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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Great News

I had my MRI an hour early (good thing I got there early). Different machine, more space. I got through it with my anti-anxiety meds and counting backwards. I felt close to falling asleep if it weren’t for the painfully pulled something that happened in my lower back right after I got locked in. I suffered for 30 minutes + 10 for the contrast dye, then 20 for the last scan. I was so happy when she unlocked the head cage!

An hour later I had my neurologist appointment. He didn’t show us the scans, but read from the report. No change! Excellent news!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mixed bag

A lot of very good things were said about my daughter at the meeting to talk about an apartment. That’s good. 

The 2 openings they have are in a building where 2 clients have “issues” and they are trying to figure out how to handle them. They wouldn’t elaborate, but I’m sure my daughter knows all about it because she has a friend in that building. They don’t want my daughter to be put in a bad or unhealthy situation. That’s good.

They bought a property in my town and expect to break ground on a 25 unit apartment building in March or April 2019. They purchased a property in a nearby town, it’s progress being they broke ground in March 2018 and expect to have it up and running 1st quarter 2019. So that means the new building in my town would likely be ready for residents 1st quarter 2020.

It’s disappointing for my daughter, but to be so close to home and live in a brand new building would be something she would prefer. It would also be easier transportation wise. Everyone would also be starting out fresh there. (Yes, my daughter did ask if she could move into the unit with 2 openings and then when the new building is done move there. They said no, it’s going to be all new people.) I know my spouse and I and her brother would love to have her closer. They expect to have a mix at the new building. Behavioral Health, Intellectual disabilities, and seniors. 

The meeting was jam packed with information. Each one of us, including my son asked some questions that appeared to be stumpers, but we did get answers.

Will I stop thrifting for awhile, since the wait is so long? We stopped at a thrift store on the way home. So that answers that. We got a couple of pieces of Corningware, and a Temptations set of canisters. She wanted to go retro in the kitchen, but I think we can work around that and still have it be retro/kitschy. My spouse picked up a favorite movie on DVD and a gift for one of the kids. Because cable tv is a lot extra and we’re not sure if it can fit in her budget, we have been collecting DVD’s, and DVD boxed sets.

My MRI never happened because they scheduled me on the wrong machine. They are squeezing me in tomorrow. The neurologist is 1 building over, so at least I won’t be racing across town.

My daughter has off work Friday so we told her to arrange to take that day off program. She needs to help get her furniture in the attic. The end tables, coffee table, 2 dining room chairs, and probably the dining room table (already disassembled) and 2 chairs. Then she can help bring the Christmas stuff down. It’s all on the kids to get this done because neither my spouse, nor myself can do any of that.

So now I have to psych myself up again for the MRI. I was all set, took my medication for claustrophobia, even started nodding off at after my blood work. I was rrready to go. I can do it! I have to. I’m anxious to find out the results.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

We have the apartment meeting on Tuesday

We finally have a date. Tuesday morning. I have my bloodwork and MRI’s in the afternoon. Fun stuff all day!

I really hope she gets approved. She’s really come a long way. I’m afraid if she’s not approved she will get very depressed. Not good.

It really would be the perfect time since they are bringing in a new client for her floor. That’s always super stressful. Who knows what kind of issues this woman has and who knows how the other housemate is going to react? The previous 3rd wheel was suicidal. I think she was invited to leave. 

It’s funny how all the housemates on the first floor all get along, no trouble makers, one does go off the rails periodically, but it’s mostly out of control screaming, no threat to her or anyone else. There’s always a wildcard on the second floor, which is wrong because the second floor is a privilege that’s supposed to be earned and it’s a stepping stone to moving to an apartment in the community.

My daughter already knows several people in the apartment building. One woman lived with her when she first moved into the group home. So she already has a friend there.

Please say a prayer, cross your fingers, wish us luck that she is approved to move into an apartment. 

I have homework tomorrow. I have to call Pace and find out how transportation will work because we’ve been told staff will no longer be providing work rides. Wish me luck!

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