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Monday, March 15, 2021

Day 357-359 of Sheltering In

Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Saturday was laundry day at my father-in-law’s. I stayed home and puttered around all day. Sunday we were supposed to stay home, watch ITKWD on QVC, but that didn’t happen. What little of it I did see, it seemed like they were getting back to what they used to do, which was make recipes using the products they were hawking. We’ll see next time I watch if that’s the case. We ran to Meijer for items my wife needed for dinner and got a few things for my daughter. I had a prescription to drop off and it couldn’t wait.

I think I wrote awhile back about my brother-in-law in law flying to Colorado to do bus runs when the wildfires were happening. That trip got canceled. Now, he is supposed to fly to Florida to do school bus runs in Miami. He already got his permit to drive bus there. Not sure when it’s supposed to happen. Considering how the other trip got canceled last minute, it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened again.

Monday I had PT. The roads were terrible due to the snow/rain/ice.

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