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Friday, December 28, 2018

Cheaters will get theirs! Karma!

My daughter did not win the Ugly Shirt Contest at work. She was not even given a fair shot. There was a “ballot box” for people to enter their votes. My daughter saw a woman, stuffing the ballot box with her own name. My daughter complained to a manager who did nothing. Surprise! The ballot stuffer won first place. All I have to say is:
Karma is a beyotch! 
Some supposed adults lead a great example, don’t they?

I know I made the Ugly Shirt, but my daughter had the guts to wear it. 

I get angry when my daughter is ALWAYS complaining about stuff that goes on at her house and day program. She’s constantly saying “but it’s not fair”.  
Well this is really NOT FAIR! 
It’s not that I necessarily think she should have one first place. I do think she was in the top 3. But when you cheat to win, you’re an a$$hat!

In other news, to our surprise, my daughter did get a lock on her bedroom door at her group home. Truly, they could have saved the money and kicked out the trouble maker, but for some reason she’s like Teflon, nothing sticks. At least my daughter won’t have to worry about the housemate bursting into her room unannounced and without permission when my daughter is in various states of undress. And my daughter won’t have to worry about her housemate bursting into her room at 3am screaming like a banshee. 

At least my daughter will feel safer. 

I do have to laugh though. I have been to her house twice this week. The first time the troublemaker sat across from me at the table (I didn’t recognize her, she gained a lot of weight.) she never said a word to my daughter, but kept whispering to staff who waived her away. 

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Monday, December 24, 2018

‘Twas the night before Christmas

A lot of prepping and cooking to do on Christmas Eve. 
We don’t have a regular meal on Christmas Eve. It’s more like grazing, grabbing a few things and getting back to wrapping, assembling, or Christmas movie watching.

So, what’s on the menu?

T=Tradition N=New

Vegetable tray with Spinach Dip-T/N the dip is new.
Olives, pickles, pickled vegetables-T
Cheese and Sausage Tray-T
Bacon wrapped oysters-N
Mini meatballs in marinara sauce. (Usually did the grape jelly or cranberry sauce, but can’t have all that sugar.)-N
Sfincioni (Pizza Dough, olive oil, tomato paste, thinly sliced red onions, anchovies, Parmesan cheese). It’s a cross between pizza and focaccia. It’s eaten cold, but can be eaten warm. Tradition from my grandmother-T.
Jalapeño poppers-N
Kidney Bean Salad-N
Prepare ahead a frittata for Christmas morning breakfast. Bake, cool, refrigerate. Everyone helps themselves whenever they get up. Take a slice and warm in the microwave-T

I used to make pizza dough from scratch. In the interest of saving my sanity, I switched to Pillsbury Pizza Dough a few years ago.

I used to make Quiche. But since I’m low carb and my son can’t have gluten, it’s much easier to do a frittata. I could make a low carb GF crust, but it would be a fussy, time consuming endeavor.

The kidney bean salad is hopefully like the salad you get on a relish tray at a supper club. Very hard time finding a recipe. Ended up modifying one. Serving bean salad because beans are low on the glycemic index and help manage blood sugar levels. I try to sneak beans or lentils in whenever I can.

I prepped all the vegetables 12/23, except for the red onion. I have a good head start and there is a lot I can get the kids to help with. Christmas Eve the kids and I will handle everything. Jaime Sommers needs to stay off her feet and elevate. Christmas Day is on my spouse. She will be preparing the roast beast and roasted Brussels sprouts because that’s her thang. We’ll also have leftovers from the night before for 12/25 lunch and dinner apps. 

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Merry Christmas Eve

I didn’t find all the missing Christmas decorations. I did find my Mom’s big antique ornament, so I’m happy with that. I’m hoping my Mom’s Nativity is found when we pack things away the day after the Epiphany. I want to organize it all and wrap the breakables better. My Mom’s ornament was in a gift bag with tissue paper. I know I didn’t do that.

Still recovering from late night ugly Christmas shirt creating for my daughter’s contest at work. She said everyone loved the snowman. She was the only one with a DIY ugly Christmas shirt. 

Christmas cards mailed 12/23. Spent the last 2 hours copying Pinterest Low Carb appetizer and side dish recipes to recipe cards. I shopped for the ingredients 12/22 and got my daughter’s holiday discount. Good start on wrapping gifts. Usually it’s Christmas Eve, nothing is wrapped and I’m up until 3am watching “A Christmas Story” over and over on TBS and wrapping. 12/24 we will be decorating store baked gingerbread men. I think that will be a new tradition. In the past I’ve baked a dozen different kinds of cookies and I just made myself do too many things because that’s the way my Mom did it. I would work myself into a frenzy. With my health issues I need to keep the traditions that matter and modify those that I can. Hoping to add watching family videos on Christmas Day. I’m calling this year’s Christmas, Christmas Lite.

I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I just can’t figure out what.

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Saturday, December 22, 2018


My spouse has refused to allow me to go in the attic. I don’t know how Jaime Sommers thinks she is going to accomplish that. She’d probably tell my son to stop me. She can barely do stairs. Something is seriously wrong with her right implant. She sees the ortho doc after Christmas. Praying this isn’t caused by an infection because she would have to go through a year + of surgeries. I do have a feeling he will need to do one surgery to reposition the hardware. Not looking forward to that.

Even though my son can’t remember where the combo tv/vcr he got from Grandma (Anastasia), he did remember the same Grandma gave him a vcr to set up a man cave in the basement. Anastasia’s Mom was always very generous. Even though they were hand me downs they were like brand new. You may be thinking, Lola, how does he not know where the tv/vcr is? It’s part of his illness. He moves things around, goes through stuff (probably why we can’t find all that Christmas stuff) and he doesn’t put things back. For all I know, that tv/vcr could be in a closet or armoire behind his clothes. We go on treasure hunts a lot. 

I pulled out my VH-C tapes. They go back to 1999. That sounds about right. I got the camcorder in CA when I picked up the ex from his 5150. There were VHS tapes of the kids from birth but the ex stole them. After we moved I asked if I could make copies and return them to him, he refused.  He doesn’t trust me. Really? After all I did for him and all I went through, I’m going to steal the kids baby tapes to get back at him? I don’t operate like he does. Still makes me angry. He is supposed to grace my son with his presence in January (Yes, not my daughter. He refuses to see her because she cut off phone contact shortly after we moved here. Props to her.) I’m going to try to get him to bring the tapes. I’m probably going to have to talk to his wife. 🤡 Wish me luck on that. 

A handful of items were found off the list. The search will continue...good times!

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Murphy’s Law and...

Tree has some bows and a few ornaments. 

Two family members, who shall remain nameless, insist up and down that ALL the totes and boxes of ornaments and Christmas paraphernalia have been brought down, along with a bunch of Tupperware that someone felt the need to randomly grab items, bag them, and put in the attic some time after I came home from surgery. It’s holiday time, I need my serving stuff. Who takes someone’s stuff and randomly bags it and puts it in the attic?

I took a Sharpie to paper and filled THREE pages of items I know for a fact are missing and still must be in the attic. There is no way they brought everything down. I am not pleased. I’m that other “p” word!

I went through the tote that was marked with Sharpie “Do not place anything on top of this tote.” Before I even opened it, I could clearly see the lid was indented, meaning the note was ignored. My Mom’s antique ornaments were in there. (Not all of them, because there are many, many missing, including the jumbo 5” diameter one. It was the last one left after some kid knocked the tree down and the rest got smashed. I treat it gingerly, it has a place in a clear glass bowl on the entertainment center bridge, far away from kids and cats.) I found 5 broken ornaments, ornaments that can never be replaced, ornaments that held memories. 😰

Murphy’s law:
My spouse messaged me a gift idea for herself. I promptly went on the website. 50% off most items, sale ends soon. Created an account, placed the order, took screenshots of the onscreen order # and confirmation. I still haven’t gotten an email confirmation. Half hour after I order she sends me another gift idea. I try to sign in and it’s saying my email is not recognized or password doesn’t match. I wrote down the password, triple checked what I typed in, same message. So I put in the required information to check on my order:  order number, email, zip code. Same thing. I have to call customer service in the morning. Good times! This is a legitimate website, not some oddball, questionable site. 😡

After my phone call guess who’s going up in the attic? Lola. Cuz whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, even if I have to go up in the attic where I shouldn’t be going. If you want something done right, you do it yourself.

No worries...the attic floor is finished, no falling between rafters like Clark Griswold in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

And where is my train set?

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tree update

We are moving closer. There has been some progress.

