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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

So how did you celebrate New Year's Eve? We stayed home with the kids. We had an opportunity to go out with friends, but chose to spend the night in. Not everyone can party it up like this every year, though I would like to attempt to top it. Lol! We watched the Big Bang Theory marathon on TBS, then turned over to Dick Clark just as the ball was dropping. Perfect timing! Who wants to hear Ryan Seacrest babble and...the glare from his teeth! Then we watched Countdown Chicago on Chanel 7. Gotta say...Janet Davies does not disappoint! This was Janet last year:

Unfortunately no one you tubed it. In case you missed it, at midnight Janet Davis planted a big wet one on Mark Giangreco's lips and sucked face for what seemed like forever. Lol!

Sunday I made Hoppin' John and Smothered Greens. For the recipes, go here. Best I've ever made!

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