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Saturday, November 10, 2012

People posting on Facebook about their health or their family's health...

This is kind of a pet peeve of mine.  I don't need to hear all the minutiae about people's health.  Right now on my Facebook there is a Facebook Friend who is posting about her pregnancy...blow by blow.  Every doctor visit, every emergency room run, every midwife visit.  EVERYTHING!  I don't think I need to know about her issues with IV's.  That's not on my need to know list.  I also don't need to know about all of the emergency room visits for her children's allergic reactions.  Again..not on my need to know list.

I rarely post on Facebook about my children's health.  The few times I have were when I was at my wits end and needed help from a higher power.  I posted asking for prayers for my children when they were hospitalized and not doing well and being frustrated with the doctors' inability to figure it out.  They were single posts, with an update when they came home.  No gory details, just bare bones posts asking for prayers. Those prayers worked miracles and I have no regrets


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Friday, November 9, 2012

Ahh....memories... I age I find that sometimes it's more difficult to pull out those memories.  More so than when I was younger.  I'm only 52, but still...I find it difficult sometimes to recall some memories, especially when those memories are about departed loved ones.

I've been hooked on "Long Island Medium" lately.  I find myself being somewhat of a skeptic, but yet I am still fascinated.  I've read articles that say it's all hooey, but still, there are so many things that Theresa Caputo couldn't possibly know that she tells her clients in session.  Some of these revelations make me think about my parents and this brings back memories.  I've written about many of them in this blog.  Hit the archives and check them out.

When I was a kid my parents always did their grocery shopping on Fridays and brought my sister and I with them.  We never had a babysitter...well...just once my Aunts and Grandmother babysat us.  I think it was my Mom not wanting to impose upon people that made it just that one time.

My Dad begrudgingly took my Mom until I got my driver's license and a car.  My Dad would sit in the car and wait while my Mom shopped.  He did that so he could chain smoke and listen to really awful old people music on the radio.  Needless to say, my sister and tagged along with Mom in the store.  My Mom always had a list.  After shopping was done, we hit a fast food restaurant, either Sandy's or Burger Chef and got food to go.  During Lent, it was always fish sandwiches.  After the groceries were put away (which seems amazing fast compared to how long it takes my kids to help put away the groceries) we devoured our take-out treat.  Growing up, that was our only outside food, other than the occasional pizza my Dad got from Wanda's or the fish-fry from the Shamrock Inn.  My Mom was a stay at home Mom and she cooked for us.  One night a week we got this treat.

When the grocery taxi became my duty.  Sure my Mom made it worth my while and filled my gas tank, even though the grocery store was less than 5 miles from our house, but I was an 18 year old and Friday nights all I wanted to do was chill out after work and then hit the bars with my friends later in the evening (WI drinking age was 18 back then).

Looking back, it was extra time spent with my Mom, usually one on one time because my sister didn't want to join us.  It was a time where I heard more about her recipes and occasionally a few stories about her relatives.  I got to ask questions without getting shushed because Columbo was on the boob tube.  My Mom's been gone now 28 years.  It's hard to believe it's been that long.  I miss her dearly and I appreciate that one on one time so much more as I look back.


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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How I choose to write about others on my blog...

Every day I wish I had the freedom I had when I first started blogging.  I blogged about my children's illnesses in detail, blogged about friends, blogged about relationships.  Since a certain person found my blog however, I feel the need to censor myself quite a bit.  It's a small price to pay for the ugliness I experienced at the beginning of that discovery.

I've never used my children's names, and I've used pseudonyms for some people in my life.  If you asked me, even in those early days, no one would know the actual identity of anyone I wrote about.  So now I pick and choose what I write about more carefully.  Often this causes writer's block, but in the end...I still love blogging and I love my blog.  When I win the lottery there will be a real Lola's Diner, a meeting place to catch up with friends and neighbors over coffee or a chocolate malt.  I can dream can't I?


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A doctor's office redesign...

I have spent a lot of time in doctor' offices over the past 5 years.  My biggest complaint is the furniture...and the television.  If I could redesign a doctor's office I would put comfy furniture...lazyboy recliners come to mind (ooh!  Those would be awesome in emergency room exam rooms...then I could catch a nap while my children nap as we wait an eternity for the hospital transfer.)

So a few lazyboy recliner sofas instead of hard, uncomfortable chairs with no back support.

More than one television.  Not everyone wants to watch CNN or Veggie Tales in the doctor's office.

Lose the Monet!  I love Monet, but seeing them in doctor's offices all the time has lessened the love.  Now seeing Monet makes me remember doctor visits.  How about some Norman Rockwell...or better yet, art by local artists?  That would be awesome!


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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't forget to vote!

It's Voting Day here in Illinois.  Don't forget to get out and vote and exercise your constitutional right!

I am not working the election as a Judge this time around.  Sorry there won't be any juicy stories like I've had for my readers in the past.  I just couldn't take the time off work.

My daughter is very excited about the election.  This is her first election she will vote in.  It's kinda funny watching television with her.  She watches every political commercial, while I mostly tune them out.  I know who I am voting for in most of the races.  (Meaning all of the races except Judges.  I think most people have no idea about who is voting for those races and what their stances are on things.  Unless you've got a particularly vocal Judge, I think most of us haven't a clue.)  I've seen most of the commercials anyway, and when she asks questions I answer them as best I can.

I think we will hit the polls early, before work and before school, when they open so we can start our day knowing we've already done our duty.

...besides...isn't what they say..."Vote early and vote often"?  We're in Illinois after all.  LOL!

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A time I had to take the high road...

I think almost every day I have to take the high road.  When you have children with Mental Illness, it can affect your ability to be at work every day...especially when they are in crisis.  I have to approach these times with caution and professionalism and NOT fall apart at work from the frustration and stress of it all.

At the beginning of this year my daughter had back to back crises squared.  Then my son became ill for the first time.  Hospitalizations are not easy.  They usually involve pulling all nighters in an emergency room and then transfer to a different hospital.  Getting home the following day at 8am when you start work at 8:30am, I just can't make it in.  My high road is not overloading my boss with details, being professional and going over with her anything that must be delegated to someone in my absence and making sure I am extra diligent and hard working when I return to work.  And again...not falling apart or getting emotional when I am faced with opposition about those absences.


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Monday, November 5, 2012

3 things I'm thankful for...

 I'm thankful for many things, but the three I am most thankful for are:

My children
My girlfriend
My friends

I'm thankful for my children because they teach me patience, compassion and hope every day.  EVERY day!  Even though their illnesses can be quite taxing, there is a bright side.  Even when they are not doing well, I see glimmers of the way they were before the illness.  That gives me hope and teaches me to try to find a work around or alternative to what we have been doing.

My girlfriend sticks by me like glue.  Their illnesses were completely foreign to her, but she has adapted and even surprises herself at how well she is able to handle things, even in crisis.

My friends, who for the most part are supportive.  I do have to be wary of overloading them with the issues I deal with every day.  I pick and choose what I discuss with them.  I know how easily outsiders (people outside my immediate family) can get burnout from hearing about everything.

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