The bookcase has moved to the dining room closet and my daughter’s love seat has been moved. Not much was accomplished yesterday because my daughter needed a ride to PT. Thankfully she had a cookie decorating event by us and caught a ride with her group back to her house. 

Car issues again. I didn’t want to drive far after I saw what it was. Looks like a rear brake caliper rusted and broke, so I’ve got 3 brakes instead of 4. (Caliper holds the brake pad against the drum to achieve braking) My spouse took the car to the shop today. Our mechanic, what a sweetie, he kept trying to reassure my spouse, if my diagnosis is correct the part will be $60 + a little for labor, but he won’t know til he takes it apart. He’s always teasing my spouse about our key fob. The screw kept loosening so I bought a rubber cover on Amazon to protect it and keep it together. 
He calls it a key condom.

Anyway, vacuuming and carpet shampooing will commence today. Fans are out of storage and at the ready to speed up drying. If all goes really well, boxes could come down tonight, otherwise tomorrow and then the tree assembly can begin. Or as I’ve been calling it “The Santafication Process Can Begin!” It’s a riff on one of the Tim Allen Santa Clause movies where an elf says “The Desantafication Process Has Begun!” I think it’s the 2nd movie where he has to find a wife.  Yeah, I’m weird like that.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Is there a way to fix the “WRONG” in the world?

Last night I was reading the news stories on Google. I don’t watch TV news, but I pick and choose what I read on Google, CNN, and HuffPost. 

There was an article, from the New York Times. It was about opioid overdoses. Several videos of overdoses. First, a young woman on the side of the road near a bridge that opened for a boat, barge, whatever, to pass. Thank God the bridge went up. People waiting for it to go down saw her. One video taped the entire thing. The other jumped into action and started chest compressions. A man was there, said she was his sister. He called 911 and the operator instructed him how to try to resuscitate her and prompted him when to do the breaths. The woman had to be an angel. She kept up the chest compressions until paramedics arrived and took over. Then she disappeared. The young woman was revived and was given Naloxone. She survived. Another video was a woman lying on the floor in a dollar store. Overdosed. A couple of people watched and took video on their phone while the woman’s 3 year old screamed and kept trying to wake mommy up. They called 911 and WATCHED. They did NOTHING. They didn’t try CPR or try to talk to the child. Police and paramedics arrived, the woman survived. Another video, 2 women in an SUV overdosed, children in car seats in the backseat screaming. A man parked next to them, saw them, called 911. Police arrived and the video was from their body cameras, not from a phone. The next video, even more disturbing than the dollar store video. Two people overdosed in unusual positions. One was squatting and face planted by the curb. The other was sitting on something and fell backwards and overdosed. Several people taking video on their phones...LAUGHING. Someone did dial 911, but no one did anything but LAUGH.

Saw an article today (why can’t they show the blood and gore photo in the article after you click, instead of on on the Google page?) A woman shot earlier this month in a foreign country, I can’t recall. People just took video on their phones and watched as she cried out and said the name of the shooter and fell over and passed out. Someone called for medical help, but they all  just WATCHED. No one even tried to put pressure on the wound. The woman survived, I don’t know how, all the blood loss. 

What’s my point? We all know this world has already gone to hell in a hand basket. How do we as a society get back to respect, decency, and helping our fellow man? Where have all the Good Samaritans gone? Do people not know about the Good Samaritan laws? Even if there weren’t Good Samaritan laws, do you just watch and laugh? We’re just going on this downward spiral. Is there a way back, or are we destined to continue the downward spiral? Is this the beginning of the end? Are we in the end times? (Yes, I’ve read the entire Left Behind series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.) 

Have I lost my mind...talking about the end times?

Where is the Good News? Where is the care for our fellow human beings?

I need to read some happy news. I wonder if there even is any.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Side-Tracked Sunday

So remember how my Christmas tree was to be up by Sunday night without fail? Yup, fail. However, much was accomplished.

The end tables were wrapped for storage in the attic. The dining room chairs were finally removed from my car and wrapped for storage. The dining room closet was gone through and we found a few treasures. Found my VHS-C to VHS converter so we can watch some videos from when the kids were little on  Christmas Eve or Day. That was a cool find. I can’t wait to watch them. Found a power tool everyone claimed they couldn’t find (someone, not me, put it in the closet). Found a DVD player for our next project room. Found my receiver so we can hook up my spouses surround sound system upstairs. When watch any channel on Roku the sound drops and we have trouble hearing programs even at max volume. We also found a certain hair cutting device popular in the late 80’s. My son’s hair is out of control, kind of Peter Brady near the end of the series, but unkempt. So he will be our first...ahem...volunteer. I usually cut his hair with electric clippers and do a darn good fade, so if anything goes awry, I can make it into a fade.  Lol! I think this will be quite entertaining. Also found my bookshelf cd sound system, which will make a nice gift for my daughter. 

The closet clearout is done. This should allow for a bookcase to reside there for the holidays so we can move furniture around to make room for the tree. 

Daughter going back in the am and spouse has PT. I don’t expect much progress Monday, however, my son is in the holiday spirit and anxious to get decorating for the holidays. 

Not much I can do other than supervise, but I can start researching the menu for the holidays. I’ll do that in bits and pieces so I don’t aggravate my back. I feel some of the low carb side dishes for thanksgiving bombed. Anyone who says otherwise is just being kind. I think the only way to get a palatable dish is to mix some regular carb food into the low carb. I may just go rogue and find some low carb dishes that aren’t trying to imitate a high carb dish. 😯

This week should be much less stressful than last. I have only one appointment, and both doctors were happy with my MRI results. Next check-up MRI is June.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Great News

I had my MRI an hour early (good thing I got there early). Different machine, more space. I got through it with my anti-anxiety meds and counting backwards. I felt close to falling asleep if it weren’t for the painfully pulled something that happened in my lower back right after I got locked in. I suffered for 30 minutes + 10 for the contrast dye, then 20 for the last scan. I was so happy when she unlocked the head cage!

An hour later I had my neurologist appointment. He didn’t show us the scans, but read from the report. No change! Excellent news!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mixed bag

A lot of very good things were said about my daughter at the meeting to talk about an apartment. That’s good. 

The 2 openings they have are in a building where 2 clients have “issues” and they are trying to figure out how to handle them. They wouldn’t elaborate, but I’m sure my daughter knows all about it because she has a friend in that building. They don’t want my daughter to be put in a bad or unhealthy situation. That’s good.

They bought a property in my town and expect to break ground on a 25 unit apartment building in March or April 2019. They purchased a property in a nearby town, it’s progress being they broke ground in March 2018 and expect to have it up and running 1st quarter 2019. So that means the new building in my town would likely be ready for residents 1st quarter 2020.

It’s disappointing for my daughter, but to be so close to home and live in a brand new building would be something she would prefer. It would also be easier transportation wise. Everyone would also be starting out fresh there. (Yes, my daughter did ask if she could move into the unit with 2 openings and then when the new building is done move there. They said no, it’s going to be all new people.) I know my spouse and I and her brother would love to have her closer. They expect to have a mix at the new building. Behavioral Health, Intellectual disabilities, and seniors. 

The meeting was jam packed with information. Each one of us, including my son asked some questions that appeared to be stumpers, but we did get answers.

Will I stop thrifting for awhile, since the wait is so long? We stopped at a thrift store on the way home. So that answers that. We got a couple of pieces of Corningware, and a Temptations set of canisters. She wanted to go retro in the kitchen, but I think we can work around that and still have it be retro/kitschy. My spouse picked up a favorite movie on DVD and a gift for one of the kids. Because cable tv is a lot extra and we’re not sure if it can fit in her budget, we have been collecting DVD’s, and DVD boxed sets.

My MRI never happened because they scheduled me on the wrong machine. They are squeezing me in tomorrow. The neurologist is 1 building over, so at least I won’t be racing across town.

My daughter has off work Friday so we told her to arrange to take that day off program. She needs to help get her furniture in the attic. The end tables, coffee table, 2 dining room chairs, and probably the dining room table (already disassembled) and 2 chairs. Then she can help bring the Christmas stuff down. It’s all on the kids to get this done because neither my spouse, nor myself can do any of that.

So now I have to psych myself up again for the MRI. I was all set, took my medication for claustrophobia, even started nodding off at after my blood work. I was rrready to go. I can do it! I have to. I’m anxious to find out the results.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

We have the apartment meeting on Tuesday

We finally have a date. Tuesday morning. I have my bloodwork and MRI’s in the afternoon. Fun stuff all day!

I really hope she gets approved. She’s really come a long way. I’m afraid if she’s not approved she will get very depressed. Not good.

