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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Day 55, 56, 57, 58 of Sheltering In

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Friday I went to the pharmacy, Walmart, and porch dropped my daughter’s meds. Walmart was the last stop. I got home, went to grab my HurryCane and it wasn’t in the Buick. My wife called Walmart. Thank goodness someone turned it in to customer service. I had to drive all the way back to Walmart to get it. Since I wasn’t far from my daughter’s group home I stopped by to pick up pants that I need to shorten for her. When I got home I started dinner. Homemade Kung Pao Chicken. It was my first time and it turned out great. It was a wee bit spicy (chili peppers), but it was spot on. I think my son accidentally ate a chili pepper or two because his forehead was dripping with sweat. He always brags how he can eat really spicy food. I think he wasn’t expecting it to be that spicy. 

Saturday, was leftovers. It didn’t seem as spicy.

Sunday, Italian beef and peppers made in the Instant Pot. We were going to go to the laundromat, but it was raining hella bad. My daughter was not doing well. We did a long FaceTime call and my son and I tried our hardest to be especially obnoxious and silly. It wasn’t “mean” obnoxious, just silly obnoxious to try to get her out of her funk. It worked. She kept complaining because a housemate got to go home and returned recently, but she didn’t stay home the required 14 days. I reminded my daughter that she can’t come on a home visit until the lockdown is lifted. She had to fill out leave of absence paperwork, and were she to come home she would jeopardize her job. I pray to God the governor and IDPH extend the lockdown another month for congregate living places and I pray it is announced soon. My daughter needs time to file for an extension of her leave of absence. I‘m praying for an extension for several reasons. I don’t think they should be going back when several people have/had the virus and it’s not known if they have fully recovered. I know Maria’s boyfriend is not. And mask wearing by clients is haphazard.

My daughter does not know how to properly wear a mask and staff are not instructing her and it helping her. The mask she has is too big and seems overly thick. She says it feels like she’s wearing a diaper. She has asthma and needs to be able to breath. She needs a mask that is safe, but that she can still breathe through.  I stumbled across a face mask pattern that shows on YouTube how to custom make a mask so it fits the person it is intended for snugly, and according to their measurements. I have to figure out how to get my daughter’s measurements. I may have to drop off a measuring tape and instruct from 6 feet where to place the tape and which measurements I need. If she has access to a measuring tape, I can save a trip and we can do it on FaceTime.

Monday, lazy day. My son didn’t get up until quite late and well past the time I wanted to leave for the laundromat. I was up on time and I was not happy. Frozen pot pie was for dinner.

My back pain has been terrible for almost a week. Ice, ice baby! Our ice maker isn’t working fast enough, so we have to buy a bag every 3 days or so.

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Sunday Stealing-Ty and Logan

Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud) Cheers to all of us thieves! 



Excerpted from for Ty and Logan

 1. Where did your name come from?  

Lola is a pseudonym. My real name....not gonna say, but my first name is a combination of my Mom’s real mother’s name, and the woman who adopted her.

2. Where were you born

I was born in Milwaukee, WI.

3. What as your house like, growing up? 

The house I grew up in my parents had built in a new subdivision. It was the 2nd house built, a 3 bedroom ranch. Living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and a 1/2 bath. Full basement that my Dad had started to make 1/2 into a rec room with a bar and a ping pong table.

4. What was your childhood bedroom like?

I had my own bedroom. It was at the back of the house and got no sunlight. It was dark and dreary. Somehow I campaigned to switch rooms with my parents. I got the Master Bedroom with 2 closets. My Mom used the 2nd closet. I had a full size bed. My sister had the small bedroom with a twin bed. 

5. Did you travel as a child? Where?

My Dad was a staycation guy. His vacations he puttered in the garage or did maintenance on the house and yard. One year we took a day trip to Chicago to visit my Dad’s Aunt who was 99 years old. I can’t recall the area of Chicago she lived in, but it was a bungalow, and judging by how long it took to get there, I’d say it was the north side of Chicago. I know this because I moved to Chicago when I was 26 and I lived for 17 years on the north side of Chicago.

