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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2014

Yes, that says 2014 right there.  Been very busy with this and that.

Thanksgiving Day shopping...did you?  I did.  My daughter and I got up at the crack of dawn and hit Meijer at 6am sharp.  Very pleasant shopping experience, better than most weekend grocery trips even.  Front row parking, no crazy line to get in the door, and not really any crazies in the aisles except maybe for the folks trying to navigate with (2) 48" televisions in their carts blocking their view.  No lines at the checkouts either!  We pretty much got what we came for, except for a DVD that we're looking for at a sale price that seems to elude us at every turn.

That was it.  Then home for a nap, then frenzied activity to get the bird on and prep the rest.  The prepping should have been done Wednesday which I had taken off for that purpose, but I caught a cold and spent most of the day in bed sneezing, hacking and blowing my nose til I was sure it would fall off.  Our meal was late, but still delicious.  Turkey, regular dressing, gluten free dressing, gluten free green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts with garlic and homemade gluten free crustless cheesecake.  We snacked on veggies, a delicious artichoke and bell pepper dip from Costco, and cheese.  No guests this year, just the four of us. 

Black Friday shopping...I did none in stores, except for taking my son to Kmart to pick out a gift.  I shopped online Thanksgiving night.  That's the way to go!  Online!  No traffic, no crazies.

I'm updating my TomTom maps as I type this and I really can't believe it's taking over 4 hours.  I'm hoping it works out, as I have never done this before, hence the reason it is probably taking so long.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

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