It really would be the perfect time since they are bringing in a new client for her floor. That’s always super stressful. Who knows what kind of issues this woman has and who knows how the other housemate is going to react? The previous 3rd wheel was suicidal. I think she was invited to leave. 

It’s funny how all the housemates on the first floor all get along, no trouble makers, one does go off the rails periodically, but it’s mostly out of control screaming, no threat to her or anyone else. There’s always a wildcard on the second floor, which is wrong because the second floor is a privilege that’s supposed to be earned and it’s a stepping stone to moving to an apartment in the community.

My daughter already knows several people in the apartment building. One woman lived with her when she first moved into the group home. So she already has a friend there.

Please say a prayer, cross your fingers, wish us luck that she is approved to move into an apartment. 

I have homework tomorrow. I have to call Pace and find out how transportation will work because we’ve been told staff will no longer be providing work rides. Wish me luck!

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Friday, November 30, 2018


Good gravy! I hurt. I thought my spouse and I were going to split the driving to reset the computer codes on the car. Nope, she didn’t sleep last night. She wanted to split ALL the driving last night, I insisted we don’t. She didn’t realize how long it really takes to drive that the city.

I don’t even remember how many times I went past the mall that the testing site is behind. I still had 30 miles to go and not a lot of time so I hopped on I55, got off at the next exit, got back on and exited where I started. Rinse and repeat. Lol! Then I went for the test. I beat the last day of the month, last hour before closing rush. Only 1 car ahead of me. I figured I had enough miles put on, I had topped of the tank with premium gas before I started. I sat in the booth, fingers and toes crossed and said a prayer. I was concerned because it seemed to take longer than the car ahead of me. I PASSED! Turns out the reason mine took longer, was because my PASS paperwork had to print. The guy ahead of me failed and had to pay for an extension in the office while I paid for my registration. 

I know what you’re thinking. Lola! Why do you wait til the day before to get the car fixed and then the last day to get the emissions test and pay the registration? Money. I had a car repair the month before (power steering pump) and a new battery for the Pilot. And the repairs yesterday. I had to make sure I made it to the end of the month, and had enough. Technically there is no registration late fee until 30 days after the plates expired. I’ve paid it the next month more times than before the expiration date. Yes, I risk getting pulled over and getting a ticket, but the last 2 times I was late I got pulled over and schmoozed my way out of them.  Not bragging, it took a lot to accomplish it.

Tomorrow my spouse is putting the sticker on. My son had to little old lady walk me from the car to the house. I barely made it up the stairs when I got home.

So I took a muscle relaxant and am icing my back. Pain meds will be around 10:30, in the hopes that they help me sleep more than 2 hours. (It worked yesterday!) Good thing I did go to the doctor yesterday. The PT staff told me I couldn’t use ice or heat because of my skin infection. Wrong! Doctor said as long as there is a cloth between the ice pack and my skin I can do ice or heat. And I found out I lost 9 pounds since my last visit. Yay me!

So I’m just going to chill and watch Christmas movies. I started watching them a couple days before Thanksgiving. Trying to up my mood. 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Yeah I’m here

I had my first day of PT in 4 months. EVERYTHING hurts. I’m going to a different place. I briefly went there before and didn’t like it, don’t like it now. I like the chain PT place, but this is what my new insurance pays for. The “exercises” just aren’t “right”. The movements and the way they had me use the Pilates Ring is not right. It’s supposed to be used to build up the abs. The way they showed me to use it today does not affect my abs. If it did my abs would be hurting. They aren’t. And the ab pain would be mild to moderate. But my back and shoulders feel like they thought I was Stretch Armstrong and they pulled my arms and back too much and tied me in a pretzel knot. My lower back is burning. Burning is not good. Dr Google does not say good things about lower back burning. If I sleep tonight and still feel it in the morning I’m going to call whichever doctor I can get ahold of, back doctor or PCP. 

After PT I went to pick up my spouse’s prescriptions at CVS Target and bought a microwave oven. I just didn’t stroll in and grab one, I researched a lot online. I spent less than $100 and it’s the same size and wattage as the old one.
It matches the fridge and the toaster oven/convection oven. So most of the kitchen is stainless steel and the rest is Bisque. It all works so I’m fine with it. 

Time to take some serious pain medication. I really hope Dr Google is wrong. 

The pain medication got me to fall asleep.  I did not take 1, I took 2. The Rx label said 1-2, I never noticed that. After about 2 hours I was awake and painfully tossing and turning. No more sleep and every time I got up for the bathroom I did the hunchback walk because I couldn’t stand up straight. I called my PCP when they opened at 7:30am. He is on vacation so I made an appointment with another doctor in the practice. Normally they don’t do that, but when the receptionist asked why I needed to see a doctor she kind of quietly gasped. So my spouse just called and told me what the PT staff said. They claim the burning means it’s healing. I don’t know what kind of crack they are smoking, but they need to put down the pipes. I’ve had this before, it means damage.

Update 2:
The car cost less than the estimate, but there’s bad news. Catalytic Converter, 1 bad strut, and something my spouse can’t remember.

The doctor I saw didn’t want to do a CT scan or order an MRI. He adjusted how I take my current pain meds (more often) and told me to follow up with my usual doctor end of next week. And no PT unless I get cleared for it at my follow up.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How can I live without a microwave oven?

Today I was told that yesterday our microwave oven exploded. Well, not exploded, but end result is the same. LOUD sound, not working. That happened yesterday morning, so my spouse left it unplugged since then. She plugs it in tonight, it sounds like a microwave oven aircraft carrier. She unplugs it. I say I’m going to go check to see what’s on sale. She says, well let’s try it again in the morning. I’m not even joking!

This really sux because the car is going in on Thursday. (It’s going to cost $240 to fix. We have to drive it for 150 miles so the computer resets before I can take it for the emissions test. So that’s, $50 in gas, maybe more? And we have nowhere to go, we’re just going to be driving around. Yes, I Googled. (It sounded whack, I had to check.) The OBD (on board diagnostic) has to reset by driving the car. 

I looked on all the store apps I can think of:  Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Best Buy, BBB, Sears, Kmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, JC Penney, Macy’s. I can’t think of anything else. 

Walmart store won’t show the prices. All the other stores did not have any of the items I wanted in store, so I would have to ship to store or have it delivered in a WEEK! I can’t wait a week to microwave food! 

Here’s my post from January 2012:

So my microwave oven lasted almost 6 years. There is no way I’m waiting 2 weeks like I did for that one!

If it’s not one thing, it’s another...and another...

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Apartment please! Please?

I am a nervous wreck since Tuesday. My daughter had her 6 month meeting. This was just her semi-annual meeting, not, “The Apartment Meeting”.

The meeting Tuesday went well. I can even say it’s the best meeting yet. Well, it should be, time and all. There’s always room for improvement, and just like any “review”, even if things were near perfect, they will turn the most infinitesimal thing, into a thing just so they can give you a demerit. (That’s always been my experience.) So what was it? When she asserts herself in situations with the sole housemate on her floor she doesn’t speak loud enough to be heard. I take issue with that for several reasons: 1) my daughter speaks in the same conversational tone as she does with anyone, 2) it’s not my daughter’s fault that her housemate claims to be hard of hearing, 3) if my daughter were to raise her voice, a verbal fight would ensue, and my daughter would not feel safe. So she got points for asserting herself,’s bs.

So at the end of the meeting, even though I told my daughter NOT to do it, she asked what her chances were for getting into an apartment. So they brought up how my daughter doesn’t do all her chores, all the time. It’s mostly because she goes on home visits on the weekend because no staff will drive her to work, and on Fridays they pick her up over 3 hours late. No joke. The other reason is because her sole housemate doesn’t always do her chores, so...wait for it...”it’s not fair!” Life isn’t fair. She’s never going to do her chores all the time so don’t get yourself in trouble for not doing chores. And yes, if she doesn’t sweep the kitchen on her nights there will be more to sweep for you. Suck it up buttercup. Things won’t change until my daughter gets into an apartment and she can’t get into one if she doesn’t do HER chores. 

So I’m talking until I’m blue in the face. This “fair” thing drives me bat crap crazy. Both my kids do it at my house. “It’s not fair.” If life were fair we’d all win the lottery.

I’m also trying to delay “The Apartment Meeting” so my daughter has an opportunity to turn things around. Tuesday night I stayed up late and wrote out “Apartment Success List” index cards, took photos of 
them and sent them to her. Yes, I’m totally nuts! Who does that? A parent who wants their disabled young adult kid to succeed. So, yeah, that’s me. 

