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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why are there only 2 kinds of N/A beer, but a bajillion kinds of regular beer...and other musings....

First off...where the hell have I been? Now there's a clue in there...
Yeah, pretty much.
My daughter has had 3 hospitalizations since the beginning of 2012. Each one has been it's own different kind of roller coaster.
January was crazy busy at work and I pretty much came home to sleep. Ya gotta love payroll tax and W-2 time.
Remember the post about the microwave oven? Yeah, I think we went a month and a half without one because I was working so much and certain family members refused to make room/set it up. Oh...and they still don't know what a saucepan is!
I got tired of the arguments over laundry and how long it takes to dry, so I ordered a new dryer last month. The website failed to mention that it was special order, it's finally being delivered on Sunday. I will be doing the "I can finally wash and dry my clothes in my own house dance!"
Things I'd like to know/Things I want to say:
Can I please have some vacation days to actually take a vacation? I'm tired of using them to sleep because some cracker jack ER thinks it's awesome to keep you in their ER until 2am and then transfer you to another hospital in east Kishnev, so that you end up getting home at 4:30am, and you didn't even party or have a flippin' cocktail! I think that cocktails should be mandatory for parents waiting out a psych evaluation. It would certainly make us calmer. Hell! It would give us something to do! Some of those exam rooms don't even have televisions. What are you supposed to do? Stare at each other? Not exactly the best idea...I'm just sayin'.
It is NOT child abuse to take your wet laundry to the laundromat to use their dryers and save some $$. (Not to mention, not having to use their disgustingly dirty washing machines.)
While I'm on the subject of laundromats...would it kill the only one in my town to actually repair the dryers? There are more dryers with post-it notes on them saying "out of order", than there are working dryers. Oh, and I almost got killed this past Sunday when I went there. The dryer next to the one I was using started sparking. I mean SPARKING!
Why do they only have 2 kinds of N/A beer and a bajillion kinds of regular beer? I mean, come on! There's beers that use filtered spring water, platinum beers that are triple filtered, pilsners, Weiss, lagers, flavored beers (berry, honey, and so on.) It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if there were more variety in N/A beers they would sell more. Those of us who prefer not to drink alcohol, those who cannot drink alcohol. Come on!
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