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Monday, July 12, 2021


I went to the orthopedic doctor today about my knee. The PT place is kicking me to the curb (just the knee, shoulders and back I will continue to have PT). Orthopaedic PA told me I had 3 choices:
1. Continue PT for my knee at home (I will ask for printouts of exercises on my next visit to PT.)
2. A cortisone shot. I can’t tell you how much I despise those shots in any body part. They make the pain worse, so much so that I’m basically incapacitated for days, depending on the body part. And when the pain from the injection stops, I have zero pain relief for whatever body part I had the injection(s) in. They are a waste of time for me. They may work wonderfully for other people, but not me. I’ve had 8 sets for my back, and 2 sets for both shoulders. The ones for the shoulders was in an office visit so there was no anesthesia (no shot or topical anesthetic). The shots were incredibly painful.
3. Surgery to cut the band (LCL) at my hip. It’s incredibly painful surgery and recovery for a very fit young person is 9 months or more. I am not at all fit, nor am I young. So I’ll be doing PT for my knee at home.

On the way home we stopped at Little Caesar’s to pick up dinner. Haven’t had their pizza in years. It seemed different than we remembered. Whateves. I park in their lot, use the app to order, then go in when I get the email. Punch in the code for their fancy contactless pizza warmer, give the food to my son to carry it to the car. Open the tailgate and have him put it back there. I get in the car, push the button to have the seat move to my setting, and go to grab my seatbelt and my left knee gets stuck. Try to move it but can’t. Shift in my seat, move the seat back and try to shift my leg. Each time I try I get that pain sensation that usually comes before it pops. Knee still won’t pop or move, so I grab just behind my knee with both hands and move the knee. LOUD pop, and PAIN, but I got it to move so I could drive home. I knew there would be consequences for not wearing my knee brace! The PA told me the previous visit to stop using it. My PCP tells me I should continue using it because it keeps my knee stabilized. I didn’t wear it to my appointment. 

Go home, eat, then drive to CVS.

When we get home from CVS I go upstairs to change. I walk through the doorway, lose my balance, crash into the computer armoire, try to “right” myself and end up STOMPING on the toes of my left foot. I stomped HARD, because when I tried to “right” myself I lost my balance in the opposite direction. I was wearing my Adidas sneakers which have thick soles, so now I’m icing my swollen toes and will trade off and ice my knee.

I told my wife I want to change my name to Grace.

Tuesday I am taking my wife to visit her brother in the hospital. He is in ICU because his blood sugar was very high Saturday, but he waited until Sunday to go. In all of this particular hospital only 1 person per day is allowed to visit a patient. You can’t tag yourself out and someone else in. Just 1 person because they do a thorough COVID screening. If I drive her all the way out there and find out someone else went to visit him…I will need bail money. I canceled PT, so I could take my wife to see him. It’s also a long drive. 

We are still at 1 car. No word from the mechanic. My insurance billed me for 2 months because I started that policy after they ran statements. I called my agent and was told by staff that I should have been asked to make a payment when I started the policy. I was not asked. Why am I insuring a car I don’t have possession of and is not yet repaired? I canceled the policy. When the mechanic tells me it’s ready I will call to start a policy for it. 

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