One of the cards said “Make your bed right after you get up. Snap a photo and send it to me.” The first day was a fail. She forgot. I wanted the photo to make her accountable and see what her idea of a neatly made bed is. The next day I get a photo of her bed made, kind of sloppy, and it looked like she was in it! She’ll kill me, but you have to see it.

Doesn’t that look like a body in the bed? Black pants, white foot? Ok, not really foot, but at first glance! Where did she get that many pillows that she thought  to stuff them under the comforter long ways? 

We had a good laugh anyway. So after she gets back from work she will be learning how to make a bed neatly...even if you have 12 pillows. Lol! We will also go over the index cards.

It really isn’t fair if they say no to an apartment now. Now is the time. Make it now before her housemate sucks the soul out of her. The verbal abuse, slamming doors, in the face yelling, threatening, screaming at all hours, barging into my daughter’s room without knocking, almost causing falls on the steep staircase...that all disappears with an apartment. The ‘she’s not doing her chores, why should I do’s not fair’...that all disappears with an apartment too. And, our family, are willing to do everything we can to help make it a success for her. How many other clients can say that?

Maybe I was wrong to get her living room furniture (free and super cheap used. Salvation Army was good enough for my first apartment. I’m not an heiress here.) She knows about that stuff, and my old dining room set. I also got her a lot of kitchenware and home decor stuff that she doesn’t know about. I stopped looking for stuff. I look at the Black Friday ads and think, wow, that’s a deal, I should take her to get that. I feel like the more I do, I’ll jinx it. It’s stupid I know, but I’m weird like that about things sometimes. 


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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Rice is great!!!!

One of the kids dropped their iPhones in water 3 days ago. 

I sent them to the pantry for a bag of white rice. I poured the rice in a gallon ziplock bag, then buried the phone while we all said a prayer. The first of many since then. 

It took a lot for me not to check on it...until tonight. I wanted to remove the SIM card and check for water inside. Good news, tray and SIM card were dry. I checked with a flashlight, no evidence of water inside that I could see. Hallelujah! 

I’m charging it now. It powered up. Another hallelujah! I’m also doing a backup, since one has never been done. To them it’s just a music player, game player they text constantly on and snap a few photos. But if those photos disappeared? They would be devastated! No worries now.

So white rice does save iPhones! Just for snicks and grins I stuck my hand in the bag of rice. It wasn’t soggy, but it definitely absorbed the water. My hand immediately got cold when slipping it in where the phone has sat. That’s my highly scientific test, feel free to use it.

How do you stop someone from listening to their iPhone while doing the dishes, using the facilities, or showering? Gah! This has to stop! Keep it in a deep front pocket or put it in a zipped pocket of your jacket. Momma’s not replacing any phones that go for a dive. I bought your most recent phones, I’m done!

I’m still saying prayers this phone is ok. I’m still paying for it. I loved the days of signing a 2 year contract and getting a phone for free. Shoot! I’d sign a 4 year contract!

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Friday, November 16, 2018

11/16/08...10 years blogging

It’s been 10 years since my first blog post. Things were different back then. For starters, there were all sorts of ways for you to grow your followers. Entrecard was the big one. I gained a lot of readership from that site and met quite a few bloggers in person. I miss growing my followers.

I blogged about life, my kids, their illnesses, drummer boy aka metallicahead, gay rights. I got a little political, but it was mostly local. I blogged about back in the day with the TBT posts and my recollections of holidays from my past. There used to be memes that asked lots of questions and you could learn quite a bit about your fellow bloggers. Now I mostly complain, sometimes brag, a lot of times think I’m funny when I’m probably not very funny. I still enjoy blogging.

I did quite a bit of product reviews (I do miss the freebies, and if I do say so myself I was fair and objective and wrote alot of good reviews.) I did do reviews on some great products which I got to keep: KitchenAid Roasting Pan, Fiesta Dinnerware, Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, Burton Backpack. I also did a lot of book reviews, mostly cookbook reviews. 

I really miss the old Blogger. I used to be able to add links and photos to my posts and gadgets/widgets to my sidebar. All those cool things elude me now. I don’t have a clue how to do them. I tried adding photos several times earlier this month and they were all epic fails.

I dropped out of blogging for quite awhile. Blogger changed and I couldn’t access it. I even had my blog hi-jacked for awhile. It took quite awhile to get my blog back, but I finally did. I found an IOS app that can access Blogger and that’s the way I post today.

I’ll continue to post. 

So, Happy Anniversary to my blog and 10 interesting years!

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Home Printer/Scanners are NOT da bomb

They suck. I have several Printers and Printer/Scanners that should go to Electronics Recycling but my community no longer does this. 

The Epson XP-430 Printer/Scanner I bought about 2 years ago which I currently use was about to go sailing out the 2nd floor window even though I just bought an almost $50 4-pack of black and color ink cartridges. It wasn’t because of the ridiculous amount of black ink it sucks dry. That would be reason enough. However, it takes an eternity to scan a 25 page document, with each page taking about 3 minutes and for some mysterious reason it doesn’t scan at 100%.  The documents that came with the printer said to use a particular Scan Mode, Full Auto Mode, which I did, religiously, until today. It seems the recommended Full Auto Mode is the slowest and is apparently there to aggravate the consumer to run out and buy a new Printer/Scanner. Nope, not me. I fiddled with the other settings and found that Office Mode takes literally seconds to scan a page AND can easily be configured to scan pages at 100%. The scan quality is even better.

I can’t even tell you how much time was wasted waiting for this overgrown paperweight to scan at 3 minutes per page. I can’t get that time back.

Printer/Scanners in order of suckage:
Brother Printer/Scanner/Fax which stops ALL functionality when an ink cartridge needs to be replaced. That means no faxing, no scanning, and no uploading from a micro SD card. NOTHING can be done, except remove the paper and put it into a different printer that doesn’t hold you hostage and make an expensive machine unusable until you replace 1 ink cartridge.

Epson XP-430 which sucks ink at incredible speeds and which recommends the absolute worst Scan Mode for home use.

I’m not printing, I finished printing about 5 minutes ago and I just heard the print heads move, no doubt sucking more ink needlessly.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Being difficult/resolved

I was really upset yesterday because the center doctor mucked up my plans. I wanted all my tests, medical appointments and classes in November. Yes, it booked me solid what with my spouse and my daughter’s PT, but I wanted to get all my stuff done in November so I could have a less stressful December. 

I have my PCP, 2 orthopedic doctors, center doctor, neurologist, pain doctor, dietician, and classes. I had it all neatly tied in a bow in November. 

Not anymore. I called the center, I put on my best Mom voice and spoke ever so politely, even though I was thinking, a 3 month check up is a 3 month check up until you make it 3 months and 2 weeks. It’s not like this is about a hangnail.

They would not change the MRI order. I was on my best behavior on the 2 phone calls to them. My spouse was uproariously laughing after each call, so there’s your proof. So now I’m booked in December for the MRI, and with the doctor at the center. I also rescheduled my neurologist appointment to see him before the center doctor so he can review my scans first. Special thanks to Colleen who squeezed me in. She rocks!

So, now I have to get ready all over again. And, bonus...I’m back to PT for my back. I see the other orthopedic doctor today about my shoulders, so there could be additions/modifications to the PT order.

My next posts will be non-medical. Promise! I have my blogaversary coming up.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Why? Why? Why? Why does everything have to be so difficult?

I am booked solid with medical and other appointments this month and I am drowning in paperwork again. I’m supposed to give a deposition this month but have not heard a thing about it.

I had a class today at the hospital in the morning and then my back doctor in the afternoon. The next class got moved up to Tuesday, not happy. I have a staffing for my daughter that day and because of the times I will be going back and forth. I did get accomplished what I needed to at the back doctor, so I’m very happy about that. 

I called to find out why central scheduling hasn’t called to schedule my brain MRI. I was told it was in their “Future Calls Bin” because the order is written for 12/10/18, or later. I have my follow-up appointment with the center 11/28/18. How is that doctor going to check my scans if I haven’t had the MRI’s yet? I am FREAKING OUT! The doctor appointment is my 3 month check up after treatment. It’s IMPORTANT! I also have an appointment to see my neurologist next week and was hoping to have the scan done so I could bring the disc to my appointment. I had everything set in motion perfectly except for the MRI, how could the center possibly muck things up like this? 

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Monday, November 5, 2018

On the hunt...

I’m on the hunt for a match to a Mrs Christmas Mug I purchased at Meijer 1 or 2 Christmas’s ago. I purchased 2. Oddly enough Meijer was selling them individually that year. This year they are only selling Mr and Mrs and the cup is shaped differently and quite different.

