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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bubba aka Lucy-My wife’s cat

I should have been more clear. Bubba is female. I don’t know how you get the Bubba nickname from Lucy, but then again I didn’t name her. She is Lucy after Xena. Her markings are unusual. To me she looks like the Phantom of the Opera mask. Lol!

Monday, February 5, 2018

PSA-Please take your blood pressure medication as prescribed

Many adults don’t see a doctor on a regular basis. Those who do, don’t necessarily follow doctor’s orders.

I’m referring in this post specifically to high blood pressure medication. It must be taken daily as prescribed.

Why am I writing about this? Today someone from my old neighborhood posted on Facebook asking for prayers for a co-worker. This person has bleeding on the brain. “Untreated high blood pressure is a major preventable cause of brain hemorrhages. Aneurysm.” (

“Up to half of all people with intracerebral hemorrhage die. Many of these deaths occur within the first two days. For those who survive a brain hemorrhage, recovery is slow. Only 12% of people are able to recover complete or near-complete functioning within 30 days of the stroke.” (

This is serious, scary stuff. I don’t know if the person requesting prayers knows the seriousness. But I do know I Google too much. To my family member who is very lackadaisical about taking high blood pressure medication as prescribed, I hope you will take this seriously.

I, myself, take any doctor prescribed medications as prescribed. For me it has become routine. If I haven’t taken it by the time I finish getting dressed, I stop and take it. If there is something I need to take later in the day, I set an alarm on my phone. 

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