6. Write about your grandparents?

My Dad’s parents passed away long before I was born. I only knew my Mom’s stepmom as grandma. My Mom’s biological dad married again after my Mom was born. My Mom’s biological Mom died during her birth. The woman I knew as grandma refused to welcome my Mom and her 3 sisters into the new family. My Mom was adopted and the 3 sisters lived in an orphanage. The woman I knew as grandma never treated my Mom and her sisters like her “blood” children. For that matter she never treated my sister and I, or my 2 cousins as “blood” grandchildren. It was blatantly obvious at Christmas time. The “blood” grandchildren were showered with a lot of expensive gifts. Myself, my sister, and cousins got one cheap gift each. My sister and I did go on a weeklong trip to Disney World with 1 cousin, grandma, and 1 of her daughters. I’m sure my Mom contributed more than she could afford so we could go on that one trip. The other grandchildren went to Disney World and Italy every year. 

7. Who taught you how to drive?

My Dad taught me how to drive. He did not give me my first lesson in his car until after I had one session of behind the wheel in high school. I nearly sideswiped the car parked next to me because the asshat who drove the car before me cranked the wheel all the way to the left. Never having been in a driver’s seat before I had no idea.

8. When did you first leave home?

I left home at 27 to move to Chicago.

9. What did your parents do for work?

My Dad worked for AC Spark Plug, Delco, AC Delco. It was the same location. General Motors changed the name a few times. When catalytic converters came to be, they were made at that plant. I have a catalytic converter ashtray that is a treasured possession of mine that my Dad was given and used by him. My Mom was a stay at home Mom. My Dad had 3 back surgeries. My Mom got a job at a nursing home after one of the surgeries. My poor Mom. She had a heart of gold. I think a little bit of her died inside that one day she worked. That nursing home was a horrible place. The residents were not taken care of very well and a lot of them had terrible bed sores. The place was short staffed, but that’s no excuse. My Mom came home in tears and couldn’t bring herself to go back.

10. Who inspired you as you matured?

Definitely my Mom. I watched her cook every meal and when I was little and on break from school I watched her do the laundry with a wringer washing machine, and watched her do all the housework. As I think back on it now I must have drove my Mom nuts, ALWAYS being around. I rode my bike in the summers and played with the neighbor kids, but I was always around when I wasn’t doing those things, or going to the pond with the neighbor kids to ice skate in the winters. Payback’s a b***, cuz my kids are exactly the same! They couldn’t ride bikes unsupervised, or do any of the things I did because we lived in Chicago and it wasn’t safe like when I was a kid.

11. What was the best part of your 20’s?

They didn’t start good, with my Mom passing away when I was 23. But moving to Chicago, I think that was the best. My 2nd apartment was just west of Wrigleyville and very close to the L tracks. A friend and I went to see The Grateful Dead at Soldier Field.

12. What as the best part of your 30s?

The best part of my 30’s was having my daughter and son.

13. Where is the most fascinating place you’ve visited?

I don’t know that I’d call it the most fascinating, but probably the camping trips to Galena. I lead quite a dull life, as far as travel and vacations go. 

14. What is your favorite family story?

Probably my son’s first Christmas. I took both kids to Marshall Field’s in downtown Chicago for photos with Santa. Santa was rushed, no time was spent asking my daughter what she wanted (she was old enough to respond.) Bad very expensive photos were taken. I was really upset by the way my kids were plopped on Santa’s lap, photo snapped, handoff back to me. Anyone who knows me, knows that if I have a bad experience in a store, or get a bad product, I don’t let it go. I drafted a long letter and emailed it to the Director of Public Relations, and someone else at Marshall Field’s. I got a call the next day apologizing and offering me a refund, and a do over at no charge. I declined to go back downtown because I couldn’t take off work again and it was such a hassle getting the kids there by myself in the first place. I was asked if they could send their best Santa to my house. We were having a party the next day, the PR person checked that Santa’s schedule and called me back to say he could make my party and would spend about an hour at my house. She wanted to make sure we got a proper “Marshall Field’s experience”. I could take as many photos as I wanted and all of my guests were welcome to take photos with Santa too. It worked out beautifully and that really was the best Santa.

15. What was your most memorable birthday?

My 50th birthday. (July.) It was so hot out and no pool, so I bought a lawn sprinkler, beer, wine coolers, and invited some friends over. We ran through the sprinkler like little kids. The guests who wouldn’t participate got chased by another guest with the garden hose and got was a 50th Birthday Wet T-Shirt Contest. Lol! 

18. What was your favorite food as a child?

Bracciole. It’s an Italian dish. Skirt steak pounded thin, stuffed, rolled, tied, browned, then cooked in my Mom’s homemade sauce. My kids love it too. Maybe when the lockdown at my daughter’s group home ends we’ll celebrate and I’ll make it and have them watch so they can learn how to make it like I did.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Day 53, 54 of Sheltering In

Wednesday and Thursday.