I have scoured the Internet. I hit all the stores I could think of online and EBay and Etsy. 

See the nice chip on the right? Apparently “it wasn’t me” strikes again.

I found a pair of Mr & Mrs on EBay. Not thrilled I have to get the Mr, but I can always try to sell it on a local site. 

I put a bid on it. Wish me luck!

One more try at the photos. My bid was accepted. I love those “Best Offer” deals. I really dislike bidding against other people and waiting until the auction closes.

This wasn’t my only EBay buy today. My spouse went to the car dealer to buy a new set of locking wheel nuts because when she went to get the tires rotated yesterday they destroyed the key. They played it off with “its 12 years old, you’re lucky you haven’t had to replace it several times by now.” Uh huh. I was born yesterday. The Honda dealer wanted $50 + tax. I got it on EBay for less than half, new, still in the package. It’s not worth the fight with the tire store. I have too much on my plate now anyway.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Call Cher! I can turn back time.

Every time I get in the car with my son it’s like getting into the wayback machine. Yes, we go all Peabody & Sherman every time.

Mostly we go back to the special school he attended. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s a memory and what is a confused thought/tall tale. When it’s a memory I sometimes learn new things about his van rides to and from school, or something that happened in school. 

One of the other places we go is his home school and he talks about his “friends” that mostly abandoned him when he became ill. He talks about things that happened in school, school dances he went to. He was the classic Mr Charming, he never had a date, but never was alone on the dance floor. Girls whose dates wouldn’t dance with them flocked to him. He talks about when he hung out with friends and when he went to parties. He talks about things that happened as if they were in the now.

The tall tales he tells (things that aren’t true) are really confused thoughts. He believes what he says wholeheartedly. I never argue with him, but I’ll ask questions and call him out depending on what the story is. I do it in a jovial way. I never argue with him, I usually change the subject. 

Sometimes I wish he would go back before his illness to the good times, but the bad times outweigh them. The bad times being his dad’s episodes with his illness, some of which were really scary, his dad’s manipulation, and his sister’s episodes with her illness which were so, so many and which began 11 years ago last week.

If my son isn’t taking us back, I will take us back with stories of the good times. Recently my daughter took us back to a good time. This is something she had never done before. It really felt great to hear. It brought  tears to my eyes. It was a glimpse into what was. It shocked me because since her illness began she only talked about things after her illness was better controlled. 

My daughter needs a ride and my son will go with me. As I get ready I’m going to go back and find a good time to go back to with them.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I matched

That’s a joke right? See the box below Joliet (5th line from the top) green ✔️ “Your resume matches this job”.  There is nothing in my resume about stocking, potting, create and design floral arrangements. This is crackers.

I do fancy myself pretty good at diy flower arranging and have done most of the silk flower arrangements in my home. However, there is NOTHING regarding that on my resume and I’ve never worked at a florist or for a floral department. 

It gave me a good chuckle after reading the winning Mega numbers that we didn’t have. Wah wah.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Furnishing an apartment and other things

Finally reached the doctor about the headaches. He prescribed a steroid that come like a Z Pack. First day 6 pills spread out throughout the day, 2nd day 5 pills, and so on until the last day you take one. Did I mention this steroid is like speed? First day, the 6 pill day I finally fell asleep at 6:30am! And I had to get up at 9am to take the car in, A/C recharge. Worked for a couple days and then no more. 

Today was like driving in a sauna. Nothing like cargo shorts and a graphic tee stuck to leather. All the windows and the moon roof open, still my son and I are drenched in sweat. We went to pick up the Boho loveseat for my daughter’s apartment. Solid piece of furniture, obviously kept in a room seldomly used. As each day passes, my daughter informs us of more details. There are 2 openings. They do interviews. Which as I recall for the group home was the same deal. One of the ladies in the apartment was in the same group home as my daughter. They know each other well and get along well. To hear my daughter talk about it the first time it was like she had an “in” with the director. Fingers crossed because we have her living room and dining area furnished. Today we also picked up 2 blonde bi-level end tables that are a perfect match to the blonde circular table I got 2 weeks ago. Crazy they are a perfect match because the end tables came from Indiana. The guy had to cancel on me, we were to meet at a Starbucks in Orland Park. He felt bad about it and met me at the Speedway 4 miles from my house today. I have my old dining room set. So 2 rooms furnished!

Because of all the things happening today, and not being accustomed to having an afternoon medication, I missed it. I remembered because of the head banging headache I had after we started dinner. Took the pills, and a muscle relaxant a couple hours later, and filled an old fashioned ice pack with ice and went to snuggle with Netflix. Well not really, couldn’t find anything to watch.

Tomorrow will be taking photos of the end tables. I think there is a cigarette burn to be dealt with, so I’ll put the photos up on the refinishing and flipping pages and get advice on how to make the repairs.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Need a vacation

Sooo today I had to take my son to his appointment in Oak Brook. This is the second time, normally my spouse drives him. All day I had extreme anxiety over this drive. I hate it. My phone navigation app navigates the route with roads I very much dislike. I don’t like taking Bell Road or Hwy 83. My Tom Tom is MIA. I could easily re-route on that to avoid those roads.

The two year anniversary of the major car accident is in 6 days. I still will not drive the stretch of road where the accident happened. Oh, and my tailgate I took back 3 times to the car repair place treated me like a stupid woman, told me nothing was wrong with it. There was a slight rattle that is very noticeable. That tailgate is now unusable because all the lock assembly is rattling in the tailgate. I’ll have to pay for it, keep the receipt and wish for reimbursement. 

We left on time and arrived on time, however, the drive was not uneventful. Driving on 83, there is an intersecting road before 22nd Street. No signals, no stop signs. Traffic in my direction is going 65-70mph. I come up on that intersecting road and a huge white Suburban shoots out in front of me. I slam the brakes, the BMW directly behind me slam their brakes, I’m panicking and praying at the same time. I don’t see the BMW’s grill and headlights. I slam the brakes, the white Suburban passes and I hit the gas. Somehow I left the BMW in the didn’t hit me. I get to my son’s appointment and I’m shaking.

Appointment over and the panic sets in again. I remember seeing a ramp for I55 South and I take it, then I see I355 South and I take it. The drive is much shorter than the route there and I get home with no issues.

Still having horrible headaches. Will get ahold of my doctor when they open.

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Anniversary and things

On Friday my daughter had her 1 year anniversary at her job as a grocery bagger. My son and I did a Sam’s Club run and picked up a cake and had them write Happy 1 year and her name.

I always try to make sure I go a little overboard when it comes to my kids’ milestones because it is a very big  deal for someone with a serious mental illness to reach any milestone. To get a job and hold a job and to work the same job for a year is really a major accomplishment. Needless to say my daughter was over the moon when we brought the cake out. My spouse thought it was a bit much, but then she didn’t live through their illnesses for the last 11 years and the 25 hospitalizations. So we had a nice celebration.

I talked to my daughter more about the things she needs for her new place. We talked interior design. She really loves the table I snagged and has been driving me crazy about 2 end tables I found that would match well but haven’t been able to set a pickup. They are also MCM and blonde. Crossing my fingers that I can snag them. We talked about how to refinish and came up with some really cool ideas. We also talked about colors. She probably can’t paint any walls or doors, but colors can come from many places. Bathroom towels, rugs; kitchen towels, rugs; wall art, dishes, kitchen canisters, cookware. So lots of places color can be used. I asked her what kind of kitchen canisters. I mentioned Apple, sunflower, grapes, locking canisters, and retro canisters, Kromex Brushed Stainless that I inherited from my Mom. Of course she picked the Kromex. I won’t part with mine, but they can be had on Etsy, and possibly thrift stores.

She noticed the Fiestaware cups and saucers I scored. I told her those go with my set. I’m hoping she doesn’t have Fiestaware taste. I’m kind of hoping for Corelle taste. I’ve seen a lot of it thrifting. 

We are taking it slow, picking up items from thrift when I can. No refinishing will start until all the pieces have been collected. My son will help with the refinishing. It’s going to be fun. I could definitely use  some fun.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

The beginnings

Radiation treatments are finished. My anxiety level is decreasing. Very thankful.

