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Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday Funday

I went for 3 test drives today. I took my son along. I think he had fun and was as excited as I was.

I am supposed to get a $50 visa gift card for the first one. The salesman told me if I just wanted the gift card to just tell him and he’d do the paperwork. But I really did want to test drive the Hyundai Santa Fe. I liked it, 
but it just didn’t have much umph. And I have a thing about cars with 4 cylinder engine. I don’t like like them.

Went to the Honda dealer we used to buy from. I test drove a 2018 Honda Pilot Touring. Besides being out of budget, it has a funky way of shifting gears. There is no gear shift. There are buttons on the center console. You change gears by pushing buttons and they put the buttons right near the cup holders? 

Went to a different Honda dealer. ❤️I’m in love!❤️ I test drove a 2018 Honda Pilot Ex-L, the same model as the Pilot I have, so it has everything I want. Not only am I in love with that SUV, I’m in love with the dealership’s way of doing business. When I bought the 2006 I paid, they gave me the keys, that was it. They didn’t explain or demonstrate anything. This guy went through all the options, explained the rear camera and the side camera and the different views, and explained to me everything about nitrogen instead of plain old air in tires, and how to view your iPhone’s map programs on the screen.

Can’t do anything till I get my check. Since when do you have to pay the sticker price, unless you are at CarMax or a True Car dealer? I swear car salesman think I have “sucker” tattooed on my forehead. I did some research when I got home. The price is in the middle of the KBB range, so the price is fair. It’s just that who wants to pay sticker? It’s Honda Certified and has low miles. 

I have my reasons for my choice. I plan on keeping the next Pilot I buy at least as long as my first, or longer. It has to be comfortable and have the options I want. I have had the first for over 13.5 years and still going strong. 

I’m really hoping I get a call early in the week from my attorney to come get my check.🤞

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Monday, April 15, 2019

It’s been a good day

I heard from my attorney today about the car accident. Settlement time. All along he kept saying that there wasn’t anything left for me after paying medical bills and the firm. We were sure that meant I was really getting zero, or maybe a couple hundred. He pulled a rabbit out of a hat and negotiated down the medical bills. 

I plan on getting the Odyssey running (probably rebuilt transmission), and then immediately taking it to CarMax to get an offer and then shop around for a good used vehicle. Whatever I get, I will be buying an extended warranty. Boy howdy did I learn a lesson the hard way with the Odyssey. I will not be buying a mini van, done with that! Very doubtful I will buy a Honda. They are very hard to find used.

I’m seriously looking at the GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave. I also looked at sedans, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Chrysler. I think SUV will win out, but that depends on how easy it is to get in/out of the vehicle with my bad back. A friend of my spouse’s who just had a similar wreck to mine on Friday had an “in” at a local Chevy dealer and they have a deal going. I’ll check it out, but I doubt I will go that route.

I guarantee a road trip is in our future. I can’t wait! Because of the issues (now all repaired) with the Pilot we were limited to local, short trips.

All I need is some good car shopping juju.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

No Sunday Quiet Day, Mother Nature has other plans

It’s April 14th and we are having a snow storm.

We went from 70° to this.

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