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Friday, July 23, 2021

A very busy long weekend

My daughter signs her apartment list today. Everything remains to be a clusterfork. No one at the agency knows where her Link card is, and no one will release her SS money to her. How is she supposed to buy food and furnish her apartment? After I picked up my daughter we went to public aid and at least got the card balance. They claim we’d have to call the 800 number to get a new card. The SS money in my daughter’s account should be given to her and the agency should change the payee to my daughter. Yet here we sit with no way to pay the rent and deposit. The agency claims they will cut the checks. Whateves! I’ll be so happy when she is moved in and she is given control of her finances. If she doesn’t get the link card, how is she supposed to buy food? If we order a new card it will take weeks.

Good news! Got the Blazer back last night! It cost 1/3 what we thought it was gonna be! The Blazer was in the shop since we bought it May 19th. Our mechanic has been super busy. I think we got the "I've made them wait a ridonkulously long time discount." People who work and have only 1 car got moved to the front of the line, which is fine. Still needs another repair, but it's not expensive. Have to go transfer title and registration and get plates today. That should be fun.
Maria signs the lease at 2pm, so plenty of time.

It appears there is a “SURPRISE” birthday party for me on Saturday, so no moving will get done Saturday because it’s at my father-in-law’s house. I don’t know why I was told, and frankly, I don’t understand it. I have no friends in the “real world”, my sister is recovering from surgery (but her husband wouldn’t let her drive this far if she were 100% healed.). I don’t see any of my wife’s friends attending because the are out of town. And I’ll tell you what! Anastasia better not be invited because I’m tired of her telling me what to do regarding my son. Not only that, my father-in-law thinks she’s wonderful. That must be why she cheated and left me, right? So tomorrow I will put on my best game face and deal with it. At least they are probably serving Atomic Cake. In WI it was just called cake with strawberry and banana between the layers and whipped cream frosting.

My son’s new psychiatrist wants him to take a very expensive ADHD test (not covered by insurance). It’s 2 part. The first part no medication. After that he will be given Adderal. Not comfortable with that. I know he has many of the symptoms of ADHD, but I am not on board with the adderal. I wish I knew someone who went through this who could advise me, let me know of better alternatives. My mechanic suggested CBD. He has friends who have used it with great results. Sure, let’s have my son blaze up with me. Wtf? Last night I checked the dispensary and found all of the CBD extracts and tinctures are all also very high in THC. Nope, that’s not a solution. A tobacco store my wife frequents has quality CBD products, but I’ve only ever seen Flower/Bud. That stuff works great for pain. Going to need an appointment with my son’s PCP and ask him his thoughts on whether my son has ADHD, and if so, what’s the best treatment plan. I think the ADHD diagnosis is accurate, I’m just not comfortable with adderal.

My wife thinks we should be moving all the “smalls” today (boxes, bags, hampers). We have my brother-in-law and their Dad’s pickup truck. I say move the big stuff with the truck and put the smalls in the Blazer and Buick. Makes sense, right? We have no idea when he and the truck will be available again.

Ugh! Calgon take me away!

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Good News + Catfishing

The good news: After I had to get involved emailing  the Director and cc the Asst Director of the group home agency Sunday night, I suddenly received an email Monday morning containing  the income information for my daughter’s lease, and they emailed it to the apartment property manager. I coached my daughter to call the appropriate people at the office when the property manager called her to ask for this information July 2nd. Today is July 19th. That’s entirely too long to respond to a simple task. I named names of who my daughter spoke with and mentioned my daughter followed up with them early last week. This literally took them minutes to print a copy of my daughter’s benefit letter they had on file.

My daughter has an appointment Friday afternoon to sign the lease, get the rules, and get the keys!!! Woot! Woot! As luck would have it, I found a twin sleigh bed today and will be picking it up tomorrow. It’s used but looks like new from the photo. The price is good too. We will be buying a new mattress and box spring.

My son and I went thrifting to look for some things she needs. Got a copy of the Better Homes And Gardens Cookbook (staff threw away the previous copy I got my daughter during the bed bug debacle, my daughter’s room had no bed bugs but they threw away all her cookbooks). We also got her 2 painted canvases that will go perfectly above her loveseat and they fit with her MCM theme. We almost got a buffet to use as a flat screen tv stand and for storage of movies and players, but it was too heavy and for some reason they will unload your car of donations, but they won’t help you load purchases. Had to pass on it. If my brother-in-law comes over tomorrow as planned, maybe we can stop by and see if it’s still there. It was the perfect color, blonde, to match her MCM coffee and end tables. The tv stands in stores and online are poorly made and expensive, and not as stable as an old piece. I used an extra set of upper kitchen cabinets, and a piece of pine for my 65” because I couldn’t find anything reasonably priced to accommodate that size at the time I got the tv. If we can’t get back for this one, the search will continue.

My daughter is positively giddy! Between moving into the apartments and my birthday being Saturday, she is over the moon! She makes a HUGE deal about birthdays and turns them into month long celebrations. It’s cute.

The bad news:  My son’s former friend, Nathan, the one who dared to sit in my living room playing video games and used gay slurs and commenting on the other guys game play as being gay. He knows I’m a lesbian, but he kept it up so much that my son picked him up and body slammed him, the other guys held him down and explained why what he said was so wrong. I then escorted the turd out my front door and told him to call his mommy to come pick him up because he’s not welcome in my home. The other boys (all of them about 15) were pleasant and very respectful. Well good old Nathan is a major douche bag after attaining the age of 26. He catfished my son. Nathan was setting him up to go on a double date to go see that new Space Jam movie at the theater. I asked my son to bring up the girl’s Facebook page and examined it. (I am automatically suspicious of anything Nathan tries to involve my son in. She had 805 friends, nearly all were older men, mostly from Sweden! I didn’t go through all of them, but I scrolled through a lot and found only 1 woman. ONE! So I had to explain to my son what Nathan did, suggest he block him and not speak to him. My son was bummed about not seeing the movie, so I looked for it on the streaming services and found it on HBO Max, which we get for free. I took my son to the store, got movie candy, sodas, and snacks and I watched it with him.

I pick up my daughter Thursday. If staff doesn’t give her the link card that belongs to her, we will stop at public aid, get a new card and determine what needs to be done so my daughter has link for food. These staff really have to be despicable low life’s to be stealing food money from disabled people.

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