We are constantly running to Walmart to pick up our prescriptions. There is a Goodwill in the same strip. I usually take my son as co-pilot. We usually pick up a few pieces of Corning Ware, and sometimes luck into finding bar ware that matches my glasses from Crate & Barrel. It’s amazing how many of these pieces my kids have broken over the years. Why not save quite a bit and replace them at Goodwill? While we’re there I spy an small blonde coffee table, probably MCM. It was under $10 and in very good shape. I was just drawn to it and went back a few times before I checked out, without it. I got home and I was still thinking about it. It was like the episode of Twilight Zone “About the Fever”, where the gambler is being chased by a slot machine that keeps calling to him by name, Franklin, over and over. Ok, not exactly, I just wanted to show off my knowledge of Twilight Zone minutiae. So I’m regretting not getting it. Thinking I could upcyle it and flip it. (Yes...I watch way too many of those shows and belong to way too many Facebook groups.) 

My daughter calls after dinner as she usually does. She is wound up, fast talking, complaining about something, as usual. She’s been wanting to get a mini fridge for her room with a lock because housemates are stealing food she buys with her job money. One is  eating my daughter’s peanut butter out of her jar with their fingers. Blech! She works too late to make dinner on the nights she is assigned. They’ve eaten hours before she gets home. So her team lead is making getting the fridge conditional on her doing her assigned meal nights and chores (on days she is assigned when she is on a home visit.) She is making getting the fridge conditional on things that are not doable. Girl went all the way to the top! She called the Director (that’s my move!) She explained the situation and the Director came up with a different solution. My daughter was offered the opportunity to move out into the community into a 1 bedroom apartment in a building owned by the same service agency that runs the group home she lives in. It’s a 20 unit, single floor, fairly new building. (My spouse and I went for a drive by between medical appointments.) The apartment is unfurnished, but comes with a stove and fridge. She will likely get to take her bedroom set from the group home since it was purchased using my daughter’s SS or state funds, but other than that she’s got to get everything else she needs. 

Today we had to drop off prescriptions after an appointment, so my co-pilot and I stopped by Goodwill...and the coffee table was still there! I tore that tag off right away! We also got her a kitschy salt and pepper set that we also saw yesterday. So I’ve been making a list, seeing what things around my house I can contribute. So far, my 1st Keurig (still works, I wanted the 2.0 with the Karafe), a hand mixer (who needs one when you have a Kitchen Aid Mixer?), and some other odds and ends. 

My daughter called me today, said she had already called the Director to ask about doing lunch next week. Lol! To be fair, it was discussed yesterday that they go out to lunch some time, I’m sure it wasn’t expected to be that soon.

I have to say, I am so proud of my daughter. I remember the days when she was younger that I asked her to go with her brother and find a sales clerk and ask them what she needed to know. Teach her to ask for herself. It started out badly with her in tears, but after a few times she got the confidence to ask. When she first moved into the group home she would call me with problems that came up and want me to handle them for her. In the beginning I did because living in a group home was a new experience and at times she was quite fragile. Then I began telling her what I did, how to handle the conversations. And now she is handling these things for herself! Next week is her 1 year anniversary at her job. She’s really rockin it! If someone told me 5 years ago that my daughter would be living at a group home, got a job, celebrating her 1 year anniversary, and moving into the community into an apartment I probably would have broken down in tears or punched them in the face for saying things that clearly were not even dreamed of 5 years ago. Life’s been hard, but it’s been good too.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Third, fourth and cat musings

Fell asleep during the third treatment, was awake for the entire fourth treatment. Was just approaching freak out mode when the door opened and the tech walked in as the machine slid me out. I forgot the lavender oil. Next treatment is Wednesday, can’t forget it again. 

Cat musing #1-Maddux is driving us up a tree with his daily whining after our lunch time. We’ve gotten him into the habit of eating a small can of grain-free wet food. So it is our own fault, but it’s soooo obnoxious. He will stand in front of you “meeeeeow, meeeeeow” over and over. First he tries me, then my spouse, then my son who will not play. “You’re asking the wrong dude, dude.” Lol!

Cat musing #2-Irish is being clingy weird. She’s normally very aloof, if she wants to be scratched she’ll come by, but when she’s had she goes. My spouse has had to sleep on the Lazy Boy recliner sofa because she can’t do stairs. (She’s having an awfully painful recovery with this 2nd leg. She should be in outpatient PT, but she’s still on home visits and the therapist is only having her do stretching exercises. So she is quite far behind where she should be and she’s in a lot of pain. I do have some super cranky times. Times when the back pain is bad and so is the headache. It’s usually when it’s meal prep time and I’m getting no help.) So she’s downstairs and I’m upstairs alone. But not really. Most every night Irish sleeps with me now. All night. She usually sleeps at the foot of the bed, but lately she had been coming up by my abdomen and pushing up against me and falls asleep. Before she goes to bed she comes around for scratching, real close and stays for a long while. If I stop scratching, she smacks me with one paw, then the other. She does that a few rounds, if I don’t scratch, then she head butts me. She’s also done the submissive lie on her back and wants me to scratch her belly (whose cat is this? It’s not Irish). If I don’t comply or stop she uses both paws to grab my hand and pull it to her belly. It’s just been a lot of out of character behavior. I know they say pets can sense when you’re not feeling well, but this behavior is overboard. Even my cuddly Maddux doesn’t hang out this long. 

Cat musing #3 Bubba-She’s a freakin weirdo. She comes in, jumps on the bed, walks right up to my face and says a very high pitched “mehhhh”. And repeats it several times. She doesn’t want her head scratched, I’ve tried that. It’s like she’s saying “Look at...ME! The Queen is here, bow down to the queen.” Sometimes she’ll walk down to my feet and head butt them wanting to use them as a scratching post, but most of the time it’s just “mehhhh”.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I was able to medicate adequately because my spouse drove and I used lavender essential oils. We got there early, much better. I have to say, they have the best staff there. The techs that now wheel me to and from (my legs felt like jelly after the first treatment) follow my sense of humor and try to crack me up. 

Much better, begin counting backwards as the mask is clamped down, then slide into machine for the scan (to insure everything is aligned properly), then slide out for it to be reviewed. Slide back in for treatment. I didn’t ask how long (last time was 6.5 minutes). Shortly after treatment begins my nose starts to itch, like crazy (stop laughing, you know you are, I laugh thinking about it). I interrupt my count thinking about the itch and tell myself to stop and get back to counting. Dang, the itch is spreading to the top of my left cheek. Again, COUNT! Next thing I know One of the techs is walking towards me telling me “we” are done for today. The sound of the clamps being opened, raise my head and gasp for air. The techs asked how it went, I showed them the oval foam I hold onto while in the machine. It’s not scrunched up from white knuckling. ‘Ah, no white knuckling today, good job!”

After treatment my spouse drops me at Walmart to get my special steroid that I was supposed to take an hour before treatment. Couldn’t get there before. Sat waiting for my son to get me a motorized cart. I am very unsteady on my feet, very tired. Phone rings, it’s my sister, I decline. I broke up the conversation quickly, spouse was in the car, in pain, and son was approaching.

We got home, ate late lunch after I figured out what didn’t make me think🤢. My phone rings. Guess who? I decline again. I’m trying to eat and I’m exhausted. I go upstairs and fall asleep for hours. Somewhere in that time, my phone rings, wakes me, I decline again. (Really, no one really wants to hear me talk after being dogged all afternoon and getting woken up.) So now the fam is asking about dinner, I reply and tell my spouse about the calls. She’s exasperated too because she has had to handle her many times before because of this behavior. Anastasia before her also had to put her in her place.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The first

Had my first radiation treatment today. Dr says it went well. I met with him about 15 minutes after the treatment. He starts asking questions “do you have a headache, feel nauseous, did you vomit, do you feel tired?” Whoa! Give me some time, I’m sure I’ll be able to say yes to more than one of those. Tired? Yes. I had to literally chase down my daughter’s Pace van because she slow poked around this morning getting ready. Yes, I was the crazy lady in the gray suv chasing a Pace bus and honking my car horn. After some 3 blocks, it finally pulls over, my daughter runs to get on and off we go to the rest of our day.

I have a terrible headache. I can’t figure out if I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, or have the flu. Every single part of my body hurts. 

I’m trying to do comedy therapy. Watch as many stand up comic shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video as I can. I need to get out of this funk cuz it’s so not good. I’m finding that I’m getting 3/4 through a show and realize I’ve seen this before. Sometimes right before I’m watching it now. Yes, for some $&@?! reason Netflix will repeat the show you just watched by making you think if you hit play after one, that a new show, same comedian is on. In some cases it is a different comedy special. Others, nope, same as what you just watched. Why? If I watch a movie or tv show it will ask you to press play for the movie or tv show that is next in line in the que. 

