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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Calgon...take me away...

It’s been an awfully long home visit. In fact it seems much longer than that Super Bowl game. I think we had 1 day of abnormal. Meaning everyone got along. Very uncharacteristic of what’s been going on lately. It didn’t last. It was much appreciated, but, sadly didn't last. Going to think on it and see where we went right.

Super Bowl eats were good. Ended up just having apps.

Watching “Russian Dolls” on Netflix. I’m on the last episode of Season 1. I’m going to need to rewatch it. Too many interruptions. Just finished watching “Groundhog Day” before I started binge watching it yesterday. Weird, but interesting. Natasha Lyonne is very good in the lead. Amy Poeler is one of the writers.

Weird, very loud noise. Explosion-like about half an hour ago. According to the local Facebook pages it’s been heard all over here, edge of Joliet and Mokena and downtown Tinley Park. Really loud. I told my spouse maybe it’s the mothership come to take us home. Ha! 

Long, ugly, exhausting week ahead. All doctor appointments and tests. Please pray I get through them with the outcomes I choose.

Back to the show...

UPDATE:  Where was my brain when I scheduled today’s appointment? Got all the way there’s for March 5th. I have never in my life done that.

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