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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Day 332-335 of Sheltering In

Tuesday-Thursday. The snow just keeps coming! It’s doubt, but enough already! 

This is from January 31st. There is more snow out there now. I haven’t been able to get out of the house. Nothing like waking up, trying to get out of bed and terrible in pain. I’ve been having terrible sciatica pain, and pain on the outside of my left calf. Everything is super tight and feels like an unending charley horse. It’s not like I’ve over done walking, or anything for that matter. I just know that I’m tired of this and I don’t like taking a muscle relaxant because it ends up letting the tightness lessen...but also puts me to sleep.

As if we don’t have enough issues, we have plumbing issues on the 2nd floor. After dinner my wife will come up and use the plunger on the toilet, while I cover the sink drain with a towel or something. If that doesn’t fix it, that means the plumbing stack on the roof is blocked. We can wait for the snow to melt or call a plumber which will be well over $600. Even if we wait for the snow to melt that may not fix it. I had to have it done at the house in Chicago in the late ‘90’s for $570.

In other news, my daughter’s boyfriend may be moving either to live with his mom in a posh NW suburb, or with his dad in Maryland, but he may move into the apartments for awhile. It’s all not very clear and it’s like a kid’s game of telephone with the cans and string. Her boyfriend’s parents tell him, he tells my daughter, and my daughter tells me. Needless to say she is upset and looks very depressed. With this news and the news that her friend on the 2nd floor is not moving into an apartment, she’s depressed. The good thing is that my daughter makes friends quickly and will have a bestie pretty quickly after moving in and we will be 5 minutes away. 

Got off FaceTime with my daughter a bit ago. No new info on the boyfriend situation, but I do give her a lot of credit for saying she will NOT be moving to Maryland. She told him that before she told me about his move. She had a pulmonologist televisit today. Her doctor is not allowing her to resume day program or go out in the community until her asthma is under control. Her asthma symptoms got much worse after the 2nd COVID-19 shot. I hadn’t read anything about that online, I will have to research it. She could come on a home visit, but we need to find out the rules from the group home. Yes, my daughter did go out to stores with us when she was home for the holidays, but we are more vigilant about how to properly wear a mask, and we require her to wear gloves that we provide her with. The staff does not insure the clients properly wear masks, and lately it’s been a revolving door, and they have days where there is no day staff when there isn’t day program (1/2 week). Staff just doesn’t show up. Every time I talk to my daughter she mentions new names. Anastasia’s wife is still off work due to the car accident she had a couple months ago. According to my kids conversations with them, she had great difficulty walking.

FYI-The day count of each post is based upon my daughter’s group home going on lockdown March 23rd, with her last day of work being March 22nd. I think everyone is basing their counts on different days depending on when shutdown events happened near them, or affected them.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Day 329-331 of Sheltering In

Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Our Saturday trip to my father-in-law’s was canceled due to the weather. It wasn’t too bad by us, but by him there was a lot of accumulated snow.

Sunday. Valentines Day. We had a nice dinner. 

Monday we had snow again. My daughter was getting more impatient and I just felt we had to drop off her meds, Valentines treat, cough drops, a few snack items, and her blender that I fixed. ✋  Don’t send over your broken appliances. Lol! All I did was take apart the jar base and clean it and put it back together. I think someone took it apart, but didn’t put it back together quite right. After I did that I tried all the speeds and they all worked fine. It snowed and snowed and snowed more. It was good that we made the trip Monday because we’re getting more snow overnight.

It was a very time consuming trip for a 5 minute hello and drop off. But I did get quality time with my son for the drive and what little shopping needed to be done. Yes, it was like a trip in the Way Back Machine, like in the “Sherman & Mr. Peabody” cartoons from 1959. Most of today’s trips were ones I hadn’t heard of before. He told a story I hadn’t heard before about his friend that passed away a little over a year ago. What a great young man. So polite, and talkative. I really wished that they would have kept in touch more after my son and I had him as our waiter at Chili’s about 6 months before he passed away from a heart condition he had since birth. I digress. It was a pleasant car ride in terrible weather 

I need to either stifle my habit of trying to buy or make the best gifts, or better manage when the reciprocation isn’t quite of the same caliber. If that makes any sense. 

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