I couldn’t take my usual pre tube (CT scan or MRI, all the same to someone who is claustrophobic) medication because I had to drive myself. While Lavender Oil can help to ease a panic attack, it doesn’t work solo. Spouse had PT and over did it and took a pain pill. Spouse didn’t want to leave the house. Like I should go alone? It was a very quiet ride to the cancer center. Not on my list of good medical experiences. Face mask locked and loaded, slide in for a CT scan. Then wait, 10 minutes-?, then they slide me back in and treatment commences. The sound is not like an MRI which to me is loud metal clanging. It sounds like an old fashioned popcorn popper, the metal kind. I’m doing my breathing and counting back from 100. If I concentrate on counting it distracts me from the fact that my head is clamped onto the table and I’m being slid into the tube. I begin to feel like my entire body is shaking. Crap, I’m not supposed to move. No worries, my head won’t even move if I sneeze, or so I’ve been told, I don’t want to find out firsthand. I this what a seizure is? No, keep counting. I try to ignore it, but my heart is beating faster and faster. I feel like the mask is suffocating me, even though I tell myself... logically the mask is full of holes and that can’t happen. My eyes are closed and I start to notice blue and purple lights shooting across my eyes. No one warned me about this, so now I’m concerned about that. Should I have been given something to cover my eyes to protect them from, oh...I don’t know...these laser beams shooting across my eyes? Finally the announcement, they are coming to release me from my head shackles. I exhale and gasp for air when they remove the mask. I ask about the lights and the 2 techs chortle, trying not to laugh hysterically...I’m guessing. One says ‘oh some people think they see blue or purple lights shooting across their head. It’s just a red light that goes round and round just inside the tube.’ You all know I’m claustrophobic and have panic attacks...this wasn’t something I should know?

I messengered our couple friends, said could I get a ride this day, this time, for treatment or test or whatever it is. The response is “of course, no problem, what time should we pick you up?” After each ride we thank them, we get hugs, and are told “any time you need a ride, you let us know, we’re happy to help.” 

Can I say family sucks? After I got home I had to messenger my sister, let her know how it went. Since my sister is all sunshine, hearts and flowers and has no clue what’s happening, I google and send photos. The first photo was the same type of custom mask I had made. Her response? “Creepy.” Then I send a photo of a person, head clamped on the table, about to go into the CT Scan/treatment machine. Her response? “Creepy.” Not an empathetic cell in her body. She doesn’t even try to fake it. Honestly, I don’t know how she could possibly be my sister with the Mom I had. My Mom, the most compassionate, empathetic person I will probably ever meet. I try to emulate her whenever I can. I could never come close to being as compassionate and empathetic as she was, but I can try.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Planning appointment...

Had an appointment at the C center today, they said it was a planning appointment. I thought that meant we’d huddle around the computer screen and the dr would explain his plan. NOPE. We made the mold for the mask today which was kind of cool and kind of creepy. They have me lie down on a CT table (WAIT! NO ONE SAID I WOULD BE HAVING A CT SCAN! I’m claustrophobic and need to prep with meds. I try to be cool, but I’m totally freaking out.) They take what looked like a sheet of latex (but it’s plastic or rubber because so many people are allergic) kind of shaped like a head and face (that’s the creepy part) and they put it in a stainless steel box full of hot water (autoclave maybe?) wait for the timer to ding, then lay it over my face and head and put a hard plastic form over my face, clamp it on, then start pressing all over to get all the nooks and crannies of my face pushed in for the mold. Meanwhile, my eyes have been closed since just before the loose sheet of plastic went over my face and I’m deep breathing and trying to concentrate on counting backwards from 100. I forget track of my counting several times, but that’s ok, because it’s a diversion from having the plastic face form clamped on my head and the fact that the table is moving into the CT scanner.  It moved in and out multiple times, then 2 techs walk in and announce they are done. They unclamp the mask and I let out a huge exhale and gasp for air. They freak and ask what’s wrong. I tell them I’m claustrophobic and they ask why didn’t I say something. I say cuz I was told this was a planning meeting, you know, sitting around the computer screen and telling me the plan. Then they gasp and hold back a laugh and say no, this is what planning is and they apologized and told me how well I did getting through it. Then they ask this large woman, large STRONG woman and another woman to come in to lift me into a seated position on the table with my legs dangling off the side. It was 1-2-3 wooo and I’m dizzy cuz they lifted me so fast. I’m not kidding, I was dizzy and had to sit there a few minutes. Lying down to seated in 5 seconds! I was shaking a little as one of them walked me to my spouse and to the front doors.  My first treatment is Monday afternoon. I’m going to call and find out if I will be in the CT scanner because I cannot do that again. I still don’t know how I didn’t have a full blown panic attack. I dapped a ton of lavender essential oils all over my nostrils and under my nose. My sister-in-law, the super essential oils salesperson would tell me it was the lavender oil. But that wasn’t the only thing that saved me. 

They seriously pulled something in my lower back. I need to be sitting a a pool of ice. I am icing, but it’s never enough when the spouse and I are both using the ice packs and all the ice coming out of the fridge ice dispenser. I wanted to get up on my own off that table, I’ve done it myself almost 10 times this year with all the CT scans and MRI’s. I CAN do it, and I’ve never hurt like this when I got up on my own. Tomorrow I’m not going anywhere, I’m taking muscle relaxants, icing, sleeping, and praying.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

For sale signs

Drummer Boy /Metallica Head’s run down inhabitable house is for sale. Whoever buys it will need to demolish it and build new. Yes, it’s that bad. Hoping that Camelot Homes snaps it up and builds new. They’ve done 2 houses on a empty land corner. One of them is complete, the other nearing completion. All brick homes. They recently demolished a condemned house 2 blocks down and have begun building a new house. So it’s not far fetched that Camelot Homes would buy Drummer Boy /Metallica Head’s place.

The frat boys who have been re-habbing the House next door (the old man’s house) finished last week. I could tell because they painted the front door red and spent a couple hours taking photos of the property. A For Sale sign went up the next day. We will miss the frat boys. They were pretty quiet for frat boys, still had parties, but never loud. They were always polite.

It will be a long time before we have a new neighbor across the street, but next door should be fairly quick. I hope they are friendly and not haters. Maybe I should put out the Pride Flag. Maybe weed out the haters and attract LGBT people or supporters. Just thought of that now. I’ll have to talk with my wife. LGBT or not, we’d love to have REAL neighbors. The kind I had growing up that actually talked to their neighbors, socialized, helped each other out. Do those kind of neighbors even exist anymore?

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July...through the years

When I was a kid growing up in a southeast suburb of Milwaukee every 4th of July was the same. We had a tradition. Dad would drop us kids off at the high school where the parade was lining up. He and Mom would park at the VFW and Dad would help set up the free ice cream and soda for the kids walking in the parade. 

Each elementary school had a section, the high school marching band, the old timey fire trucks, tractors and convertibles with the Mayor and various beauty pageant winners. We walked in the parade every year for our elementary school. 

Did you notice the part where I typed that the kids walking in the parade got ice cream and soda? Yeah, you didn’t think we just did it for the tradition did you? There were orange push-ups for the little kids and the rest got ice cream cups with a wooden spoon. There was pop too. Orange Fanta, Rootbeer, and RED Fanta. I don’t know what that flavor was, but it was the sweetest soda on the planet. If you were lucky enough to score a Red Fanta you got the biggest sugar rush ever, if you ate part of the ice cream and then made yourself a lil Red Fanta float. Do they still sell Red Fanta? It’s not Strawberry, not cherry, not fruit punch, it’s just RED.

After the ice cream and soda there were the usual contests:  cutest baby, best decorated bike, and baseball games. At dusk there were fireworks. And of course the beer was flowing in the VFW hall. We always left after my Dad helped clean up after the ice cream and soda. We weren’t into watching the ball games or the contests. After I got my first car we’d go back later for the fireworks and meet up with our friends.

Living in Chicago when my kids were little we didn’t know of any 4th parades, so it was a good excuse to drive up for my hometown parade. We’d pack a picnic basket or bring the Hibatchi and hot dogs, spread a blanket on the grass on a prime viewing spot. High enough to see, but low enough so the kids could catch Bazooka gum thrown when the fire trucks passed by. 

Making the long drive every year and having to do all the packing and driving got too much with my long hours at the village. I found a parade near Chicago, in Skokie that we started to go to. They didn’t have the ice cream and soda, but they did have the Shriners in those tiny cars, and I got pretty adept at finding parking close.

