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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Day 396 of Sheltering In-Waiting

Thursday. I have to say that I do not like this new guy I’ve had today and yesterday for PT. He cut a lot of table exercises, cutting about 40 minutes from my usual hour and 20 minutes, which by the way, I’m mostly on my own because I know the exercises and the number of reps. I want to do as much as I possibly can at these PT visits because I do not want to have surgery to repair the torn meniscus. The LCL sprain will just not loosen up. It’s like a rubber band stretched as far as it will go and it’s like that all the time. I hope I don’t have him again tomorrow. I certainly hope I don’t have him at all next week. This guy is one of those super fit tools who you could bounce a quarter off his tight butt. Ick.

After PT I went for a haircut. I feel 10 pounds lighter. My hair was the longest it’s ever been, 5” bangs and I had enough hair for a 4” ponytail. I meant to look at the floor before it was swept, but I was so excited to get rid of it I just went to the counter to pay. Usually I comment about how when I get a haircut most of the gray gets cut off. No more. Most of the brown was cut off and I’d say I’m mostly gray now. If I remember for Friday’s post I will take a snapshot and post it after I’ve put in product and messed it up. Lol!

So, back to yesterday’s stalker talk...I snail mailed a letter to the address I found that appears to be the most current. I say most current because I looked myself up and found that I’ve been at this address until 2020, so that just means they don’t update until after the year ends. So we shall see what happens. ‘Stalker Talk’...that sounds like it should be a weekly blog meme. 😂

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Day 391-395 of Sheltering In-Waiting

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Saturday I stayed home with my daughter while the rest of the family went to my father-in-law’s. I put her to work organizing a shelving unit. It was a lot and none of it that I could have moved.

The rest of the week has been an ugly mess of calling to follow-up on medical bills and family discord. I hear some people actually take it seriously when their voicemail says they will call you back within 24 hours. Not any place I’ve been calling. Grrr!

For some reason I’ve been trying to look up an old friend. None of their contact information has worked so far. One was a house phone with voicemail, so I left a message. Who has a house phone anymore? I did a drive by (I feel like a stalker), but I found the house empty and remodeled. Can’t find them on any social media. Last name is common, so it’s been quite a search. I did find information about the family they lived with, some phone numbers. Yes, I did Google searches. I refuse to pay a monthly subscription to search for people. Not only is it creepy (I don’t want to know their arrest history, if they have one!) it’s also expensive. I sent a text message yesterday. I figure, try a different phone number every couple days. If it’s a good number, that gives the family time to contact them and give them my phone number. I don’t know why, but I have this bad feeling they passed away. The last time I tried to look up an old friend, a co-worker from my 2nd job in Chi-town, I found out they actually had passed away. 

Speaking of trying to look someone would be amazed at what information you can find out about someone online. (In the case of my old friend...not so much.) I’m afraid to Google myself. Awhile back I went down a rabbit hole, so to speak, when I was looking up my parent’s gravesite location in the cemetery they are buried at. I was really after their dates of birth. In that search I initially looked up my Dad. I found relatives, including myself, and every address and phone number I’ve ever had. I started at the cemetery and then was sent off to a few other sites and found all this stuff. 

I thought maybe it might be easier looking up an old friend, than trying to make a new friend during this pandemic.

Went grocery shopping today. Spent 15 minutes in the wet cat food aisle talking with a woman who started chatting me up when she saw me just about dive for the last 2 boxes of wet food for my wife’s cat. The shelves were bare. The woman was picking out single cans of a different brand and complaining about her son’s finicky cat. I complained about my wife’s finicky cat. Yeah, pretty sure I’ve become my Mother. People would stop and chat her up all the time.

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