbers and have been pulling into my driveway.  If my spouse is on the porch some of the looney-Lou’s will ask if my house is the house. She’ll say no and point to the eyesore that is across the street. Those people usually just leave and don’t bother going over there. When we come and go in my car we often come across someone pulling in and pulling out of the former Drummet Boy’s driveway. The looks on their faces is just priceless. These don’t seem to be flippers, they seem to be young families in newer expensive cars. Who thinks they could get a house in liveable condition for $125,000 in our expensive little burb? You can’t touch a fixer upper for under $200,000 here. The former Drummer Boy’s house is a tear down. The only thing that could possibly be salvaged would be the fireplace mantel, and that’s only if it’s not faux brick.

There has been a home developer snatching up tear downs in the area and building large all brick McMansions in their place. I thought for sure they’d snap it up. Maybe they are waiting to finish the one they recently started and wait for a serious price reduction?

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