Nowadays we really don’t do anything for the 4th. Our burb does do a parade. They close off a main street nearby. It’s drop off or walk. We will bbq. We’re having ribs (thank you Jewel and your buy 1 rack, get 2 Free!) I’m planning on making homemade potato salad in the Instant Pot. My daughter has to work...4pm-8pm. What a crummy shift! We’ll be driving home right about the time all the neighborhood shenanigans start. (Illegal fireworks.) I’m not a spoil sport, if you want to drive to Indiana, spend a paycheck or 2 on illegal fireworks and blow off a couple fingers, go for it. If you want to shoot them off everyday the week before, the week of, and for a month after, gah! Not a fan! I really am very glad to be in the burbs. When I lived in Chicago there would be gunshots all night. Here in the burbs we might get 1 hillbilly shoot off a rifle, but it’s not sounding like a war zone in Chicago.

I was so looking forward to chillin with some brewski’s, or Lime-a-Rita’s. Just relaxing. Hopefully I can get some chillin in before bedtime. Lol!

Enjoy the 4th! If you must diy your own spectacular fireworks display, be safe. If you can’t be safe...have good insurance. 

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Memory books Part 2

So I did it. I actually bought 2 really cool looking journals to use as Memory Books.
MALEDEN Refillable Spiral Daily Notepad Classic Embossed Travel Journal Diary
I also had to spring for a set of quick-drying, no smear fancy markers. Being left handed, the no smear is not optional.

So then I decided I had to get something to tote these around in and make use of wait times for all my appointments. Not a tote. NOT a purse. More like a cross body messenger bag. Just like the Bellino one which has vanished on me.
Bellino the Outback Sling, Brown
I think it took me 6 months to select that cross body messenger bag. I figure it will turn up after I buy a suitable stand in. 
So I got a deal on a Union Bay cross body bag. Not a messenger bag, but definitely NOT a purse. I’m not a purse person. Can we call it a satchel?

Ok, so it’s, kinda girly. But it’s also kinda 70’s...maybe? Boho? I have this thing lately about calling clothing and stuff Boho. So, it’s got that tassel goin on, that’s kind of Boho, right? It is a cross body bag. It’s very much that. I’m good with that. The 2 journals, pens and extra paper fit perfectly. Still room for a charger pack and phone cord too.

I’m so glad I painstakingly looked up photos for each item. Sorry, they are not showing up in the post. 🤨

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Memory books and boxes

Have you ever thought about writing a book with your memories for your children? Or doing a memory box? Do you have any ideas?

I went on Pinterest and got some ideas. I think the way I want to approach it is to take my Tupperware Photo Boxes, get them in chronological order. Start with those photos and not only write about them, but the spaces in between. And also write about my memories growing up. 

Because of my children’s illness’s they don’t talk much about before they became ill. I’m not sure if it’s the illness that caused them to lose those memories, or if they still have them but don’t talk about them because they don’t want to bring them up and possibly make me sad. My daughter brought one up about a week ago and I can’t even express how happy I was that she retained that one and that it was a happy one.

There is a noticeable gap between those photo boxes and photos saved from my Blackberry and iPhones onto my backup drive. 

I want to start taking more photos and start using the camera I bought for our wedding. 

Update: I ordered 2 journals on Amazon along with lined refills, a cabinet organizer thing, and my main reason for ordering...rubber covers for my Honda Key Fob. I had to spend $35 to get next day shipping. The key fob thing had me freaked out, since I can’t find the other fob and the valet key. (If my son would stop snooping and moving things around, the keys would be where I store them.) I had to get those suckers fast. My spouse was nice enough to check 2 nearby auto parts places. One used to sell them, can’t get them anymore, the other only had Ford covers left. Of course Amazon has everything. As soon as I ripped open the box I tore through it to find the 2 pack of covers, popped one out and put it on. That sucker is snug!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Car repair is never ending

I bid farewell to the rental Cadillac. Pulled into the Enterprise lot. One last check of the back seat...still no baby.

Original diagnosis, passenger front sway bar had to be replaced. Oil change. Not too bad $. Spouse picked it up and me. Said something not right, still bad noise. So I drove it home. AWFUL noise. Dropped us at home and took it back and took the mechanic for a ride. Of course no noise! But she kept driving until it made noise. Diagnosis? Rear brakes AND rotors. And we still have power steering issues, either the hoses or the pump. Spouse wants to wait on the power steering. Nope. In my experience, Murphy’s law has always ruled. If the pump goes completely it could cause other problems. May have to split the repairs over Thursday and Friday because I have an appointment to get the results on my shoulders.

One silver lining? No payments on the Pilot! So I shouldn’t really complain, but all these repairs at once really hurts.

What hurts more, though, is to make the payment on the Odyssey every month when it has sat in the driveway for close to a year. 

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Monday, June 18, 2018

New car!

And I even recalled how to parallel park a boat! I lived in Chicago driving an ‘84 Olds Cutlass Supreme when I lived in Wrigleyville-ish near LSD. I was a professional.

Ok, you know, it’s a rental and I got very lucky. I reserved a Full-Size car with Enterprise on Priceline. Went for pick up and they had none on the lot. They tried to give me a Ford Edge, I said No, No, No. (Amy Winehouse) I own a large SUV, can’t afford to rent one, but I did get an awesome deal for a full-size car. I won’t drive a small car. All my previous rentals I’ve luckily gotten upgraded, the last one was a Dodge Charger, before that a Dodge Caravan, before that a Dodge Challenger. So I got upgraded to Premium, same deal I got for a Full-size with Priceline online. 

And the guy said ‘Mam, what about a Cadillac STS?” 

Yes, he said ‘Mam’, but I let it slide because I got to drive away in a 2018 Cadillac STS! 

I was so excited! A Luxury automobile! Rich, probably not Corinthian leather, but leather (yes I have leather in my Honda Pilot, but this is new leather, with new leather smell!)

I feel like I’m cheating on my Honda Pilot! It will be a short affair, though it's really so nice having a driver’s seat that functions properly. I reserved for 2 days because we have a lot of medical appointments all over. My baby is going in the shop Tuesday morning. Same repair we had done to driver’s side front needs to be done to passenger front. I think it has to do with the axel, the ball joint that attaches the wheel. I’m sure it will be the usual $300. Because no matter what the problem is, that’s the bill. Hoping it’s done before I have to drop off...her. I really don’t want to pay for a 3rd days rental. 

So, let’s get to it. Heated and COOLED front and rear seats. (Love, especially since the dash was reading 100 degrees for the outside temperature.) 

Front and rear cameras, with audible alert when you come within a foot of a parked car.  The alert went off when I was parallel parking, I had my son get out and check, and I had plenty of room. 

Push button start. Touch screen everything. If ever a crime were committed with her there would be plenty of fingerprint evidence. 

When you turn the car off, an alert pops up to remind you to check the back seat.

I checked, no baby back there...I was all good. 

The ride. Meh. Not impressed. It did not feel like a luxury car ride. It felt like an SUV ride on the Interstate. Even my spouse commented about it. She said, ‘wtf, why does this feel like your Honda Pilot?’

I don’t know. Maybe it was the tires. I have bought all my tires for the Honda Pilot at Discount Tire. I am brand loyal, I only buy Kumho. I always get a lot more mileage than they are rated for, and they’re reasonably priced. The particular model I buy are SUV tires. Every time I’m in for new tires they try to upsell me to the tires for a luxury car ride. It’s an SUV, I bought it because it’s an SUV, why would I want to try to make it feel like it drives like a luxury car? I don’t get it. Perhaps they put inappropriate tires on the Cadillac to talk you into a set of luxury ride tires? Or maybe it’s just a thing for this year and model Cadillac?

And now for something completely different...
(Bonus points if you know where that line comes from.)

If I were to say Patti Smith, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, what would you say they have in common besides being singers?
Armpit hair.

First I have to say my son and I must be telepathic. My daughter had bought several sleeveless Bohemian looking tops. I saw them, and said ‘how about these?’ She lit up. I didn’t think she’d go for it, but bought 2. She wore one when we were having lunch days later. First my son says, ‘hey you should probably shave more’. Her response was, ‘no, they don’t show much and I think they are fine’. My son and I lock eyes, I kid you not, we both started singing ‘they wanna make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no.’ Then he says you have Amy Winehouse pits. Then we looked at each other and sang it again. Then we sang it again and changed rehab to shave my pits. We laughed our butts off! We told my spouse, she didn’t get it. You might not either, but it was hilarious! And yes, I did follow up with a quick talk about, it’s your body, it’s your choice, many women choose not to shave there, or only trim. You decide for yourself. Your brother and I just locked eyes and started singing Amy Winehouse, we’re goofs like that.

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