My daughter’s boyfriend was discharged Wednesday. The hospital did play “Here Comes The Sun” in celebration of beating the coronavirus. I don’t know that it can be said he beat it just yet, but hopefully he has passed the worse part and is well on his way to recovery.

I can’t recall what I did Wednesday. The days are running together.

Thursday I was on the phone all day. I called just about every agency trying to figure out why I got this notice or that notice. It ended up good news. I still have a few other things to research. I accomplished more than I thought I would.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Day 51, 52 of Sheltering In

Monday, Tuesday.

Monday was a cluster fork of a day. I was supposed to grocery shop, but instead spent over 2 hours looking for the keys to the Buick. Turned out I put them in a place I NEVER put them. Sunday I went out to get Subway for my wife. I wore a hoodie and track pants. I NEVER put keys in a hoodie pocket because they could easily fall out. I broke my rule. That’s where they were found. By the time I found them it was too late in the day to go grocery shopping. 

Instead of grocery shopping on Monday I went to Walmart in my burb to get a sewing machine tote on wheels with some of my Mother’s Day gift card booty. Sunday I ordered online for pickup from 2 other locations and had both cancelled because they claimed to be out of stock. They had 1 left in my burb. We don’t like going there because there is so much crime in the store and parking lot. It’s so close to the interstate on-ramp that location is great for a quick getaway. The flimsy plastic cover that came with the machine was in poor shape (over 10 years old), besides, I wanted some storage too. 

Tuesday my brother in law came over to mow the lawn. Again he didn’t mow the backyard! Wtfork? And it took him over 5 hours. OCD much? The backyard is going to be a jungle. Grrrr!

My daughter’s boyfriend was supposed to have the oxygen tubing removed and possibly may go home Tuesday. He didn’t, but one of his doctors told him that when he is discharged the hospital will play The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun” in celebration of beating the coronavirus. I got teary just hearing my daughter tell me that. I guess other hospitals are playing that or several other songs. The theme from Rocky, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”, 

We got a late start, but did get the shopping done, except for Sam’s Club. I have not gone since my failed attempt at the start of the lockdown. 

Tonight’s movie with my son is Terminator 2 Judgement Day. Eh. After he goes to bed I guess I’ll continue Hollywood on Netflix. They should just call it Casting Couch at the Texaco. Monday after he went to bed I started out watching Have A Good Trip Adventures in Psychedelics. I have to say, I was surprised at the celebrities that shared their “trips”. Just seemed to me to be many who you never would have guessed took LSD. And not just try it, they were estimating how many times they took it and described the trips.

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Day 49, 50 of Sheltering In

Saturday, Sunday.

My daughter’s boyfriend did test positive for the coronavirus. He has had a kidney condition since birth, so this is really concerning. I’m not even sure he understands what’s going on due to his mental disability. According to my daughter his mom hasn’t visited since she took him to the hospital. He is at an excellent hospital. (I did some research, they do allow 1 visitor at a time in special circumstances. His disability is included in the short list of special circumstances.) I’m sure whatever visitors are allowed are given PPE to protect them. I feel like such a crappy Mom. I have never spoken with his mom and they have “dated” over 2 years (1 year, then a long break, then over a year). Because they both live in group homes and attend the same day program they saw each other M-F and talked on the phone on the weekends. There was talk of all going out to dinner, but I kind of discouraged it because we couldn’t afford to dine out at pricey restaurants. His mom lives in a very expensive suburb. His dad lives out of state. His dad flies him out for visits often. He comes from money. Maybe this week my daughter and I can do a conference call with his mom.

Mother’s Day was nice, even though my daughter is still on lockdown at her group home. She made a video of herself giving a little speech. I’m sure my wife helped her and my son. My son is quite the prolific poem writer, however they are usually difficult to understand. I have no problem understanding them, and at one point I started re-wording them. I really should get back to doing that. 

This entire weekend I have had horrible back pain. I’m afraid if this doesn’t subside to my usual pain level I may have to go for X-rays to check on my hardware. I do NOT want to go there for a long list of reasons.

I’ve been watching the Back To The Future movies all weekend with my son. Netflix has all 3 of the movies. I’ve seen 1 and 2 a lot. I enjoy watching them. I am not a fan of the third. We will finish that tomorrow.

🙏🏻🙏🏻 for my daughter’s boyfriend. 

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